Redragon - Kala RGB Gaming Keyboard


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A professional RGB gaming keyboard.


  • Customized mechanical switches
  • RGB full color LED backlit keys
  • N-key rollover
  • Metal housing
  • Golden plated USB port
  • Spill proof design
  • 104 keys
  • WIN keys can be disabled when gaming
  • Double injection keycaps

Product Details

10 Jul 2018
Product Group
PC Gaming Hardware
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

Not bad

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Got this keyboard as a gift.
The keyboard has terrible ergonomics:
-Wrist rest is way too short and is pointless. And the unfortunate part is that it is not removable.
-Keyboard is also rather high so I have to raise my wrists to type on it, making the wrist pad further useless.
-I can already feel my wrists being strained after 5 min of typing.

Otherwise the RGB is cool, very tactile and responsive. I can already feel my typing speed going up by a small bit using this keyboard.
Quality of the keyboard is solid except it makes this "ting", "ting" Echo? everytime I type a bit hard. The keys seems to be hitting the metal board it is on and the build inside seems hollow inside and everytime I hit a key hard. It hits the metal and the "ting" sound reverberates from inside out. Not very noticeable unless you hit the space bar and it gets drowned out by the clicky sound of the keys, but the sound is there.

Great Value for price point

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At the time i paid 595 for the keyboard
Its amazing
For first time users its a good solid start
Abit loud but if you love the clicks then go for it
Also its not cherry mx blue switches but otemu if i spelt that right.
The keyboard is heavy so no worries there
Spill proof ..... But don't test that
The hand rest is abit small if you got giant palms like me but overall a good product
And for delivery raru did as promised , within a 3 day period ;)