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Vodafone Smart speed 6 case (Black) Slim fit Cover for Vodafone Smart speed 6 (Electronics)

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  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR Vodafone Smart speed 6: Full access to all buttons, ports, jacks, and camera functions. This durable and flexible Gel skin will protect your Vodafone Smart speed 6 from dust, scratches and marks
  • KEEPS THE BODY OF YOUR IPHONE DIRT AND SCRATCH FREE: Cases will protect the original Vodafone Smart speed 6 (back and sides) from surface damage.
  • TEXTURED GRIP PREVENTS SLIPS AND FALLS: The sides of the cases feature a textured grip which helps you grasp Vodafone Smart speed 6 securely and avoid potentially disastrous drops
  • Hold your Vodafone Smart speed 6 comfortably in your hand
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12 Mar 2017
Supply Source
South Africa