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Academy Award winner Denzel Washington gives a victorious performance in this stirring and uplifting film. Based on a real-life drama, Remember the Titans is a rousing celebration of how a town torn apart by resentment, friction and mistrust comes together in triumphant harmony. After leading his team to fifteen winning seasons, football coach Bill Yoast (Will Patton) is demoted and replaced by Herman Boone (Washington), tough, opinionated, and as different from the beloved Yoast as he could be. How these two men overcome their differences, and turn a group of hostile young men into champions, plays out in a remarkable and triumphant story full of soul and spirit.

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1 Mar 2002
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Walt Disney Pictures
  • Journey Behind - The - Scenes/Filmmakers Audio Commentary/Beating the Odds/Denzel becomes Boom/Deleted Scenes/Theatrical Trailer/Hearing Impaired: English/Presented in 2,35:1 Aspect Ratio/
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Remember the Titans
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Dramas / 1970s / African Americans / Football Players / Theatrical Release
While on the surface, high school football may seem like an innocent game played by the young, for the young, it is, in fact, much, much more. For millions, including many fans who are well removed from their high school years but who love to sit in those creaky bleachers every Friday night/Saturday morning, it is something akin to a religion. Director Boaz Yakin's REMEMBER THE TITANS captures the heart of high school football while tackling the sins of its fathers, chronicling the true story of the undefeated 1971 T.C. Williams team of Alexandria, Virginia, which was the first integrated high school team in the state.

Denzel Washington brings his ever-powerful presence to the role of coach Herman Boone, who is brought in to oversee the transition to integration. Though Boone is eventually successful as a coach, the townspeople dissaprove of him because he replaces the popular, entrenched former coach, Bill Yoast (Will Patton). At first, coach Yoast resents being supplanted, while coach Boone is told that his promotion was just for show--to help the integration--and that he's likely to be lifted if the team loses a game. Will the coaches and players be able to overcome their adversity and make T.C. Williams a beacon for integration in sports? Those viewers who follow history already know the answer. But REMEMBER THE TITANS portrays the story and delivers the inspirational result with a passion and glory that will warm the hearts of all those dedicated high school football fans who continue to bring pride to the sport.
Theatrical release: September 29, 2000.

Jeff Strickler of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune named REMEMBER THE TITANS one of the 10 best films of 2000.
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Cast & Crew
Boaz Yakin
Denzel Washington / Kate Bosworth / Donald Faison / Wood Harris / Ryan Hurst / Craig Kirkwood / Hayden Panettiere / Kip Pardue / Nicole Ari Parker / Will Patton / Ethan Suplee
Gregory Allen Howard
Trevor Rabin
Executive Producer
Michael Flynn / Mike Stenson
Jerry Bruckheimer / Chad Oman
Director of Photography
Phillippe Rousselot
Michael Tronick
Production Designer
Deborah Evans
Movie Critics
Chicago Sun-Times
"...There are true and touching moments in the film, on top of its undeniable entertainment value....The movie is heartfelt..."
Roger Ebert (29 Sep 2000, p.29)
Los Angeles Times
"...A shrewd, pulpy crowd-pleaser. Engagingly cast, with a lively soundtrack and glossy cinematography, it also features Washington, as big a plus a film can have..."
Kenneth Turan (29 Sep 2000, p.C1)
New York Times
"...Mr. Washington and Mr. Patton are strong, complex [presences]...You'll [find] a lump in your throat and an overwhelming urge to cheer."
A. O. Scott (29 Sep 2000, p.E10)
Total Film
"...REMEMBER THE TITANS isn't afraid to handle chunky, powerful issues in a chunky, powerful way..." -- 4 out of 5 stars
Ceri Thomas (1 Mar 2001, p.96)
USA Today
"...Admirable, crowd-pleasing....[The film] has brawn, but it also has brains..."--3 out of 4 stars
Susan Wloszczyna (29 Sep 2000, p.1E)