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Tony Scott directs this runaway train action thriller starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson. Experienced train engineer Frank Barnes (Washington) finds himself teamed up with young conductor Will Colson (Pine) in a frantic race against time when an unmanned, half-mile long runaway train carrying a cargo of lethal toxic chemicals cuts loose and threatens to wipe out an entire city.

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4 Jun 2012
Action & Advenure
Region 2
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  • Other Documentary: 'The Fastest Track: Unleashing Unstoppable'
94 min
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Release Year
Running Time
98 min
Horror/Suspense / Action / Thriller
US Box Office
$81.2 million
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Rotten Tomatoes®
86% 72%
In this action thriller from director Tony Scott, rookie train operator Will (Chris Pine) and grizzled veteran engineer Frank (Denzel Washington) learn that a runaway locomotive carrying carloads of dangerous chemicals is headed for Will's small Pennsylvania hometown, where his wife and child live. In order to save the day, they must figure out how to catch up to the rogue engine, and stop it before harm comes to the town. Standing in their way is Galvin (Kevin Dunn), the head of the company who is more interested in saving the stock price than lives. On the plus side, the duo have competent corporate employee Connie (Rosario Dawson) on the radio, talking them through their various attempts to corral and then stop the potentially lethal locomotive.
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Cast & Crew
Tony Scott
Denzel Washington / Rosario Dawson / Kevin Dunn / Chris Pine / Ethan Suplee
Ryan Ahern / Jake Andolina / Amy Arce / Barry Ben / Carla Bianco / Gretchen Bluemle / Jennifer Boresz / Kam Bott / Kevin Bott / Lissa Brennan / Dylan L. Bruce / Shelby Camptella / Matt Cates / Rick Chambers / Kevin Chapman / Gilda Estelle Chestney / Mike Clark / Kevin Corrigan / Joe Coyle / Sean Derry / Jarrod DiGiorgi / Tami Dixon / Chase Ellison / David Flick / Jeremiah Fragale / Ellen Gamble / Victor Gojcaj / Steven Gonzales / Kevin Michael Gregory / Rebecca Harris / Maxx Hennard / Aisha Hinds / Jeff Hochendoner / Nathan Hollabaugh / Diane Jonardi / Juan Fernandez / Adam Kroloff / Bill Laing / Heather Leigh / John D. Leonard / L. Derek Leonidoff / Scott A. Martin / Elizabeth Mathis / Kevin McClatchy / Jason McCune / Patrick F. McDade / Dihlon McManne / T.J. Miller / Alicia Murton / Stephen Nelson / Richard Pelzman / Christopher Lee Philips / Rick Rader / Joshua Elijah Reese / Thomas Riley / Corey Parker Robinson / Toni Saladna / Jessy Schram / Max Schuler / Christopher Stadulis / Carly Steel / Tom Stoviak / Warren Sweeney / Meagan Tandy / Stephen Monroe Taylor / Lew Temple / Andy Umberger / Charles VanEman / Khalio Walker / William R. Ward / David Warshofsky / Adrienne Wehr / Jeff Wincott
Mark Bomback
Harry Gregson-Williams
Special Effects
David Amborn / Marc Banich / Jude R. Berrick / Steven E. Bunyea / Rich Cordobes / Chance A. Drylie / Ken Ebert / Richard L. Hill / Heath Hood / Eric Jolley / Steven Pancake / Richard Schwalm
Director of Photography
Ben Seresin
Wyatt Belton / Larry Cherry / Diane Dixon / Danny Moumdjian
Assistant Director
Adam Somner
Stunt Coordinator
Gary Powell
Set Decorator
Rosemary Brandenburg
Carl Fullerton / Sandra Linn Koepper / Debi Young
Post-Production Supervisor
Michael Tinger
Visual Effects Designer
Asylum Visual Effects / Eye Spy
Production Manager/UPM
Eric McLeod
Special Effects Supervisor
John Frazier
Animation Supervisor
Michael Shelton
Makeup Designer
Diane Heller
Beau Desmond / Carol Quiroz
Movie Critics
A.V. Club
"Washington and Pine have a strong, often funny chemistry, the dramatic stakes are raised incrementally, and the interplay between the two leads and the professionals on the other end." -- Grade: B-
Scott Tobias (11 Nov 2010, )
Box Office
3.5 stars out of 5 -- "Washington and co-star Chris Pine are great together, and up to the task for the unbelievably intense action, pulse-pounding excitement and pure adrenaline high this movie delivers."
Pete Hammond (10 Nov 2010, )
Chicago Sun-Times
3.5 stars out of 4 -- "The movie is as relentless as the train, slowly gathering momentum before a relentless final hour of continuous suspense. In terms of sheer craftsmanship, this is a superb film."
Roger Ebert (10 Nov 2010, )
4 stars out of 5 -- "[Scott] has pursued every microsecond of big-boned movieness from the proposition....The film feels in sure hands."
Ian Nathan (24 Nov 2010, )
Entertainment Weekly
"It's all speed, sound, and fury -- and in that, Tony Scott is the right man for the jobs." -- Grade: B
Entertainment Weekly Staff (17 Nov 2010, )
Los Angeles Times
"A runaway train drama that never slows down, it fashions familiarity into a virtue and shows why old-school professionalism never goes out of style."
Kenneth Turan (12 Nov 2010, )
Rolling Stone
3 stars out of 4 -- "The selling points here are jolts. And this movie delivers so hard it shoots off sparks."
Peter Travers (11 Nov 2010, )
Total Film
4 stars out of 5 -- "[I]t's a great success -- an expansive, loud, riveting ride that's mercifully light on conspicuous CGI."
Tony Horkins (1 Jan 2011, )
USA Today
3 stars out of 4 -- "Scott paces the film like its mechanized star: deliberately and, ultimately, with enough speed to keep its passengers satisfied."
Scott Bowles (13 Nov 2010, )
Wall Street Journal
"[F]ull, fresh, smart, terse, funny, genuinely thrilling and ultimately original..."
(12 Nov 2010, )
Washington Post
3 stars out of 4 -- "The director Tony Scott achieves something close to the action movie in its ideal form with UNSTOPPABLE....Scott wisely keeps the premise pure, ratcheting up the tension and raising the emotional stakes without cluttering up the story's sleek lines."
(12 Nov 2010, )