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Funko Pop! Disney - Mary Poppins - Mary With Bag Vinyl Figure

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13 Nov 2018
Disney Figures
Mary Poppins
Funko, LLC
Funko Pop! Disney
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PopBoxZA Review: Mary Poppins with Bag

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As the crown jewel in Disney’s crown Mary Poppins a classic of note. Fifty-four years later she returned with the release, late last year, of Mary Poppins Returns.

With the incandescent Emily Blunt in the starring role the film is utterly charming in every way. Read the review here.

It goes without saying that Funko would jump on board the Mary Poppins train and produce a wave Pops featuring the world’s most famous nanny.

While these smaller lapses in attention to detail could be overlooked what cannot be so easily dismissed is the fact that this Pop does not include the umbrella. Although Funko isn’t in the business of making exact replicas they have chosen to recreate what is likely the most iconic scene of the film and, therefore, should’ve gotten it spot on.

I do also wish they would have angled the feet slightly outward as a nod to the famous Mary Poppins pose.

Mary Poppins with bag

Taken from the bath scene, which includes the performance of Can You Imagine That, this Pop is somewhat perplexing. But let’s start with the pros. The outfit on the Pop is mostly correct when compared to the film. She’s sporting a bright blue skirt and a white shirt adorned with polka dots. But not only are the polka dots the incorrect colour but she is also missing an apron. What’s more, the Funko version wears the same hat as the first Pop reviewed in this article. Why is she wearing the hat? Beats me. She does have the red bow-tie and carpet bag which do appear in the scene.