Pylones Kitchenware Now Available 29 May 2018


A proud heir of popular arts and traditions, as well as its techniques and secular ornaments, Pylones cavorts with 21st century materials to create offbeat, contemporary objects that combine both tradition and technology.

Pylones has always liked to ruffle a few feathers. They like to shake things up; reinventing, dressing and colouring them to make everyday life more fulfilling.

They cover their objects lovingly in handmade or designer patterns; whether striking, subtle, figurative or abstract, each one is unique.

They decide whether they are smiling, pleading, naïve or snobbish; whether animals or people, they become magical gifts and playful companions to enliven the drudgery of routine.

Also supplied by Pylones is Ototo, Peleg Design, and Monkey Business.

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