New Sweets, Candy, Beverages & Chocolates Added 29 Oct 2018


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Docile - Gelatines - Assorted Sour Rings (80g)
Docile - Gelatines - Watermelon Slices (80g)
Bebeto - Corn Mallow (120g)
Docile - Gelatines - Bears (80g)
King - Mini Heart Marshmallows (250g)
Bebeto - Fizzy Strawberry Laces (250g)

Chocolatesshow more

Choco Cups - Raspberry Cheesecake
Milka - Alpine Milk Cream Chocolate Bar (100g)
Choco Cups - Peanut Butter & Cookies (40g)
Choco Cups - Peanut Cream & Peanuts (40g)
Dinosaur Eggs Chocolate with Toy (15g)

Dinosaur Eggs Chocolate with Toy (15g)

One Egg Supplied

In Stock

Beveragesshow more

7 Stars Energy Drink - Ginger (500ml)
Dragon Energy Xtreme - Citrus (500ml)
Fanta - Fruit Punch (355ml)
Nescafé - Kopi O (240ml)
Kingsley - Cola (440ml)
Kingsley - Ginger Beer (440ml)

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