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Registration is free and without obligation, and is a simple and easy process that only requires your name and email address. To register with Raru please click on the Welcome button on the top right of your screen.  When the page has loaded complete the form with your email address, which will become your User Name, your Name and select a Password. Please note that the password must contain at least 8 characters, and we recommend using a unique combination of letters, numbers and special characters.

During the registration process you may select to subscribe to our Newsletters by ticking on any of the checkboxes for the relevant Site or Department Newsletters. These Newsletters will contain useful information about new site developments, services and products as well as any special offers that may be running. We recommend subscribing to those that interest you, as well as the Site one, to keep yourself informed about all developments on Raru. Should you choose to do so, unsubscribing is also an easy process, simply untick the relevant newsletter, click on Save and you will no longer receive it.  We will not give your email address to any third parties.

Your Account

The following options are available under Your Account :-

Maintain Profile

Under Your Account you can update your details by clicking on Maintain Profile. Here you can change your Name, Email and Update your Password. You can also change your Newsletter subscriptions on this page. Clicking on any of them will subscribe you to that particular newsletter, and will display a tick in the checkbox. To unsubscribe untick the checkbox.

Order History

Select Order History to see all your orders. Here you'll be able to see the status of any current order.  Should you wish to query the status of an order then please always quote your Order No which is the nine letter code you'll see on this page. You can click on the Order Number to see all the details regarding your order, including it's current status, the invoice if it's been invoiced and the tracking link if it's been dispatched.

You can also Cancel any items from an order, provided the order has not yet been paid for, from the Order View page. Simply tick the items you want to cancel, or click the tick box next to Product to select all items, and then click on the red "Cancel Selected Products" button. Note that if your order was placed using credit, or has already been paid for, you will still need to contact Customer Services to arrange you cancellation so that we can arrange the necessary credits for you.

Address Book

Here you will be able to add and maintain your delivery addresses. To enter a new address please enter the details under Add Address. The Recipient Name will already display your registered name, but you can edit it, and it should be the person who is going to receive the delivery at this address. Enter your Street address details in Address Line 1 and 2 if necessary. Address Line 1 must be completed, but Address Line 2 can be left empty if it's not required.

Begin entering your suburb under Suburb Select. As you type a list of suburbs from our database will appear in the box below. Please select your suburb from this box, and your Suburb, City/Town and Postal Code will automatically be entered.  

Finally enter your Telephone Number and Alternative Telephone Number in the appropriate boxes. These numbers will be used by the courier should they need to contact you during the delivery process.

Browsing and Search

The Raru website uses technology that makes it fully compatible with both desktop and smart mobile devices. There are some slight navigation differences on mobile, and not all of the websites search options are available, but apart from that you will be able to shop on Raru with all of your internet devices.

On Desktop, Notebook and Tablet Devices

On the home page you will find all your navigation links in the left hand menu. From there you can go direct to any of the departments or use any of the functions listed there. To browse for the items you are looking for you can search in the top search bar, click on any of the handy top menu buttons  containing products featured by Raru staff, view Raru's current best sellers or view any of the News Articles listed. 

In addition there are featured items displayed on the site Home Page, and the individual Department Home Pages. These will always be our choice of the best, latest and most exciting products available. You can add any of these items directly to your Cart by moving your mouse over them, and clicking on the Purple Cart Icon that will appear, or Blue Heart one if you want to add it to your Wish List. The current selling price of the item will also appear in the top left corner of the image when you move your mouse over it.

When you search for an item your results page will by default show a Grid of images of the products that match your search terms. Once again you can add them to your Cart, or Wish List, using the same icons. You can also switch the view of your results to a List, by clicking the List Icon in the Options Button to the right of the Sort by Box. You can also switch back to grid using the Grid Icon.

By clicking on the down arrow in the Sort by box you can adjust the order of the results, according to your preference, by clicking on one of the options that appear. By default your Results are displayed by the products our Search Engine finds to be most Relevant to your Search Terms.

To the left of your Search Results will be a list of Filters. Exactly which Filters are displayed is dependent on your Search. Only Filter Options that are available in the products that result from your search are displayed. Typically Filter Options would include the Department, as well as the Availability of the products. The number next to the Filter Option displays how many products there are in that particular option.

These Filters can be used in any combination to narrow your search results, which allows you to easily view only the products you're interested in. When you select a Filter Option the text will change to Red and the box will be ticked. The number of products will change to reflect only those that match your selected Filter Option, and the number of Filter Options will change to only those that match the products chosen. Choosing additional filters will narrow your results further. To unselect a Filter Option simply untick it, which will widen the number of products on view, and present previous Filter Options, depending on the Options you have selected.

On Mobile Devices

To access the main menu on your Smartphone, please tap the 3 Bar Menu icon to the left of the Search Bar. The site's menu will pop up, allowing you to navigate to the department of your choice, or to access the site function you need. Tap the icon again to make it disappear.

