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Edge Of Tomorrow (DVD)

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Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt star in this sci-fi action feature based on the light novel 'All You Need Is Kill' by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. New Special Forces recruit William 'Bill' Cage (Cruise) is equipped with a powered exoskeleton and sent on a mission to fight a fierce alien race known as Mimics, who are ultimately unstoppable. Cage soon dies in combat but, caught in a time loop, he finds himself very much alive and once again facing the same battle. This process repeats itself several times but with every fight Cage grows stronger and more adept. He meets tough warrior Rita Vrataski (Blunt) and together they try to bring down the enemy once and for all.

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Movies & TV
29 Sep 2014
Science Fiction
Region 2
Warner Bros. Pictures
109 min
Age Restriction
10-12 PGLV
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South Africa


Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
Release Year
Running Time
113 min
Working Title
All You Need Is Kill
Alternate Title
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow IMAX 3D
Action/Adventure / Action / Alien Invasions / Alien Life Forms / Aliens / Battles / Death / Extraterrestrials / Science-Fiction / Soldiers / Time Travel / Training
US Box Office
$100.1 million
Official Website
Rotten Tomatoes®
91% 90%
Tom Cruise stars as a futuristic soldier who is killed during a battle with alien invaders, and lives out the last day of his life over and over again in director Doug Liman's adaptation of the popular Manga ALL YOU NEED IS KILL.
In the not-too-distant future, a ferocious race of aliens dubbed "Mimics" have descended from the stars to stake their claim on Earth. Five years after arriving, they're poised to claim Europe. Because the extraterrestrial invaders prove unusually proficient in responding to mankind's typical combat strategies, the military begins outfitting its soldiers with weaponized bionic suits that increase strength, speed, and agility. Meanwhile, the military is certain that, by conducting a surprise assault on the west coast of France, they can catch the enemy off guard and defeat them. With victory in sight, General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson) tasks Major William Cage (Cruise) with heading to the front lines and selling the war to the general public. Cage, however, is wary of the assignment due to his noted lack of combat experience, and unsuccessfully attempts to blackmail Brigham.
Subsequently awakening at Heathrow Airport, Cage is greeted by Master Sergeant Farrell Bartolome (Bill Paxton), who introduces the sniveling major to his new unit, J-Squad, as a deserter and a con artist. The next day, as J-Squad prepare to make the drop and attack the enemy, they are ambushed. Somehow, the aliens knew they were coming, and almost as soon as Cage lands on the beach, he is killed during a fight with a Mimic. Much to his shock, he awakens right back at Heathrow Airport, where the entire scenario begins to play out all over again. Desperate to break the cycle when it continues ad nauseam, Cage seeks the help of Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), whose victories on the battlefield have turned her into a high-profile symbol of human strength and endurance. Eventually, thanks to repeated efforts, he manages to convince Vrataski that he is reliving the same day time and again, and after conferring with brilliant but disgraced scientist Dr. Carter (Noah Taylor), the trio devise a plan to use his unique situation to gain the upper hand over an enemy seemingly able to predict mankind's every move.
Poster for Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
Cast & Crew
Doug Liman
Tom Cruise / Bill Paxton / Jonas Armstrong / Emily Blunt / Tony Way
David Kaye
Usman Akram / Sebastian Blunt / Tommy Campbell / Franz Drameh / John Dutton / Brendan Gleeson / Beth Goddard / Kick Gurry / Rachel Handshaw / Masayoshi Haneda / Martin Hyder / Bentley Kalu / Madeleine Mantock / Terrence Maynard / Martin McDougall / Mairead McKinley / Dragomir Mrsic / Andrew Neil / Lara Pulver / Charlotte Riley / Aaron Romano / Ronan Summers / Noah Taylor / Assly Zandry
