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Seagate - 2TB Game Drive for PS4 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive (2 user reviews)

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Seagate - 2TB Game Drive for PS4 USB 3.0 External Hard Drive
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Perfectly intergrated

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As soon as it was plugged in, my PS acted as if the game drive had been there forever... Any updates, new game installs, etc, go directly to the harddrive with no hassle at all. I've moved existing apps to the game drive and the performance of my PS has noticeably increased with the freed up space.
No more limited game library! Every single game that I would pick up and want to play spontaneously is installed, no more deleting games you're halfway through just to try out a new one, or scratch that itch by playing an old game for a few hours.
At first, I had my PS standing upright, and when I was playing an intense game from the game drive (such as AS Odyssey), the PS fan was so loud I could hardly hear the game (it is a 4yo PS, so that may be part of it), but now that it's horizontal the fan is back to normal, even when running games from the external game drive.
No regrets!

Finally the gadget we've all been waiting for!

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Finally the gadget we've all been waiting for! This is an external drive specifically designed for PS4. This works with PS4, PS4 slim, and PS4 Pro. You get a total of 2TB (1.84 TB in reality) that will help you store your games and liberate space in your console.
When I bought my PS4 slim, the first thing I did was to actually change the hard drive, from 512MB to 1TB. I used a Seagate also, and I was happy with it, BUT this is way better. Why?
First, because this is a plug a USB play device (cable IS included). No need to open your console and install nothing, no need to install drivers, software, etc. This is the easiest possible way to expand your storage.
Second, because this is cheaper than the 1TB drive I installed less than 12 months ago. For $80 you get here 2TB. I got 1TB for about $110.
Third, by downloading and storing your games on this external storage drive, you can take them with you wherever you go. So if you want to go to a friends' house and bring your games, just take this drive. AND this drive is SUPER SMALL, it really fits in your pocket. And the design is super because it comes with a blue strip (see Amazon pic) that matches the PlayStation environment.
A note on installation: when you open this box, it comes with a couple of useless paperwork (warranty, basically). You can to their website to get more info, but you really don't have to. Just plug it and follow the instructions on the screen. You mainly need to reformat the drive (see my pics). It was VERY easy to follow, and it took total about 2-3 minutes. I am including some pictures I took of my screen for you to see. Also, a final note: I noticed that games take a little bit longer to download to this drive than to the internal drive of the console. I have not done a 'scientific' test, and thus it may be my imagination, but I'd say games take about 20-30% longer to download. I don't care much because I usually have my console downloading stuff overnight while I am sleeping.
Bottom-line: BUY THIS TODAY!

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