RCT - Megapower 80000mAh AC Power Bank


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RCT MEGAPOWER 80000mAh AC Power Bank; 2 x 230V AC Outlet; 2.4A USB Type A and 1 x 3A USB Type C

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15 Jul 2020
Product Group
Power Banks
Supply Source
South Africa

Customer Reviews

More than enough to keep your WiFi on during Load Shedding

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

If you're looking for a UPS, this is a power bank and not a UPS. It comes very well packaged, just like a high end cellphone. It's roughly the size of two external powered 3.5" hard drives with rubber feet to keep it non-slip.

The device can be used to charge via it's 2 USB ports but I specifically bought mine to power my Fiber Router and the ONT during times of load shedding. I use the 2 AC ports for this, 2 pin plugs will work perfectly however they if you have plugs with built in adapters or lightning protection they may not fit together as the plug points are right next to each other. There are some international plug point pin options on the same plug points. South African 3 Pin plugs won't work. A possible work-around is to pair a 2 Pin to Kettle Plug (female) with a UPS multi-plug with a Kettle Plug (male) - I have not tested this.

The specs for the devices I powered have a low current draw:
- Huawei EchoLife HG8240H GPON Terminal 12V 1A with adapter 12V 2A.
- D-Link DSL-G225 12V 1A with adapter 12V 1A.

During testing, I had 1 Ethernet device and 4-6 WiFi devices connected to the router.
- Powering these two devices simultaneously and continuously, gave me a total usage of 15 hours and 15 minutes with the battery level indicator moving from 96% to 11% during this period.
- Charging from 11% to 100% took about 8.5 hours.

During usage and charging a built-in fan goes on to keep the device cool. It does emit an audible noise, nothing too overpowering in a non-load shedding situation.

This power bank works for me. It's portable. It could possibly give my laptops a boost in addition to the WiFi. It would have been nice to have a kettle plug output to extend it's capability.