In Stock Sweets & Candy: Buy 3 & Save 20% 14 May 2018


Buy any of the selected in stock sweets and candy, and save 20%.  The discount will automatically be applied on the Checkout page.  Promotion valid while stocks last.

In Stock Sweets & Candy: Buy 3 & Save 20%show more

Zentis - Belmanda Marzipan Bar (60g) Bundle
Haribo - Smurfs Gummi Candi (100g) HotBundle
Bebeto - Tape Roll - Strawberry Bubble Gum (40g) Bundle
King - Burst Chews - Mixed Berries (40g) Bundle
Haribo - Stafetten (200g) Bundle
Haribo - Happy Cola Jelly Sweets (100g) Bundle
Haribo - Phantasia Jelly Sweets (200g) Bundle
Zed Candy - Snot Shots Chewy Sweets (35g) Bundle
Haribo - Lakritz Schnecken Liquorice (200g) Bundle
Haribo - Lakritz Parade Liquorice (200g) Bundle
Werther's Original - Toffee Rolls (50g) Bundle
Fisherman's Friend - Original Lozenges (25g) Bundle
Zed Candy - Bling Ring Jawbreaker Bundle
Zed Candy - 4 Jumbo Jawbreakers - Sour Bundle
Zed Candy - Mammouth Jawbreaker- Sour Bundle
Yogueta - Assorted Lollipops (Pack of 48) Bundle
Storck - Toffifee Caramel Candies (125g) Bundle
Bebeto - Ice Cream Jelly Gums (80g) Bundle
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