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Steven Spielberg's Academy Award-winning political biopic stars Daniel Day-Lewis as America's 16th president Abraham Lincoln. The film focuses on the last few months of Lincoln's life, which not only saw the ending of slavery despite dogged opposition from many inside Lincoln's own cabinet, but also the Union victory in the American Civil War. The supporting cast includes Sally Field as Lincoln's wife Mary, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Lincoln's son Robert and Tommy Lee Jones as Radical Republican Congressional leader Thaddeus Stevens. Daniel Day-Lewis won the Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for Best Actor for his performance.

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Movies & TV
10 Jun 2013
Region 2
  • Interactive Menus
  • Enhanced WS tv
  • Making Of Documentary
  • Other Documentary: 'The Journey to Lincoln', 'Crafting the Past'
144 min
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Release Year
Running Time
149 min
Action/Adventure / Biography / Biographical / Period Piece / Slavery / War
US Box Office
$182.2 million
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Rotten Tomatoes®
89% 80%
Steven Spielberg helms his long-in-the-making biopic of Abraham Lincoln for DreamWorks and Touchstone Pictures. Daniel Day-Lewis portrays the former head of state in the Tony Kushner-penned adaptation of Doris Kearns Goodwin's book TEAM OF RIVALS, which chronicles the President's time in office between 1861 and 1865 as he dealt with personal demons and politics during the Civil War. Sally Field leads a co-starring cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Academy Award nominee John Hawkes.
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Cast & Crew
Steven Spielberg
Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Daniel Day-Lewis / Sally Field / Hal Holbrook / Tommy Lee Jones / James Spader / David Strathairn
Thomas Aldridge / Shirley Augustine / Bob Ayers / Don Henderson Baker / James Batchelder / Tom Belgrey / John Bellemer / Sidney Blackmer / Christopher Boyer / Stephen Bozzo / Billy Caldwell / Bill Camp / Joseph Carlson / Christopher Cartmill / Elijah Chester / David Costabile / Glenn Crone / Joseph Cross / Charmaine Crowell-White / Dane DeHaan / Joseph Dellinger / Martin D. Dew / David Doersch / Colman Domingo / Adam Driver / Stephen Dunford / Mary Dunleavy / Stephen Dunn / Wayne Duvall / Teddy Eck / Ralph D. Edlow / Chase Edmunds / James Ike Eichling / Theodore Ewald / Joseph Frances Filipowski / Ford Flannagan / Todd Fletcher / Walton Goggins / Michael Goodwin / Paul Gowans / David Graham / Lukas Haas / Dave Hager / Sean Hagerty / Jackie Earle Haley / Jared Harris / John Hawkes / Stephen Henderson / Grainger Hines / Jamie Horton / Gregory Hosaflook / Todd Hunter / John Hutton / Joe Inscoe / Gregory Itzin / Byron Jennings / Raymond Johnson / Ted Johnson / John Jones / William Kaffenberger / Gary Keener / Michael Kennedy / Joe Kerkes / Henry Kidd / Charles Kinney / Kevin Kline / Ken Lambert / John Lescault / C. Brandon Marshall / Elizabeth Marvel / Dakin Matthews / Edward McDonald / Bruce McGill / Boris McGiver / Margaret Ann McGowan / Gulliver McGrath / Gannon McHale / Peter McRobbie / S. Epatha Merkerson / Joseph Miller / Hilary Montgomery / John Moon / Tim Blake Nelson / Kevin O'Donnell / David Oyelowo / Lee Pace / Robert Peters / Bill Raymond / Gloria Reuben / Michael Ruff / Robert Ruffin / Alan Sader / Raynor Scheine / Drew Sease / Robert Shepherd / Michael Shiflett / Benjamin Shirley / Lancer Shull / Jean Kennedy Smith / Walt Smith / Stephen Spinella / Christopher Alan Stewart / Jeremy Strong / Michael Stuhlbarg / Carlos Thompson / Richard Topol / George Turman / Asa-Luke Twocrow / Larry Vanhoose / Richard Warner / David Warshofsky / Christopher Evan Welch / Armistead Nelson Wellford / Julie White / Scott Wichmann / Robert Wilharm / Rich Wills / Sarah Wylie
