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Nacon: Plantronics - RIG700 HD Gaming Headset - Black/Gold (PC/Mac)

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The RIG 700HD. All-day comfort, ZERO FATIGUE. ZERO LAG. ZERO DISTRACTION The RIG 700HD delivers a durable, ultra-lightweight wireless gaming headset. With a game/chat balance dial and adjustable mic monitoring, choose the precise levels that work for you. And with Windows Sonic surround sound, you’ll hear game audio the way game designers intended—giving you the competitive edge you need. Victory never felt so good

  • Ultra-lightweight: One of the lightest gaming headsets on the market, providing hours of fatigue-free gaming.
  • Game/Chat Balance Dial: You’ll never have to choose between “too loud” and “too quiet.” Dial in the perfect balance for your play style.
  • Adjustable Mic Monitoring: Hear exactly what your team hears, so the only times you’re yelling are when you’re winning.
  • Up to 30 ft of Wireless Range: Step away from your game and stay connected with the fully dedicated wireless audio connection with the RIG 700HD headset and wireless base.
  • 40 mm Drivers with Bass Tubes: High-quality, full-range audio with substantial bass and articulated mid-range for high-frequency detail and auditory acuity.
  • Up to 12-Hour Battery: What good is all-day comfort without all-day battery life
  • Removable Noise-Canceling Mic: Let team members hear your game calls clearly and easily. Detaches for solo sessions.

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20 Nov 2020
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PC Gaming Hardware
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South Africa

Customer Reviews

Reasonable, but in the same price range, the Corsair HS70 Pro is way better

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

I couldn't decide on which I preferred, based on reviews: this or the Corsair HS70 Pro.

I'd already bought a pair of Corsairs when they were on special - these came in at a special about R100 lower, but generally, they're about the same price.

The Plantronics RIG set is light and reasonably comfortable, with reasonable sound and a fairly good mic. They also have a cool feature to be able to adjust relative volumes for in-game chat and game sounds - however, this can also come back to bite you.

Both will work fine on Windows and Linux (and probably OSX?)

However, in so many ways, the Corsair HS70 is better:
1. The RIGs only have 3 levels of adjustment for band size vs Corsair's much finer adjustment
2. The Corsair headband is a little broader - so the only reason the RIG isn't super-uncomfortable is that they are very light.
3. I preferred the sound profile in the Corsair set - more bass. I installed Equalizer APO on Windows to bring up the bass a little for the RIGs. I haven't found an equivalent system-wide equalizer for Linux yet.
4. Both have a volume slider, but the RIG one is software - it adjusts your system volume - where the Corsair one is hardware - it adjusts the volume in the headset. Some may prefer the former, but where I play games most, I want to be able to quickly micro-adjust volumes, so the HS70 is, for me, a better gaming headset. The RIG volume adjuster feels kind of "squishy" too.
5. The RIG has some smarts to adjust relative volumes of in-game chat vs sounds. Small adjustments here can make it easier to hear your team-mates. Inadvertently adjusting a lot here can make it so you waste time wondering why you can't hear your music player (eg if you turn the wrong knob, expecting to adjust overall volume)
6. The RIG has unbearably loud start-up sounds. I recommend turning them on long before putting them on your head.
7. The RIG build quality leaves something to be desired. I recently noticed a buzzing in the left ear when certain sound frequencies were played - most notably, when mic feedback is on, my own voice would trigger it. It's really annoying! I've added small blobs of silicon inside the cup to dampen it. It turns out it's not only the external-facing button heads, but the actual buttons on the main board which vibrate!
8. Default settings for the RIG mic are to have it on and to have level 1 feedback. I generally don't want feedback at all, so I have to hold in the mic button twice for about 3s each every time I power these on to disable it. Or turn off the mic (quick-tap the mic button) and deal with feedback only during meetings.
9. You don't need it, but the Corsair HS70 Pro can have companion software installed which changes event feedback within the headset from beeps to vocals and which allows querying the battery state (there's a 3rd-party windows systray app to monitor battery here: https://github.com/mx0c/Corsair-Headset-Battery-Overlay). The RIGs have no such companion software - when the battery is low, the voice will complain and you'll just have to deal. On the other hand, both easily make it through a full workday (easy 9 hours) without needing a recharge, so it's probably enough to just put them on charge overnight.