To search on the Raru website using a Smartphone you can enter your search phrase in the Top Search bar. You can also narrow your search to a specific department by pressing the down arrow and selecting the department of your choice from the resulting list. To complete your search tap the search magnifying glass icon. You can adjust the order of the results by tapping the Sort by box, and selecting your preference. Tap on the title of any of the results to view the Information Page for the item. Adding to Cart and all other functions are exactly the same as on your Desktop devices.

The Filter options described above appear at the bottom of your list of search results, and work in the same way.

Search Options

On all devices you can use the following search options by clicking on the Options Button next to the "Sort By" drop down icon. 

Advanced Search Tips

You can use the the following methods to assist in refining your search further :

Product Information

By clicking on the products cover image, or it's title, you'll be able to get to the product's Information Page. On this page we try and provide as much information about the product as possible, as well as other products that might be similar to it.

You can click on any of the Orange colour hyperlinks on these pages to get lists of titles that match the particular information you've clicked, for example clicking on an Actor's name will bring a list of all the movies they've acted in. This list will also have a set of Filters to the left of it, allowing you to narrow the list to find the specific products you're interested in. These Filters can be used in any combination with each other.

In addition you can click on the buttons next to the cover image to move to different options for the products, such as formats, editions or colours, depending on the product. Switching back and forth between these related products is possible by clicking on any of the buttons.

For Movies and TV products we show buttons that allow you to see the different formats available of the particular movie or show. In addition there'll be buttons for different editions of the title as well, allowing you for example to see all the different Editions available for The Hobbit on Blu-ray, or all the different Formats for the Extended Edition of The Hobbit. Finally for TV Shows with multiple seasons we'll give buttons that can take you directly to the different seasons of each show.

On Video Games we show the different formats available for a particular title as well as any different editions. Similarly in Music you can also use the buttons for the different formats and editions of the item.

In Books you will see buttons for all the multiple editions of a particular work. Mostly this would be Hardcover and Paperback, but for older books that are frequently republished you'll be able to see all the multiple versions that have been released.

For Electronics you'll be able to see different Colours of the item, as well as different Capacities for selected items, like USB Flash Drives or SD Cards for example.

Please note that while we have made every attempt to obtain accurate and detailed information for every product on our site, there may be some items for which the same level of information is not possible. In addition we are often reliant on third parties such as manufacturers, suppliers or commercial databases for the information. As such we are not liable for any errors and omissions.

From time to time, we will run promotions which will feature on our home page, specific category pages, as well as in our news articles. These promotions may feature text that states 'Save Up To' with a  percentage at the end (E.G: 'Save Up To 50%'). The percentage shown is the highest percentage discount in a list of products on promotion. For example, if we have a promotion that states 'Save Up To 50% Off', only some of the items are 50% off, with the rest of the items being different percentages off.

Item Status

There are several statuses of all the various items on Raru. All the statuses are displayed alongside each of the items throughout the site.

In Stock - This means we have stock of the item in our warehouse and the item is available for immediate dispatch. Orders with only in stock items in them will be dispatched on the same day, provided payment has been successfully processed by us before 14:00.  We strongly recommend that you only use Credit Card or Instant EFT as your payment choice for In Stock items in order to avoid delays caused by interbank transfers.

Dispatched in - Next to Dispatched in will be a specified number of days, which are an indication of how long we expect to take to receive the item from our supplier. We regularly update the stock status of all of our suppliers to ensure the most accurate information possible is shown alongside each item. The amount of working days indicated is how long we expect the item to take to reach us from when we receive confirmation of the successful payment of your order.

Out of Stock - This status means our suppliers currently do not have stock of this item. As a result we cannot accept orders for it, as we cannot estimate reliably how long it would take to reach us. We suggest adding the item to your Wish List, and we will immediately email you as soon as our suppliers inform us that they have received stock again.

Pre-Order - A date will appear alongside this status, indicating when this particular item will be available. You can place a Pre-Order for this item, and provided payment has been successfully processed by us, we will attempt to ensure that you will receive the item on, or as soon after this date as possible. Note that unfortunately these dates are subject to change, we will notify anyone who has placed a Pre-Order for an item of any changes as soon as we are informed of them. If you place an order with multiple pre-orders then your order will ship when all the items have arrived. 

Unreleased - A date will also appear next to this status, which is the date we are expecting the item to be released. Once all the details for this item are confirmed then it's status will change to Pre-Order. If you add an Unreleased item to your Wish List then we will send you an email as soon as it's available to Pre-Order.


All ordering is only done via Raru's website. This can be done on any device that you use to for Internet access. We do not accept orders via any other means.

To place an order you need to add items to your Cart. You can do so by either clicking on the Purple Cart icons next to, or on the product you wish to buy, or by clicking on the same icon next to items in your Wish List. Note that doing so will move the item from your wishlist to your Cart. You can see how many items are currently in your Cart by the number that displays in the Purple Cart icon at the top right of the page.

