Hotel For Dogs (Blu-ray)

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Movies & TV
3 Aug 2009
Kids & Family
Region B
Paramount Pictures
96 min
Supply Source
South Africa


Hotel for Dogs
Release Year
Running Time
99 min
Comedies / Based On A Novel / Dogs / Family (General) / Theatrical Release
Thor Freudenthal makes his feature-film directorial debut with this adaptation of Lois Duncan’s children’s book HOTEL FOR DOGS. Sixteen-year old Andi (Emma Roberts) and her younger brother, Bruce (Jake T. Austin), are orphans living with their foster parents (Lisa Kudrow and Kevin Dillon), two washed-up musicians. Desperate to keep what’s left of their family together, Andi and Bruce have secretly been caring for their family dog, Friday, on the sly for the last few years. When they follow their beloved pet into an abandoned hotel and find stray dogs living there, Andi and Bruce decide to round up all the strays in the city and expand their family. With the help of Dave (Johnny Simmons) and Heather (Kyla Pratt), two teens who work at the local pet store, they transform the abandoned hotel into a canine wonderland, using young Bruce’s skills as an inventor to make an automated feeding system, doggie restrooms, and some fun amusements, such as a car-ride simulation and a fetching machine. But if Animal Control has their way, all the residents of the hotel will be taken to the pound, and it’s up to Andi and Bruce to save their new family.

This heartwarming tale reinforces the importance of family and the idea that families can come in many shapes and sizes. Although the idea itself is pretty improbable, it’s still loads of fun to see the gadgets and gizmos that Bruce creates to keep the dogs fed, in shape, and content. Roberts and Austin are believable as brother and sister, and Kudrow and Dillon are amusing as washed-up '80s rockers. Don Cheadle also appears as the compassionate social worker assigned to Andi and Bruce’s case.
Cast & Crew
Thor Freudenthal
Don Cheadle / Jake T. Austin / Kevin Dillon / Lisa Kudrow / Kyla Pratt / Emma Roberts
Jeff Lowell
Source Writer
Lois Duncan / Author: Lois Duncan
John Debney
Executive Producer
Jeffrey Clifford / Tom Pollock / Ivan Reitman
Jason Clark / Lauren Shuler Donner / Jonathan Gordon / Ewan Leslie
Director of Photography
Michael Grady
Movie Critics
Box Office
"Based on Lois Duncan's wonderful children's book, the film mixes laughs, heart and action while also throwing in a nice message about the importance of a family unit."
Pete Hammond (14 Jan 2009, )
Hollywood Reporter
"The dogs in HOTEL FOR DOGS perform breathtaking stunts, touching love scenes, heart-breaking soliloquies with their eyes and clever, clever tricks."
Kirk Honeycutt (11 Jan 2009, )
Los Angeles Times
"Think of HOTEL FOR DOGS as a sort of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE with canines....What it is packed with is lots of sneaking around, very cool gadgets, excellent stunts and some clever kids..."
Betsy Sharkey (16 Jan 2009, )
USA Today
"[HOTEL FOR DOGS] features a cast of so many endearing dogs that there's a purebred or adorable mutt of everyone's tastes."
Claudia Puig (16 Jan 2009, )
"HOTEL FOR DOGS is a fantasy and looks like one....Ultimately warm and furry..."
John Anderson (16 Jan 2009, )
Washington Post
"This comedy, starring perfectly pleasant up-and-comer Emma Roberts is about kids, not parents....The movie could do something really positive for the cause of homeless pets..."
John Anderson (16 Jan 2009, )