King Of New York (Blu-Ray)

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Academy Award-winner Christopher Walken stars in this shattering action-adventure story of a city on the edge.

Larry Fishburne, David Caruso, Wesley Snipes and Giancarlo Esposito also star in director Abel Ferrara's (Bad Lieutenant, A Dangerous Game) riveting and horrifyingly realistic story of one man who takes on a whole city.

Freed from prison, Frank White (Walken) challenges his fellow druglords in bloody battle for a piece of the action. In New York, crime gets done Frank's way -- or it doesn't get done at all.

Unable to keep him behind bars, the cops declare war on him -- and Frank responds by putting out a contract on the cops.

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6 Sep 2008
Region B
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16 LVN
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King of New York
Release Year
Running Time
106 min
Dramas / Big City / Cops / Drugs / Murder / Theatrical Release / Thriller
Rotten Tomatoes®
71% 78%
Christopher Walken stars as Frank White, an ultracool crime boss, in this moody gem from director Abel Ferrara. Released from a long stint in jail, White rejoins his devoted gang, which includes the trigger-happy Jimmy Jump (Laurence Fishburne), Test Tube (Steve Buscemi), and his attractive attorney girlfriend, Jennifer (Janet Julian). Setting up headquarters in Trump Plaza, they start wiping out members of rival mobs in a bid to take back the streets and indulge in lots of cocaine and sex, but ultimately White has more noble ambitions, such as giving a fortune in drug money to charity. David Caruso, Victor Argo, and Wesley Snipes costar as a group of bitter cops who don't buy Frank's change of heart and decide to go outside the law to take him down. Poetic, sexy, funny, somber, and very violent, this critical hit cemented the rep of Ferrara and has earned a strong cult following. Bozan Bajelli serves as director of the arresting cinematography, which is full of rich shadows and gold, blue, and red hues. For fans of films such as THE GODFATHER and SCARFACE, this is essential viewing.
Theatrical release: September 28, 1990 (N.Y.); October 26, 1990 (L.A.).

Filmed in New York City.

Actor Victor Argo, who plays Roy Bishop, appears in many of director Abel Ferrara's films, including BAD LIEUTENANT, DANGEROUS GAME, and THE FUNERAL. He has appeared in over 60 films throughout his career, including MEAN STREETS, THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, SMOKE, and GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI.

Originally rated X by the MPAA, an appeal brought the rating down to R.

Screened at the 1990 Goodwill Film Festival (where the film originally ran 118 minutes), the 1990 Telluride Film Festival, the 1990 New York Film Festival, the 1990 London Film Festival, and the 1990 Cairo International Film Festival, and at the 1991 Mystfest in Cattolica, Italy.

Estimated budget $8 million. The entire budget came from Italian, not American, sources, even though the cast and crew were American.
Poster for King of New York
Cast & Crew
Abel Ferrara
Laurence Fishburne / Christopher Walken / Victor Argo / Paul Calderon / David Caruso / Joey Chin / Giancarlo Esposito / Janet Julian / Wesley Snipes
Nicholas St. John
Joe Delia
Mary Kane
Director of Photography
Bojan Bazelli
Anthony Redman
Production Designer
Alex Tavoularis
Costume Designer
Carol Ramsey
Movie Critics
4 stars out of 5 -- "[With] a giant performance from Walken, who turns silence into noise with every icy look."
Simon Crook (1 Oct 2008, p.174)
Film Comment
"...Exhilaratingly nasty....It moves like a bat out of hell..."
Frank Thompson (1 Jan 1991, p.54-8)
Los Angeles Times
"...Abel Ferrara, director of KING OF NEW YORK is a virtuoso of grunge....Christopher Walken is the ideal actor for Ferrara because he combines an ultra-scary stolidness with balletic grace..."
Peter Rainer (26 Oct 1990, p.F6)
New York Times
"...Grisly yet electrifying..."
Janet Maslin (22 Sep 1990, p.13)
Rolling Stone
"...Ferrara's blend of toughness and lyricism turns this visionary crime film into something stylish, seductive and haunting..."
Peter Travers (18 Oct 1990, p.49)
Sight and Sound
"...Christopher Walken lends the role a certain sleazy charm..."
Lizzie Francke (1 Jul 1991, p.46)
Total Film
4 stars out of 5 -- "Walken rules the joint, lending Frank a vampiric allure with his insinuating physique, impassive stare and halting dialogue."
Kevin Harley (1 Aug 2012, )
USA Today
"...Ferrara knows how to shoot the grimmer parts of New York..."
Mike Clark (1 Oct 1990, p.4D)