Once you've added all the items you wish to purchase to your cart, you can proceed to Checkout by clicking on the Cart icon and click on the Buy Now Button. You can also go directly to Checkout by clicking on the Green Checkout button that appears under the popup confirming the item has been added to your cart.

When you are in Checkout you can edit the items in your cart, select the Delivery Address, if you've added one previously and choose the Payment Option of your choice. When you select your delivery address the shipping fee will be calculated, according to where the parcel will be delivered to.

Once you're satisfied with your order you can click Buy Now to place the order. At this stage you will receive an Order Number and proceed with the payment process of your choice.

Note that you can expect us to dispatch your order once all the items in your order have been received by our warehouse. For an indication of how long this will take please check the Calendar displayed when viewing your order in Your Account. Note that the date displayed is the date we expect your order to leave our warehouse. Delivery to you will depend on whether or not you are in a Main or Regional center, or if the order is heavier than 2kgs. Please see Delivery below for more information as to when you can expect to receive your parcel. 

How to add items to an order that hasn't shipped yet

If you wish to add items to an order that has not shipped yet, then place a new order for the items you require, and checkout using EFT as your payment method. Then contact customer services at with your new order number, and the order number you want it combined with, and we will combine the two orders, and remove any shipping fees from your new order. We will contact you once this is complete, and you can then switch the order to your payment method of choice via Your Account> Order History, and complete the payment as normal. Note that for logistical reasons only two orders can be matched to each other, and the shipment will only occur once all the items from both orders are available. 

How to combine orders

You can combine the shipment of orders by linking orders on checkout if the orders being linked to are still pending arrival or are at warehouse (note that pre-orders are not allowed). Unpaid orders linked to another order can be cancelled, but the master (root) order cannot be cancelled when a child order is linked to it.

If you would like to link orders after you have paid for your orders, you may contact customer services at and request that your orders be linked for combined shipping.

US & UK Import Items

Raru imports items on customers behalf via our Import Service. Items are listed on the site for cataloguing purposes only and are not part of our stock in trade. Any items catalogued on the site's Import Service may be ordered by any customer under the following conditions :-

The results for searches or browsing in the US imports section is limited to 50 items in order to maintain performance. Please use the filters on the left hand side, or more specific search terms to obtain a more detailed list. On the drop down menu set the search to US imports in order to obtain the best results.

Items that are Grey and have Not Available on them, cannot be ordered, either due to being prohibited for export, or import, or due to other reasons beyond our control.

Bundle Offers

From time to time we will make Bundle Offers available, where you will be able to add two selected items to your cart and receive a discount if you checkout with them together. A Bundle Offer will be indicated with the word "Bundle" on the product on a search results or list page, and by a Bundle Offer on the product page. To receive the discount you will need to use the "Add both to Cart" button on the product page. The two items will then be added to your cart, and a "Bundle Discount" will be displayed in your Summary, just above the "Buy Now" Button. The discount is only applied when the selected items are purchased together. The selected items cannot be exchanged for alternate items. 

Note: The shipping period for a Bundle Offer will be determined by the item that has the longest shipping period of the two.

Shipping Fees and Shipping Discount

Currently all parcels are shipped by our fulfillment partners CourierIT & Pargo.


All parcels will be professionally delivered directly to the recipient chosen when you placed the order. This address can be either at your work or home, depending on where it's most convenient for you to receive the parcel. Currently Raru only delivers to addresses in South Africa.

All deliveries take place during business hours, Mondays to Fridays, excluding Government Public Holidays.

Delivery of regular parcels to Main Centers

Our current Shipping Fee is R49 per parcel to all Main Centers. The following Cities and Towns and their incorporated suburbs are termed Main Centers by our couriers :-

Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Mbombela (Nelspruit), Polokwane (Pietersburg), East London, Kimberley, George, Pietermaritzburg, Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West and Strand.

Delivery of regular parcels to Other Areas

The Shipping Fee to Regional Areas (all areas other than Main Centers) is R99 per Parcel

An additional fee of R50 will be charged to delivery to Townships.

Additional fees of R140 may be charged for delivery to Chainstores, Mines, Power Stations, Plots, Farms, Trust Areas, Game Reserves,National Parks,Hospitals, Government Departments and Remote Areas. Where possible we recommend using an alternate address for delivery, other than one in any of the above locations.

Additional Shipping Charges For Big or Heavy Items

Big or heavy items marked with:   incur an additional shipping charge. This amount is included in your basket as 'Shipping Charge'. This will vary based on the size of the item, as well as where you are situated. 


Pargo Deliveries currently cost between R55 & R139, depending on the size of the item, to any Pargo Point.

What is Pargo

Pargo is a convenient delivery option that offers deliveries to pick-up points around the country. You can collect your parcels at the Pargo parcel points of your choice, when it suits you best. Pargo parcel points are established in well-known and trusted South African retail stores. All you have to do is collect the parcel, at a time that suits you.

