Flaming Tiger Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce & Clarks Kitchen Sticky Plum Sauce Now Available 12 Oct 2017


Flaming Tiger - Sriracha (pronounced See-Rah-Cha) is a traditional hot chilli sauce that originated in the beautiful coastal town of Si Racha in Thailand. By producing locally Flaming Tiger not only supports local farmers and businesses but are also able to offer a great value product with great quality. Flaming Tiger Sriracha sauce is made from sun-ripened chillies and garlic, giving this sauce a delicious and authentic Asian flavour.

Clarks Kitchen - The plums used in Sticky Plum Sauce are grown in a specific region of South Africa called the Little Karoo. It is here in this remote part of the world where the combination of loamy Karoo soil and the Mediterranean climate form the perfect environment to grow some of the world’s best quality plums. The long hot summers cause the fruit to ripen with a delicious and unique sweetness and the icy winters ensure the trees get a long and peaceful rest before each harvest. They use only the freshest chillies, garlic and ginger which are prepared on-site ensuring each ingredient passes a quality inspection before being minced and added to the cooking pots.

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