Tony Kushner
Source Writer
Doris Kearns Goodwin / Author: Doris Kearns Goodwin
John Williams
Director of Photography
Janusz Kaminski
Barbara Cantu / Mia Kovero / Jason Joseph Sica / Laine Trzinski
Assistant Director
Adam Somner
Ben Burtt
Sound Re-Recording
Steve Boeddeker / Ben Burtt / Tom Lalley / Andy Nelson / Gary Rydstrom
Stunt Coordinator
Garrett Warren
Set Decorator
Jane Sakowski Bell / Terry Clark / Jim Erickson / Daniel Cosmo Kuzmick / Beth Morris / Michael Raybould
Lois Burwell / Leo Corey Castellano / Leslie Devlin / Susan Stepanian
Post-Production Supervisor
Justin Thomas Ostensen
Music Editor
Ramiro Belgardt
Music Director
Riccardo Muti
Visual Effects Designer
FrameStore / Garage VFX
Production Manager/UPM
Susan McNamara
Music Performer
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Makeup Designer
Kenny Myers
David James
Computer Graphics
Karen Teneyck
Movie Critics
A.V. Club
"Day-Lewis captures both Lincoln’s human side and the qualities that turned him into an icon in his own lifetime, portraying the charisma that made him such an effective politician..."
Keith Phipps (8 Nov 2012, )
Box Office
4 stars out of 5 -- "A restrained Steven Spielberg tackles his long-gestating historical document, LINCOLN, with intelligence, verve and style in a film that's not afraid to express ideas..."
Pete Hammond (3 Nov 2012, )
Chicago Sun-Times
4 stars out of 4 -- "The hallmark of the man, performed so powerfully by Daniel Day-Lewis in LINCOLN is calm self-confidence, patience and a willingness to play politics in a realistic way."
Roger Ebert (7 Nov 2012, )
Entertainment Weekly
"The movie is grand and immersive. It plugs us into the final months of Lincoln's presidency with a purity that makes us feel transported as though by time machine." -- Grade: A
Owen Gleiberman (2 Nov 2012, )
Hollywood Reporter
"Tony Kushner's densely packed script has been directed by Spielberg in an efficient, unpretentious way....[With] a first-rate leading performance by Daniel Day-Lewis."
Todd McCarthy (1 Nov 2012, )
Los Angeles Times
"A brilliant actor surpasses even himself and makes us see a celebrated figure in ways we hadn't anticipated. This is the power and the surprise of LINCOLN."
Kenneth Turan (8 Nov 2012, )
"[T]his is Day-Lewis' movie, and he does with the meditative inner stillness of his character a wonderful thing -- he finds a type of heroism that runs counter to all of the usual showy movie signifiers of such a quality..."
Alison Willmore (8 Nov 2012, )
New York Times
"[Daniel Day-Lewis] eases into a role of epic difficulty as if it were a coat he had been wearing for years."
A. O. Scott (8 Nov 2012, )
Rolling Stone
3.5 stars out of 4 -- "The phenomenal Daniel Day-Lewis plays Lincoln with the immersive, indelible power of an actor who wears his role like a second skin....This is acting of the highest order."
Peter Travers (22 Nov 2012, )
Sight and Sound
"Aficionados of the period will take a particular relish in seeing the whole wartime portrait gallery made flesh..."
Nick Pinkerton (1 Feb 2013, )
Total Film
4 stars out of 5 -- "[A] cinematic history lesson has rarely seemed so personal, yet so momentous."
Kate Stables (1 Mar 2013, )
Wall Street Journal
"Here's a rare case of a movie being honorable, educational, remarkably relevant and, marvel of marvels, thoroughly enjoyable."
(27 Dec 2012, )
Washington Post
"A peculiar, powerful alchemy takes hold in LINCOLN, Steven Spielberg’s masterful portrait of the 16th U.S. president."
(9 Nov 2012, )