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Writer/director Guy Ritchie continues in mockney gangster vein with this follow-up to his 1998 hit 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels'. In London, en route to deliver a stolen diamond to his employer Avi (Dennis Farina), thief Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) is ambushed by Russian mobster Boris the Blade (Rade Sherbedgia). At the same time, boxing promoters Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham) enter Irish gypsy fighter Mickey (Brad Pitt) in a fight run by local kingpin Brick Top (Alan Ford). Instead of throwing the fight as arranged, Mickey earns Brick Top's enmity by beating his opponent fair and square. Meanwhile, Avi travels to London and hires Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) to track down Franky and the diamond - which Brick Top has now found out about and decided to appropriate from Boris!

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12 Oct 2009
Region A, Region B, Region C
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99 min
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Release Year
Running Time
103 min
Comedies / Action / Boxers / Crime / Criminals / Heists / London, England / Theatrical Release
A wild and tangled crime adventure involving gangsters, Irish gypsies, and a dog that can't stop swallowing things, SNATCH is both hilarious and action-packed. Jewel thief Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) is in London en route to New York, where he will deliver an 86-karat diamond to his boss, Avi (Dennis Farina). A compulsive gambler, Franky is tempted into an illegal boxing scam, becoming the unwitting suspect in a robbery committed by bumbling pawnshop owners Vinny (Robbie Gee), Sol (Lennie James), and their oaf-of-a-driver, Tyrone (Ade). Meanwhile, novice boxing promoter Turkish (Jason Statham), and his dim-witted partner, Tommy (Stephen Graham), move into the "big time" with twisted crime boss, Brick Top (Alan Ford), and Mickey, a mumbling, unhinged Irish gypsy boxer (Brad Pitt). Thrown into the proceedings are killers Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) and Boris the Blade (Rade Sherbedgia). A stylized work with a gritty urban soundtrack and a cast of intricately developed characters, SNATCH delivers superb and witty dialogue while depicting one of the more zany, complex diamond heists ever portrayed in film.
Theatrical release: August 23, 2000 (U.K.); January 19, 2001, (U.S.).

The budget for SNATCH was only $6 million.

Shot in London, with principal photography for the film beginning in October of 1999.

After Guy Ritchie's first feature, LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, Brad Pitt phoned the director and asked to be in his next movie. Pitt, who normally gets paid around $20 million for a film, agreed to a much smaller fee and the same trailer as the other actors. "He was one of the lads right from the start," said Ritchie about Pitt, "a top boy who doesn't mince around." Pitt's character, Mickey, was originally supposed to be a huge, overweight Irishman, but the part was altered somewhat when he signed on to the film.

On the set, Ritchie devised a "fine system" to keep a tight ship: fining cast and crew for everything from having mobile phones, arriving late, taking naps during shooting, to being "cheeky" and unfunny, and moaning. "Unfortunately, I was one of the ones who suffered the most," said Ritchie of his system.

Ritchie has said that casting was key: "The roles needed coarseness as well as credibility. It's no good getting Shakespearean actors to play violent cockney gang members."

Scottish actor Ewan Bremner makes a cameo as Mullet.

British electronica artist Goldie appears briefly as Lincoln.

The film was originally titled DIAMONDS, but the title was taken by another
film before production began, so Ritchie had to change it to SNATCH.

The Austin Chronicle named SNATCH one of the 10 best films of 2000.
Cast & Crew
Guy Ritchie
Brad Pitt / Jason Statham / Vinnie Jones / Ade / Benicio Del Toro / Dennis Farina / Alan Ford / Robbie Gee / Lennie James / Mike Reid / Rade Sherbedgia
Guy Ritchie
John Murphy
Matthew Vaughn
Director of Photography
Tim Maurice-Jones
Jon Harris
Production Designer
Hugo Luczyc-Wyhowski
Movie Critics
Box Office
"...Intelligible...stylish...humorous....Downright Tarantino-esque in the best sense..."
Annlee Ellingson (1 Jan 2001, p.62)
Chicago Sun-Times
"...Ritchie is a zany, high-energy director....He's interested in voltage....SNATCH is fun to watch..."
Roger Ebert (19 Jan 2001, p.31)
Film Comment
"...Ritchie is a talented director....His slick camerawork and editing suggest a born storyteller..."
John Patterson (1 Jan 2001, p.73-4)
Hollywood Reporter
"...Pitt is in excellent form....Clever and funny...[It] offers the opportunity for a variety of actors -- ranging from the very experienced to the novice -- to shine..."
Mark Adams (5 Sep 2000, p.23-89)
Los Angeles Times
"...Slick, quick and light-fingered....A brisk, cheerfully amoral entertainment..."
Kenneth Turan (6 Dec 2000, p.C3)
New York Times
"...Mr. Ritchie seizes the bespoke machismo of British gangster movies and gives it an action picture's ferocity....[Mr. Pitt's] brio is a reminder of how adept he is at low comedy..."
Elvis Mitchell (19 Jan 2001, p.E18)