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Alien: Covenant (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray)

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Ridley Scott directs this science fiction horror starring Michael Fassbender and Guy Pearce. Set as a sequel to 'Prometheus' (2012), the crew of the Covenant discover a planet they believe to be paradise, but when they actually start to investigate they find a dark and dangerous world inhabited by a colony of creatures who are less than pleased to see them. The cast also includes Noomi Rapace, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup and Callie Hernandez.

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Movies & TV
18 Sep 2017
Ultra HD Blu-ray
Region B
  • Interactive Menus
122 min
Age Restriction
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Alien: Covenant
Release Year
Running Time
122 min
Working Title
Prometheus 2
Alternate Title
Alien: Covenant The IMAX 2D Experience
Horror/Suspense / Action / Adventure / Alien Invasions / Monsters / Outer Space / Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy / Science-Fiction / Space Exploration
In this sci-fi horror film, which serves as both a sequel to 2012's PROMETHEUS and a prequel to the larger ALIEN FRANCHISE, a spaceship called the Covenant is forced to make an emergency landing on a seemingly idyllic world. Unfortunately, the crew soon realize that this paradise contains a terrifying threat: the extraterrestrial predator known as the "xenomorph." Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Demián Bichir star in this film from Ridley Scott, director of the original ALIEN.
Cast & Crew
Ridley Scott
Demian Bichir / Billy Crudup / Michael Fassbender / Danny McBride / Katherine Waterston
Lorelei King
Andrew Crawford / Nathaniel Dean / Carmen Ejogo / Alexander England / Tess Haubrich / Callie Hernandez / Goran Kleut / Uli Latukefu / Benjamin Rigby / Amy Seimetz / Jussie Smollett
John Logan
Jed Kurzel
Special Effects
Vincent Desilets / Samy Lamouti
Director of Photography
Dariusz Wolski
Michael Green / Jack Paglen
Rebecca Allen / Lara Birch
Assistant Director
Raymond Kirk
Michael Fentum / Oliver Tarney
Sound Re-Recording
Paul Massey / Mark Taylor
Stunt Coordinator
Kyle Gardiner
Set Decorator
Victor J. Zolfo
Rebecca Allen / Lara Birch / Tess Natoli / Rachelle O'Donnell / Lesley Vanderwalt
Production Manager/UPM
Dean Hood
Michael Augello / Nikki Braine / Nicholas Cabana / Roxan Carle / Sean Conly / Art Curry / Billy Dao / Julien Deragon / Alex Filipov / Patrick Heumann / Martin Lanzinger / Arthur Gil Larsen / Joseph Lewis / Aulo Licinio / Marilyn Marcotte / Andrew Mills / Christophe St-Pierre Paradis / Hennadii Prykhodko / Maxime Richard / Rameshbabu Morkonda Sethuraman
Camera Operator
Frank Flick
Special Effects Supervisor
Dan Oliver
Supervising Art Director
Ian Gracie
Animation Supervisor
Raphael Pimentel / Alexandre Ronco / Gabriele Zucchelli
Special Makeup Effects
Rachel Coenen
Movie Critics
A.V. Club
"There are gross and eerie stretches in Ridley Scott’s new film, ALIEN: COVENANT, that come closer to straight horror than any movie in this widely imitated sci-fi series has gotten since Scott’s original ALIEN." -- Grade: B+
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (13 May 2017, )
Chicago Sun-Times
"[I]’s an impressive technical achievement, with amazing CGI special effects plunging us deep into outer space and deep into the future."
Richard Roeper (16 May 2017, )
Entertainment Weekly
"[T]horoughly well-crafted....The confidence on screen here is the cinematic equivalent of the filmmaker rolling up his sleeves and saying that he’s got this." -- Grade: B+
Kevin P. Sullivan (6 May 2017, )
4 stars out of 4 -- "This is one of Scott’s best-directed movies and one of his most entertaining overall, partly because he’s working in a genre, the science fiction spectacle, that he does better than anyone since Stanley Kubrick, but also because he seems to be approaching it almost entirely in terms of visceral impact and emotion -- as symphony of fire and blood, poetry and schlock."
Matt Zoller Seitz (15 May 2017, )
Rolling Stone
3 stars out of 4 -- "Scott's franchise newbie is a deft blend of something familiar and something peculiar."
Peter Travers (16 May 2017, )
The Atlantic
"[It's] actually pretty darn good....And it succeeds in large part by observing the simplest of formulas: Focus on the aliens, skip the metaphysics."
Christopher Orr (19 May 2017, )
The Guardian
"[A] genetic hybrid of a movie, which combines all your favourite ALIEN tropes -- faces are hugged, chests are burst, quarantine guidelines are wilfully ignored, a resourceful female officer provides the lone voice of reason -- with a spiritual dimension that explores, none too subtly, the nature of creation."
Wendy Ide (14 May 2017, )
Total Film
"Stark, uncompromising, hard-edged, and largely delivered with pleasingly underplayed grit, the film’s opening does a convincing and very deliberate job of purging the gleaming, vacuous sci-fi excess of PROMETHEUS in favour of something altogether dirtier, more grounded, and human."
Total Film Staff (6 May 2017, )
"[A] return to form for both Scott and the series: a hard-R horror movie, featuring ferocious, acid-dripping space crustaceans, a tough female lead and a bunch of dead-meat crew members."
Peter Debruge (6 May 2017, )