RogueWare Formula Series Black/Blue Gaming Chair


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14 Aug 2018
Product Group
Video Game Chairs
1 Year
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South Africa

Customer Reviews

Zero customer support from RogueWare but Raru were incredible

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The chair was an absolute nightmare to put together with the tolerances between parts (seat vs backrest for example) are far too small so no bolts line up without significant force to line them up which will require two people. Being a lonely ** I swore more than Samuel L Jackson and entertained the idea of making a blood sacrifice to Gaben trying to put it together alone but I managed it. The chair ended up being extremely short (low height to desk) - not a fault of mine but the very short height of the gas arm/unit. It's roughly an inch shorter than a cheap Decofurn office-chair, but as we all know every inch matters...

Then 6 months later the "spider-base" of the chair, made of plastic, starts to crack - for context I weigh less than half the weight limit of the chair. I log it with Raru under warranty and after much back and forth Rogueware says I should ship it in at my cost (Raru were great in arranging pick-up etc.) and I agree. I was on a call and absently sat in the chair for a second (I'd been avoiding the chair since I saw the crack develop) only for the base to shear in two and the backrest to bonk me on the head as my gluteus maximus hits the ground with aggressive velocity. After that Rogueware said it was physical damage and I voided my warranty. Last time I order from that brand.

Raru however were brilliant - They sourced me a replacement "spider-base" made of metal, which ends up being a little taller and a perfect height for a standard office desk! I genuinely can't thank them enough for getting me out of a possibly costly situation having to source a very difficult part. The extra effort Raru put in keeps me coming back as a customer. Thank you!