How to Select Pargo as your Delivery Option

During checkout you select to use Pargo as your shipping method from the Delivery Options available. First enter your address, if you haven't done so before. This allows the Pargo point selection to focus on points near your location. We recommend using a cellphone number as your telephone number, as Pargo will then be able to send you SMS notifications of your delivery.

When you select between the delivery options it will automatically update the shipping amount on your screen. When Pargo is selected a button “Select Pargo Point” will appear to select the Pargo point you want your parcel delivered to. When you click the button a map will appear, showing the Pargo points nearest to your address (if Google is unable to determine your address from the checkout page it will request your current location). You can then select the point, either from a list next to the map, or on the map itself. Once you select a point, it will be stored on the address so in future it will automatically be the default selected point. Your shipping method will also be remembered.

How to Collect your Pargo Delivery

You will receive an SMS and/or email notification as soon as your parcel has been delivered to your chosen Pargo parcel point and is ready for collection. Normally delivery will take 2 days, dependent on the location of your Pargo point. You will need to bring your Green Barcoded ID Document and the Pargo Code, you received in your SMS and/or email notification, in order to collect your parcel. You have up to 14 Days to collect your parcel from your Pargo Point. Please note that many Pargo Points are open 24/7 but please check the opening times of your selected point on the Pargo website.

Restrictions on Pargo Deliveries

The following cannot be sent via Pargo, and the option to use Pargo will not be selectable if your order meets any of the following criteria

For additional help or information on Pargo please visit their website:-

Shipping Discount

Currently we offer a Shipping Discount of R49 for all courier orders that are above R399 excluding the shipping fee, and one of R55 for all Pargo orders above R399. This Shipping Discount will be deducted from your shipping cost during the checkout phase.

Currently you can use the Shipping Discount to get Free Delivery to all Main Centers.

Delivery of Oversize Items

Some oversized items might be delivered by other means, for example directly from manufacturers.


Our Payment Options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Diner's Club Credit Cards, MasterCard and Visa Cheque Debit Cards, PayFast Instant EFT, PayFast Bitcoin, Maestro and Electron Debit Cards, Mobicred, SCode and Bank Deposit/Regular EFT.

Orders made via Credit Card and Instant EFT will be processed immediately after clicking on Buy Now. You will be prompted to follow the necessary steps to securely process your transaction via the appropriate payment method.  Your order will be processed on receipt of confirmation from the relevant institution. If the payment was successful then the order will move to the next phase of the process, with In Stock items being allocated to your order, and other items being ordered from our suppliers.

Orders made via Deposit or Regular EFT will only be processed when the amount appears in our bank account. Please ensure that you use your Order Number as the reference when making your deposit. Should an item go out of stock before the amount appears in our bank account, please contact our customer service to assist you further. Orders, and stock associated to those orders, are only confirmed once we receive payment.
However, should you wish to ensure we receive an EFT payment faster, certain banks allow instant EFT payments via internet banking. Note: These may come at an extra cost, and can take a few hours to complete, please check with your bank for the specific process, associated fees and timing related to these types of EFT payments.

Should your first attempt at payment be unsuccessful for any reason, you can re-attempt payment yourself by visiting the Your Account page, and clicking on Order History.  Click on your Order Number and follow the same Checkout Procedures as before.

Credit Card & Cheque/Debit Cards

We do not store your credit card details in our database during the registration or ordering process. For security reasons you will need to enter your card details when you checkout. 

To place an order enter your card details after selecting Credit Card as your payment choice. The details you need to enter are : selecting the card type, the full card number, the expiry date and the Security Code (CVV), which is the 3 digits in the signature area at the back of your card. For American Express Card Holders the Security Code is the 4 digit number on the front of the card, above the card number.. When you are ready you can click on the green Buy Now button. Your details will then be securely processed and you will receive an advice confirming if the order was successful, or if it was declined. If it was declined please check your details and try again if it was necessary to correct anything. Alternately you can enter new card details for any other card you may have, or select an alternate payment method.

Your order will remain active for 72 hours, and you can retry at any time by viewing the transaction via Your Account and Order History. It is not necessary to place a new order if your order was declined and you want to retry it.

Electron and Maestro Debit Cards

In addition to credit cards, we also accept Electron and Maestro debit card payments via PayFast and payD. Select the Debit Card option if it meets the following conditions :-


Instant EFT

To use Instant EFT as payment select it from the options during the checkout phase and click on Buy Now. Then enter your email address in the box on the next page (note your registered email address will automatically be entered, but you can use any other one of your addresses if you prefer) and click continue. InstantEFT supports the four main banks, Standard, Nedbank, ABSA and FNB. You must be registered with your bank's Internet Banking to be able to use Instant EFT

First Time User of Instant EFT

If you are a first time user then you will need to select a password that you will use for future Instant EFT orders and click on register.

