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From Kathryn Bigelow, the Academy Award winning director of THE HURT LOCKER and ZERO DARK THIRTY, DETROIT tells the gripping story of one of the darkest moments during the civil unrest that rocked Detroit in the summer of '67.

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Movies & TV
18 Dec 2017
Region 2
143 min
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South Africa


Release Year
Running Time
143 min
Action/Adventure / Crime / Historical / Police / Race Relations / Racism / Scandal
Director Kathryn Bigelow (THE HURT LOCKER, ZERO DARK THIRTY) and screenwriter Mark Boal reteam for this docudrama about the Detroit race riots of July 1967, which engulfed the city for five days after the public were outraged by the brutality of a police raid on an unlicensed bar. The film eventually zeros in on one particular incident at the Algiers Motel, where a group of black men and white women were terrorized (and some killed) by police officers. John Boyega, Will Poulter, Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore, Anthony Mackie, Jason Mitchell, Jack Reynor, Hannah Murray, Kaitlyn Dever, and John Krasinski star.
Cast & Crew
Kathryn Bigelow
John Boyega / Kaitlyn Dever / John Krasinski / Jacob Latimore / Will Poulter / Algee Smith
Kelby Turner Akin / Gbenga Akinnagbe / Mason Alban / Laz Alonso / Edward Arrendell / Jeff Avigian / Ramatoulaye Bah Bangura / