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Low Frequency Therapy Massage Instrument - The Pangao Low frequency Therapy Massage Instrument is a combination of traditional Chinese massage and modern techniques. It operates using low frequency microcomputer system with five available massage modes. The pulsing vibration activates the human body cells to promote blood circulation.  The pads can be attached to numerous different body parts.

Vibrashape Exercise Band - The PG-2012E is a step forward in fitness and body shaping.  A hand held controller controls the band which send motion signals to the various abdominal muscles. The intensity of the vibration and mode can be adjusted according to preference and body demands.  With the
PG-2012E exercise is effortless, painless and can be used any time, anywhere.
This product uses low-frequency technology to produce muscle response when applied to the body.  It promotes blood circulation to assist with the elimination of toxins from the body and improved tissue health.

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Pangao - Vibrashape Exercise Band

Pangao - Vibrashape Exercise Band

PG - 2012E

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