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Minecraft - Plastic Creeper Face Mug (Mug) (5 user reviews)

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Minecraft - Plastic Creeper Face Mug (Mug)
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My son is going to love it. Great quality and good size. Thanks Raru!

A satisfied first customer

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This was my first order through Raru and while I was worried it wouldn't arrive in time (especially with all the Easter holidays before it was due), it arrived on the day Raru said it would.

It was a very easy, smooth process for me and I am very satisfied with the Creeper mug, which is durable, lovely and beautifully packaged. My boyfriend, a huge Minecraft fan, received it as his birthday gift and is already enjoying his morning coffee out of it. He agreed that it is well made and looks great!

Thank you very much to Raru for their assistance, efficiency and good online shopping offers. I will definitely be using Raru again.

Best gift for a Minecraft fan.

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The build quality is great with a solid feel it to it. It is deceptively light, even when full.

Nicely Crafted

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A must have for any Minecraft fans out there. I bought this for my daughter whom is a Minecraft addict and her mind has been blown! This is her new mug for life. :)

It is a full size mug which measures 87mm(W)X87mm(D)X88mm(H) - (excluding the handle), with the creeper head printed on both sides, and is made of high quality plastic.

Blows other mugs out of the water

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I got this for my girlfriend and she almost exploded with excitement. I didn't think she would enjoy it so much, but she is having a blast with the mug! Surprisingly rugged construction means that it won't get destroyed. I might get another of these mugs to call mine, because it is the bomb! This product is really top-Notch!

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