John-Henry Butterworth / Tom Butterworth / Joby Harold / Dante Harper / Christopher McQuarrie
Source Writer
Hiroshi Sakurazaka / Author: Hiroshi Sakurazaka
Christophe Beck
Director of Photography
Dion Beebe
Assistant Director
Chris Carreras / Max Keene / Terry Madden / Kim Winther
Jimmy Boyle
Sound Re-Recording
Chris Burdon / Mark Taylor
Stunt Coordinator
Simon Crane / Wade Eastwood
Set Decorator
Elli Griff
Post-Production Supervisor
Tim Grover
Music Director
Julianne Jordan
Visual Effects Designer
Eva Abramycheva / Oliver Allen-Wielebnowski / Bakshad Amrolia / Mohammed Aseem / Graham Ashworth / Sanjay Baliga / Helene Becourt / Richard Boyle / Gary Brozenich / James Burke / Eamonn Butler / Arturo Orgaz Casado / Martin Chamney / Hubert Chan / Ann Chow / Sam Churchiil / Cinesite / Thomas Core / Matthew D'Angibau / Stephen Davies / Marc English / Alexander Eriksson / Talia Felber / Julia Ferguson / FrameStore / Sabrina Gagnon / Sandra Germain / Stefan Gerstheimer / Katie Goodwin / Eoin Greenham / Philip Greenlow / Julie M. Groll / Chris Hebert / Jeremy Hey / Carl Jackson / Matt Kasmir / John Kay / Diane Kingston / Matt Kowaliszyn / Suzanne Labrie / Charlotte Larive / Christopher Learmonth / Paul Lee / Wassila Lmouci / Chris Lunney / Graham Martin / Franklin Mascarenhas / Isabell Mayrhofer / Vamsi Meduri / Gus Melton / Matt Middleton / MPC / Nvizible / Barry O'Brien / Artemis Oikonomopoulou / Sanjay Panchal / Stephane Paris / George Pembrey / Aymeric Perceval / Marshall Petersen / Mairin Platt / Laszlo Rikker / Brian Ritz / Rodeo FX / Adam Rowland / Daryl Sawchuk / Swain Shiv / Sony Pictures Imageworks / Simon Stanley-Clamp / John Szebegyinszki / Marissa Tomas / Manuel Valdez-Mendia / Jeremie Winslow / Kris Wright / Brian Yu / Joseph Zaki
Production Manager/UPM
Terry Bamber / Tim Lewis / Jeffrey Silver / Katherine Tibbetts
Special Effects Supervisor
Dominic Tuohy
Supervising Art Director
Neil Lamont
Animation Supervisor
Eamonn Butler / Steve Nichols
Movie Critics
A.V. Club
"An entertaining, effects-driven black comedy, with shades of STARSHIP TROOPERS in its depiction of warfare as a futuristic turkey shoot..." -- Grade: B+
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (5 Jun 2014, )
Chicago Sun-Times
4 stars out of 4 -- "[T]his movie has its own merits as an ingenious, wicked-smart and thrilling sci-fi adventure."
Richard Roeper (4 Jun 2014, )
4 stars out of 5 -- "A playful and frantic science-fiction twister which mimics the best while offering something fresh and -- most importantly -- thrilling."
Dan Jolin (23 May 2014, )
Entertainment Weekly
"EDGE OF TOMORROW ends up being a deliciously subversive kind of blockbuster....Deep down, it's the most feminist summer action flick in years."
Chris Nashawaty (12 Jun 2014, )
Hollywood Reporter
"A narratively ambitious sci-fi actioner, EDGE OF TOMORROW plays out a familiar alien invasion apocalypse drama in a way that, through repetition, allows humanity to learn from its mistakes and have a shot at surviving..."
Todd McCarthy (22 May 2014, )
New York Times
"In EDGE OF TOMORROW, Mr. Liman brings Mr. Cruise’s smile out of semiretirement and also gives him the kind of physical challenges at which he so brilliantly excels."
Manohla Dargis (5 Jun 2014, )
Rolling Stone
3.5 stars out of 4 -- "EDGE OF TOMORROW will keep you on edge. Guaranteed."
Peter Travers (5 Jun 2014, )
Total Film
4 stars out of 5 -- "[T]here’s imagination, spectacle and thrills to spare."
Jamie Graham (23 May 2014, )
USA Today
"[T]he pulse-pounding action scenes are briskly directed by Doug Liman..."
Claudia Puig (4 Jun 2014, )
"GROUNDHOG DAY and STARSHIP TROOPERS make surprisingly compatible bedfellows in this cleverly crafted and propulsively executed sci-fi thriller."
Justin Chang (22 May 2014, )
Wall Street Journal
"EDGE OF TOMORROW is great, eccentric fun....Directed, with energy and élan, by Doug Liman..."
(5 Jun 2014, )

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Based on a Japanese Manga(comic) , Edge of tomorrow is a unforgettable movie , worth watching a million times over , and worth buying at any price