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Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System includes Two Controllers (SNES) (18 user reviews)

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Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System includes Two Controllers (SNES)
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A collectors dream

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A must buy for any collector. Most current gamer's probably missed the SNES era, so this is the perfect opportunity to experience the retro gaming style that started it all. The great game selection alone makes it worth the price.

The future is retro

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This is a must buy for any video game fan.
It has a nice selection of games includes. The one negative is the short a cables that are included.

SNES Mini retro greatness

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This is great gift or as reminder of the good old days of Nintendo.
Easy to setup, plug the usb power into you tv and the same with your HDMI cable and it's done.
User Interface is simple and it allows you to save game progress. Next stop is the Nintendo Switch!!

A box of fun

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This box of fun is amazing. I love the miniaturized design. Looks great. Controller feels awesome in my hand. Would recommend over the NES Classic Mini.

An awesome piece of retro gear

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Never had a SNES as a kid, so this was an awesome edition to the collection. Great games, controllers are great too. Fun fact, you can plug these controllers into your Wii controllers, to experience Virtual Console titles how they should be. Definitely one for collectors and anyone who wants to get some retro gaming under their belt.


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Now I have it and my life is complete. The games are so cool. Only thing missing is Chrono trigger.


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Long, long ago across the planes of 16 bit fields, trekking kingdoms festoon with pixels and princesses to be rescued, youthful-impressionable-pyjama-clad-Saturday-morning -cartoon-watching introverts plugged in their Nintendo's and escaped on fantastic adventures.

Your chores where done, homework completed and now the weekend was yours!
Grasping your destiny, you knew in your heart there was a damsel to be saved, a kingdom to be liberated and a treacherous villain to be challenged.

Stealing your strength you grabbed your Nintendo Controller and set forth yet again to defeat Bowser, Dr Wylie, Dracula and that nameless gross alien thing in Contra.The ever infectious midi melodies of said escapades echoed in your consciousness, permanently imprinted on your psyche.

Now you're older and those days are long have bills to pay, rent to stress about and you have to regularly remember not to get out of your chair too quickly...

But hark! Now you're a grown man and can order the Nintendo Classic from Raru...
Pre-order no less!

Its delivered to your abode promptly, cocooned in cardboard, a treasure you clasp trembling in anticipation for the nostalgic overload embedded in this wondrous tiny box.
You high five the unsuspecting delivery dude, run up the stairs and do "the happy dance" safely in the confines of your living room with the curtains closed.

You plug in the tiny contraption (via hdmi) and are instantly transported back to your care free childhood.

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini is an acute, nuanced and instant nostalgic package for anyone seeking good old fashioned video game fun (21 great Super Nintendo Games in 1)

It costs slightly more than a new modern day console game, skip out on this years rehashed
"Gears-of-Grand-Theft-Counter-Strike-Assassins-Creed-War 9" and take a trip back to the future and link to the past with the Super Nintendo Classic Mini.

Rated 5 out of 5 Master Swords


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This is everything you could ever want and so much more.

Its beautifully put together, authentic and loaded with some of the best games ever made. Games that after 25 years still look and play great (if not better than some modern offerings). Games that make you appreciate the art from a different perspective. Relive the sublime era of simple pick-up and play multiplayer, tough-as-nails platforming and JRPG's that defined a genre.

If your couch is far from your TV just use a longer HDMI and micro-USB (which most of us have lying around) to overcome the shortish controller cables.

Get ready to lose a few hundred hours of your life. I already have.

Great game roster

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The console is amazing. They have a solid game roster of amazing old school hits like earth bound,Kirby and Zelda plus much more . This system is a retro gamers dream .

Awesome retro vibes!!

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Love the fact that this works excellently well with any HDMI TV and has an cool pixel perfect mode which gives off vibrant colors. One thing about the device that is upsetting is that the cable of the controller is too short and an extension is a must. Awesome buy overall, cant wait for the next Nintendo classic device.

Authentic retro feel

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Great retro console and feels and looks premium. Has a great collection of games from the SNES era. Didn't like the console ports as you have to pull off the rubber cover which will probably break at some stage. Cord length is longer than the NES classic but still not long enough! Oh and it comes with 2 controllers which is great

A must have for retro fans

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This little bad boy is a must have for all retro collectors. Star Fox!!!! Nuff Said :)

It's great!

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A great little console, packed with enough games to keep you entertained for a long time. Would recommend!

Never owned one

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I going to get one for Christmas and I'm very excited

Great retro fun

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I never owned a SNES, but jumped at the opportunity to play some of the games I missed. Overall the hardware feels solid and should keep up with regular use. The games included are great and although could've been supplemented a bit more has enough to keep you busy for some time to come.

The only negative for me is the relatively short cables included. With the size of TV's today we don't sit up close, and with the short cables you might have to make a plan to have everything reachable.

Donkey Kong Country!

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Had a late evening. Sturdy built little console. Just get yourself an extra long HDMI and USB cable if you want to park comfortably on your couch! A worthy purchase :)

It's awesome

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It works great on a smart TV, a USB cable is included so it can get power directly from the TV. The games also look great on a big screen.


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Wow......sold out already!? Before its even out. Geez....oh well so much for that then....guessing Raru will be getting more? Looking at what happened with the NES classic. Pretty doubtful

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