Then click on the Instant EFT button that loads after completing the registration, and follow the on screen instructions to make your payment by clicking on Launch Internet Banking. Once you've logged on to your bank's Internet Banking  you can click on continue. Payfast then provides you with the Account Details you must use on your internet banking, as well as the Beneficiary reference. It's critically important that you use this reference when making your internet banking payment. We recommend using the handy ‘copy' button provided and then right click and select ‘paste' in the Beneficiary reference field of your internet banking.

Once you've completed the EFT on your Internet Banking click on the Complete Button. On successful completion of your payment you will receive notification via email from Raru and PayFast, and we will proceed immediately with your order.

Existing Payfast Instant EFT Users

Login with your email and password you've previously used to register on PayFast and click on the Instant EFT button.Follow the on screen instructions to make your payment via your regular Internet Banking by clicking on Launch Internet Banking. Once you've logged on to your bank's Internet Banking you can click on continue. Payfast then provides you with the Account Details you must use on your internet banking, as well as the Beneficiary reference. It's critically important that you use this reference when making your internet banking payment. We recommend using the handy ‘copy' button provided and then right click and select ‘paste' in the Beneficiary reference field of your internet banking.

Once you've completed the EFT on your Internet Banking click on the Complete Button. On successful completion of your payment you will receive notification via email from Raru and PayFast, and we will proceed immediately with your order.

If you do not want to proceed with Instant EFT at any time, simply click on cancel and return to Raru link provided.

Payfast Bitcoin Payment

To use Bitcoins as your payment method select the Instant EFT or Bitcoins payment option and then select Bitcoins from the resulting page. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your payment on Payfast's site. Payfast handles all the exchange procedures and converts the Rand amount into Bitcoins via Luno (formerly BitX) exchange. Note you must have a Payfast account to be able to use Bitcoins as your payment method. For more help on Payfast and Bitcoins click here. Note Bitcoin payments can't be refunded and can only be allocated as store credit.

Mobicred Payment

is a simple & convenient credit facility that offers you an easy online credit application with an instant response.

You will be able to pay for the value of your order in installments of your choosing, if you are approved by Mobicred

Please note:

  1. You need to register on before checkout and then enter your Mobicred login details on the PayFast page that follows checkout.
  2. Once approved, Mobicred will manage your credit facility and instalments, and you will deal with them directly regarding any payments or queries regarding the facility
  3. Your order value will need to exceed R1000 to be able to pay by Mobicred
  4. The maximum order value per Mobicred transaction is R40,000.00. If you require a higher amount, you will need to purchase multiple Raru Vouchers to make up the total value on separate orders. Then use these vouchers against the item over R40,000.00 that you would like to purchase. Obviously this is dependent on your credit limit with Mobocred.

To use Mobicred as your payment method select the Mobicred payment option upon checkout, and then select Mobicred from the resulting page. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your payment on Payfast's site.

Once we receive your payment, we will start processing your order as per our normal procedures.

Refunds or cancellations on Mobicred transactions:

If you would like to obtain a refund or cancel your order, and it falls in line with our refunds, returns and cancellation procedure, we will either credit your Raru profile to the value of the cancellation or the amount can be refunded to your Mobicred account. 

Masterpass Payment

To use Masterpass as your payment method select the Masterpass payment option and then select Masterpass from the resulting page. Follow the on screen prompts to complete your payment on Payfast's site. Note you must have a Payfast account to be able to use Masterpass as your payment method. For more info on Masterpass click here

Refunds or cancellations on Masterpass transactions:

If you would like to obtain a refund or cancel your order, and it falls in line with our refunds, returns and cancellation procedure, we will credit your Raru profile to the value of the refund or cancellation. This value will not be transferred or refunded to your Masterpass account. We also cannot transfer your profile credit to a credit card or bank account, as these methods were not used to perform the original transaction.

You can now use the Masterpass payment method on your Zapper App, allowing you to make payment with Zapper. Please see here for more about paying using Zapper.

SCode Payment

SCode Online enables customers to pay for their online purchases using Cash, Debit or Credit Card across a national network of over 6 000 retail payment outlets.

How to order using SCode

Once you have finished selecting all the items you wish to order, proceed to checkout. After selecting your delivery preference and address, select SCode as your payment option. Then complete your transaction by clicking on Buy Now. You will receive a confirmation screen that will include an SCode Barcode. A summary of this screen will also be sent to via email titled Raru - Order Confirmation.
Print, or take a screen grab, of your SCode Barcoded Invoice.

Present the SCode Barcode Confirmation for payment at either the Money Market counter of selected retailers or at the Cashier at the SA Post Office. The cashier will scan the SCode Barcode or input the SCode and request payment. Once paid, a receipt/ confirmation of payment will be issued. Keep this receipt as Proof of Payment until you receive your order.

A confirmation of this payment will be sent to us, and your order will be authorised upon receipt. There may be a short delay during this communication period.

You can use Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card or Store Vouchers to make a payment.

There are no costs to use SCode to pay for your Online Shopping.

