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A clever little gadget with a key ring attachment.
1 x Bottle opener
1 x Crosshead screwdriver
1 x Flathead screwdriver
Pack size: 13,5 x 14 x 0,7cm

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2 Nov 2017
DC Comics
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South Africa

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Got a bunch of these as gifts. It went out of stock shortly after I made my purchase. My order didn't come through on time and I got in contact with Raru Customer Care. I shop online often and I have never before received such AMAZING service. Not only did they reply to me immediately, they also found out what the delay due to and sourced the product for me in record time, keeping me informed every step of the way. The other items I ordered (that were in stock) along with the Batman Tool were sent to me separately so that I didn't have to wait for the shipment to come in with the Batman Multi Tools. I received everything shortly after my enquiry and ahead of Christmas which is such a busy period for them. This experience, along with another more recent one, has cemented my relationship with this site and I now swear by them. Excellent service from Raru and an excellent product. Tool is great quality, at a very good price. Great for a Batman fan.