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Hot Fuzz (Blu-ray)

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Hit Brit comedy from Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. When a hotshot young London cop (Pegg)'s arrest record puts the whole Metropolitan force to shame, his superiors shunt him to a rural posting hoping they've heard the last of him. However, behind the lace curtain politeness, the sleepy hamlet he's posted to turns out to be a hotbed of murder and vigilantism. His diligence and character sit ill with the locals - all except the Sergeant's layabout son (Nick Frost), who's a huge fan of the cop buddy movie genre. The pair bond and end up taking on a sinister cult of local pensioners in a guns-blazing, granny-kicking, rocket-launching gore-fest aimed at restoring order.

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Movies & TV
1 Jul 2013
Region B
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121 min
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Hot Fuzz
Release Year
Running Time
121 min
Comedies / Action / British / Cops / Small Towns / Spoof / Theatrical Release
US Box Office
$23.6 million
Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes®
91% 89%
Pop culture sponges Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost team up again for HOT FUZZ, their follow-up to the surprise hit movie SHAUN OF THE DEAD. HOT FUZZ follows a near-identical formula to its predecessor, simply replacing the various homages to horror movies by heaping on the adulation for action flicks such as POINT BREAK and BAD BOYS II (both of which are referenced throughout). The plot finds outstanding London-based police officer Nicholas Angel (Pegg) transplanted to a rural English village. On arrival, Angel teams up with the oaf-like PC Danny Butterman (Frost) and together they investigate a series of mysterious murders, all of which are classed as "accidents" by the increasingly strange townsfolk.

Director Wright combines gory set-pieces with traditional action-movie staples: mustachioed detectives in sunglasses, corny one-liners, rapid machine-gun fire, and blood-spattered fight scenes all feature heavily. References to other movies come thick and fast throughout, and HOT FUZZ will have film fans' memories working overtime as they try to catch all the allusions to Pegg/Wright/Frost's favorite films. A veritable Who's Who of British comedy provides support, with Martin Freeman (THE OFFICE), Bill Bailey (BLACK BOOKS), Steve Coogan (I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE), and Olivia Colman (PEEP SHOW) in small roles, and there's even space in the cast for serious actors like Timothy Dalton and Paddy Considine. HOT FUZZ eases up on the humor of SHAUN OF THE DEAD and often threatens to topple over into Chuck Norris territory, but Wright manages to insert enough gags to keep the balance just about perfect, providing a fitting, amusing, and occasionally touching homage to cinema's action heroes.
Poster for Hot Fuzz
Cast & Crew
Edgar Wright
Bill Bailey / Jim Broadbent / Olivia Colman / Paddy Considine / Steve Coogan / Timothy Dalton / Kevin Eldon / Martin Freeman / Nick Frost / Bill Nighy / Simon Pegg / Edward Woodward
Simon Pegg / Edgar Wright
David Arnold
Tim Bevan / Nira Park
Director of Photography
Jess Hall
Movie Critics
Box Office
"In director Edgar Wright and Pegg's tight script, the humor works on several levels....Best is Wright's slick style, with quick cuts that move the action along at a clip."
Annlee Ellingson (1 May 2007, p.66)
Entertainment Weekly
"[A] very funny cop comedy....These guys are as much A-level scholars of movie genre conventions as their better-known, better-hyped Stateside colleagues Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez..." -- Grade: B+
Lisa Schwarzbaum (27 Apr 2007, 116-117)
New York Times
"Mr. Pegg and Mr. Frost, who played best buddies in SHAUN OF THE DEAD, have an easy, believable rapport....Think of it as THE FULL MONTY blown to smithereens."
Manohla Dargis (18 Apr 2007, p.E10)
3 stars out of 4 -- "[D]eeply nuts and exhaustingly hilarious..."
Glenn Kenny (1 Apr 2007, p.44)
Rolling Stone
3 stars out of 4 -- "You can't beat these Brits for blood lust and belly laughs....It's a blast."
Peter Travers (19 Apr 2007, p.70)
Sight and Sound
"Full blooded as the action is, Wright and Pegg's comedic verve and detail-conscious writing shine through..."
Sight and Sound Critic (1 Apr 2007, p.66)
Total Film
3 stars out of 5 -- "[A] churning blender of gags, mugs, kinks, quirks, sneaks, nods, wink-winks, zingers and stingers that thunders along..."
Andy Lowe (1 Apr 2007, p.43)
Ultimate DVD
4 stars out of 5 -- "HOT FUZZ is pure fun from start to finish and is so chock full of blink-and-you'll-miss-it gags that it's endlessly watchable."
Chris Prince (29 Jun 2007, p.29)
3 stars out of 5 -- "[F]illed with gentle British laughs and chaotic American ultraviolence....[HOT FUZZ] knows who it's shooting for and picks them off expertly."
Uncut Staff (1 Aug 2007, p.137)

Customer Reviews

Hot Fuzz - The Perfect Spoof for Action Movies

Reviewed by on

As a part of the official "Cornetto Trilogy", "Hot Fuzz" comes flying in with a no-holds-barred approach to the action/comedy genre.

Simon Pegg shines in the lead role as the cop with the highest arrest record in the London police force...er, I mean "police service". Fearing that if he stays within London the rest of his squad ship him off to the country, fresh off a break up with his girlfriend. It is here where this movie comes into its own. After surveying the seemingly tranquil village, Pegg's find it hard to come to terms with the fact it's more peaceful than what he's used to. He teams up with fellow cop, played by Nick Frost, who's looking for more action than what he's used to in the village. It is a wonderful contrast from one cop struggling to accept that life can be without danger and another wanting things to get more dangerous.

This film comes highly recommended as it pays homage to all the great action flicks while putting a comedic spin of its own on top. 5/5.