SCode is only available for orders above R299

Payment Locations
You can currently pay for an SCode order at the Money Market kiosks at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House & Home, OK Furniture and USave and at the Cashiers at the South African Post Office.

Payment Period

Payment must be made within 4 Days of order, or the order will be cancelled.

SCode Refunds

Refunds will be done via EFT in accordance with our Refund and cancellation policies. All the regular handling fees will be charged if applicable. Refunds can take up to 30 days to be processed.

For more information on SCode please visit :


Refunds will be processed according to our refund and cancellations policies per payment method above. If your refund method differs from the original payment method, an administration fee of 2.5% will apply. This fee will be over and above any other handling fees or other charges already deducted. This is in order to facilitate the cost of the transaction.

Our Bank Details

In order to make a Bank Deposit/Regular EFT please use the following details :

Bank - Nedbank

Account Number - 1073478734

Branch - Bellville The Bridge

Branch Code - 198765

Please only use your Order Number as the reference. Any other reference will delay allocation of payment. It is not necessary to send confirmation of the Deposit/Regular EFT to us, but please retain your confirmation in the event that we need to confirm any details with you, or if you've mistakenly used a reference other than your Order Number, in which case please email it to us at (, or fax it to 0862-038-189. Please note that depending on your banking institution, it may take up to 3 working days for your payment to reflect in our bank account. If after three working days you've not received a confirmation of payment email from us, then please contact us immediately.

We recommend using Payfast's InstantEFT or Credit Card for time sensitive orders, or for orders containing In Stock items.

Gift Vouchers

Ordering Gift Vouchers

To order Gift Vouchers visit our Vouchers Page here. Vouchers can be ordered by selecting the style you want, and one of the predetermined values, or by entering a value of your choice. All Gift Vouchers are delivered digitally via email. You can select whether you want to receive the voucher yourself, or have it sent to another email address. You can even set a specific date for a voucher to be delivered. Note that no physical vouchers are delivered, all vouchers are electronically sent via email. The minimum value for a Gift Voucher is R50. Gift Vouchers only become valid once the payment for them has been received.

Ordering Gift Vouchers with other items

Gift Vouchers can be ordered with physical product, but note that the vouchers' value does not count towards the Shipping Discount Threshold. The voucher part of the order will be delivered digitally, while the other items will be delivered as per normal.

Redeeming a Voucher

To redeem a voucher follow the instructions below :

  1. Login into your profile or Register as a new user if you have not done so yet.
  2. Add the item(s) you want to Buy to your Shopping Cart
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Add your Shipping Address if needed
  5. Payment Method - Select the Add Gift Voucher option
  6. Enter the Voucher Code and click Add
  7. The Total will now show less the Voucher Amount.
  8. Click Buy Now to complete your order.
  9. If you still have Funds left on your Voucher you need to follow steps 2 - 8 for your next order

Terms and Conditions of Vouchers

Vouchers are valid for three years, before they expire.  Any balance remaining on a voucher will carry forward to your next order. Should your order be greater than the value of the voucher, then you can pay for the difference using any of our regular payment methods.

Vouchers can not be used to purchase other Raru Vouchers. Vouchers can also not be used to purchase Digital Currency Vouchers such as PSN, XBox, Steam etc. 

Cancelling Items Purchased with a Gift Voucher

Items purchased using a gift or promotional voucher can only be credited to your Raru profile, and cannot be converted to cash. 


From time to time Raru may offer coupons for specific items through promotional partners.

Redeeming a Coupon

To redeem a voucher follow the instructions below :

  1. Login into your profile or Register as a new user if you have not done so yet.
  2. Add the item(s) you want to Buy to your Shopping Cart
  3. Proceed to Checkout
  4. Add your Shipping Address if needed
  5. Payment Method - Select the Add Coupon/Gift Voucher option
  6. Enter the Coupon Code and click Add
  7. The Total will now show less the Coupon Discount.
  8. Click Buy Now to complete your order.

Terms and Conditions of Coupons


Once all the items from your order have been received in our warehouse, we will package them and send them via the delivery method you selected to your chosen delivery address. Orders in Main Centers will be delivered to you 1 - 2 days after you receive your Shipping Confirmation email. Deliveries to address outside of Main Centers can take up to 3 extra working days. Note that orders for large items that do not fit into a standard courier bag, or that weigh more 2kgs, or that contain batteries or other flammable products,  may be sent via road freight and may take an extra day or two to reach you.

To track your order please visit Your Account and click on Order History and then on the order you wish to track. On this page all the information regarding your order will be displayed, included a button to track the parcel with our couriers. You will also find a link to your invoice on this page. All our invoices are only available in electronic format.

Delivery of Samsung Appliances and Televisions & Audio Video products is done directly by Samsung to your home. This will take 2 - 5 days after they dispatch it to reach you, depending on your location. We will provide you with information regarding your delivery.


Click Here to complete a new returns request via your account dashboard, should you wish to return any items. Items returned without prior authorisation are liable for a restocking fee and the shipping charges. When items are authorised for return please include a copy of your invoice and package it securely so that it does not suffer any damage during transit.

For all returns we can arrange for our courier service to collect the parcel from you and return it to us, unless the item in question needs to go to a Manufacturer's Service Center. Please see under Electronics Department for more information regarding Service Centers. Please note we do not accept returns via the Postal Service, however you are welcome to use your own couriers, should you so wish.

Should a replacement need to be ordered then we will do so from our supplier. Note that the replacement item will take the same period of time to reach us as is indicated on the site for the particular product. In some instances replacement items may be ordered by our suppliers from the manufacturer overseas. We will always ensure that you receive your replacement as soon as we can get it.

All items ordered from Raru may be returned, with prior authorisation from the company, provided they meet the following criteria :-

Wrongly Delivered Items - Please contact us immediately if we've made a mistake and delivered the wrong item to you. We will despatch the correct item as soon as possible, and collect the incorrect item from you.

Damaged Items - If an item arrives damaged please contact us immediately. Please retain all the packaging, and if possible take photographs of the items and packaging. We will arrange a replacement for you as soon as possible. Returns of this nature will only be accepted within 14 days of receiving your order, as we have no way of verifying that it was not user damage after 14 days.

Unwanted Items - If you have placed an order and the items have been ordered for you, or despatched to you, and decide you wish to no longer receive or wish to return any items you no longer want, you may do so provided the items meet the criteria of the Department Specific Conditions below.  You will receive a credit for the items once we receive them and are satisfied they're in good order, but a minimum re-stocking fee of 10% will be deducted from the credit. Should you have used our courier service to return the item then the full cost of the courier will also be deducted.

Incorrectly Ordered Items - Where the item you receive is not the same as you expected it to be, but is the item you checked out with, we can arrange a return. This is  provided the item is undamaged, and is still in all it's original packaging. Items from our Film & TV, Music and Video Games Department must still be sealed in their original packaging. Under such circumstances the cost of shipping the items will be deducted from your credit, as well as a 10% re-stocking fee. Books can unfortunately not be returned at all under this circumstance.

In Warranty Problems - For all products with Warranties their Warranty Period is displayed on the site. Should there be a problem with an item, within the warranty period, we will assist you to have the product evaluation and exchanged or repaired if required. The exact procedure will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some manufacturers have service centers who handle all their warranty issues for them. For these manufacturers you will need to liaise directly with the service center, although we'll provide every assistance possible.

Out of Warranty Problems - Should you experience a problem with a product outside of it's warranty period it might still be possible to arrange for it to be repaired. However you will be liable for all costs. Please contact us should you need assistance with these items.

US Import Items - All import items returned or cancelled, even if not received, due to the items no longer being wanted, will incur a mandatory 25% handling fee. This is to facilitate the return to the country of origin.

Department Specific Returns Conditions

Movies & TV

Only sealed items can be returned for credit or refund. Once opened an item can only be exchanged for another copy of the same item, should it be faulty.

The Region Code of the DVDs and Blu-rays on our site is displayed on the Product Information Page. DVDs require a DVD Player and Region 1 import DVDs from the USA require a DVD Player that is capable of playing Region 1 DVDs. Most DVD Players are capable of doing so, but if you're uncertain, refer to the store you purchased your player from.

Blu-ray Discs require a Blu-ray player, and will not work in a DVD Player. 3D Blu-rays require a Blu-ray Player capable of 3D playback as well as a 3D Television set. 

Blu-ray Discs have a different Region Code system to DVDs. South Africa falls under Region B, and all South African  players and discs are thus Region B. Region A Blu-rays require a Blu-ray Player that can play Region A Discs. Some, but not all, Blu-ray Discs are region free, and will play on any Blu-ray Player. To see a list click here or search for the item here

Please note that not having a Blu-ray Player capable of playing the discs you have ordered will not be considered as grounds for a return once the product's packaging has been unsealed.

Video Games

Only sealed items can be returned for credit or refund. Once opened, an item can only be exchanged for another copy of the same item, should it be faulty.

All console games require the appropriate console hardware in order to be played. Not having the right console for a game ordered will not be considered as grounds for a return once the game's packaging has been unsealed.

PC Games have a minimum hardware specification. The minimum specifications are listed on each PC Game's information page. Please verify that your PC meets these requirements as we cannot accept returns on games once they've been unsealed.

Some games require a permanent internet connection while being played, or an internet connection for authentication.

Digital Voucher Codes cannot be returned, as Raru cannot verify if they have not been redeemed on the relevant service or platform. Please ensure that you check the relevant platform and product detail before proceeding to check out.


When ordering PC component hardware please check that these components are compatible with your current hardware. While we can accept a return on any undamaged components within 7 days, a handling fee and the cost of shipping the item will be deducted from any amount credited to you. The exact fees will be quoted during the returns process.

Please note that we are not responsible for any data on a product returned to us, or to one of the Manufacturer's Service Centers. We cannot make any attempt to recover data from faulty devices, and will only exchange the device for a new working model.

Should an item be faulty on arrival please contact us immediately. Different manufactures have different processes for handling so called Dead on Arrival items and we will assist you in obtaining a replacement item as speedily as possible. For some manufacturers you may be referred to their Service Center, who are best placed to serve you, and require that you contact them directly. In such instances we will refer you to them, and ensure that you receive all the assistance necessary in obtaining a replacement.

Should an item experience a fault after the Dead on Arrival period has expired for the item, but within the warranty period, you will be able to return the item.  This will either be to us or to the manufacturer's service center, dependent on the product, for evaluation and repair or exchange. In such an instance please contact our Customer Services Department who will assist you through the Returns process.

Note that in certain cases it may no longer be possible to exchange the item for exactly the same model, as the particular model may no longer be manufactured. In such instances we may exchange it for a refurbished model or the most similar model from the same manufacturer, or offer you a credit or refund.

Please note that once an item is exchanged or replaced by our suppliers or manufacturers, your warranty period on the replacement item is not extended and is only valid from the original purchase date on your original order.

Note that any physical damage to an item will invalidate the warranty. Removal of Serial Number barcode stickers from items will also invalidate the warranty as it will then no longer be possible to track the item. User damage caused by inappropriate use, use not intended or under conditions not covered will invalidate the warranty as well. Where an item returned is deemed to be faulty due to user damage, a shipping fee and a 10% Handling Fee.

Different manufacturers have different tolerance policies for Dead and/or stuck pixels. Most will not automatically replace a monitor for only 1 dead pixel.

Please note that unwanted items that are worn, such as headphones, may not be returned due to health and safety reasons. These can only be returned when these are faulty and within warranty.

Software can only be exchanged if the package is still sealed.

Please contact us should you require the contact details for a manufacturer's service center.

Samsung products carry a 2 year warranty and all warranties claims can be made directly with Samsung by phoning them on 0861 samsung ( 0861 7267864 ) 


Books can only be returned if damaged, and can then only be exchanged for another copy of the same book. While every care is taken during the packaging and shipment of our items, very slight dents to paperbacks, or the dust jackets of hardcovers is possible. Books will only be exchanged if the damage is substantial, and is at the discretion of Raru staff.


Only sealed items can be returned for credit or refund. Once opened an item can only be exchanged for another copy of the same item, should it be faulty. On occasion we might receive CDs with slightly damaged cases. As long as the sleeve or CD itself hasn't been damaged then we will include a replacement.


Only sealed items can be returned for credit or refund. Once opened, an item can only be exchanged for the same item, should it be faulty. This does not apply to Clothing, please see below for Clothing specific requirements.

Clothing items, such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Vests, Shirts...etc, can only be returned if they have not been worn, due to health and safety reasons. If an item is returned and our staff identify that it has been worn, then it will be returned to you, and you will be liable for the shipping costs. Credits, Refunds or Replacements will only be due once our staff has confirmed that the returned item has not been worn.

Raru will not accept exchanges of clothing due to the item not fitting, please ensure that you are aware of the size upon placing your order. Sizes on clothing vary due to their specific country of origin, or specific design requirements. (E.G: European sizes are usually smaller and are generally slim fit) Returns will only be accepted if the size or colour supplied, is not the same as what was originally ordered.


Samsung products carry a 2 year warranty and all warranties claims can be made directly with Samsung by phoning them on 0861 samsung ( 0861 7267864 ) 

Import Items

Warranties are the sole responsibility of Raru, and the local manufacturers, or their agents, shall not be responsible for handling any warranty claims. All return requests under warranty claims are to be processed through the standard Returns Process outlined above.

Should an item need to be replaced, it will have to be re-ordered, and will take the current shipping period and availability, at the time of the replacement, to be received.

Clothing from different countries have different sizing standards. Raru will not accept exchanges of clothing due to the item not fitting. Returns for clothing will only be accepted if the size or colour supplied, as per the manufacturer, is not the same as was ordered.

All import items returned or cancelled, even if not received, due to the items no longer being wanted, will incur a mandatory 25% handling fee. This is to facilitate the return to the country of origin.

If an import item is damaged upon receiving it, please contact us immediately. Please retain all the packaging, and if possible take photographs of the items and packaging. We will arrange a replacement for you as soon as possible. Returns of this nature will only be accepted within 14 days of receiving your order, as we have no way of verifying that it was not user damage after 14 days.

Contacting Us

Please visit our Contact Us page for current contact details. Please note that our Customer Service Operators are available from 8.30 - 17.00, Monday - Friday, excluding Public Holidays.

We recommend using the Contact Us form, to ensure the speediest possible response to any questions you might have.

Contact Details

Tel: 0861 560 561

Fax: 0862-038-189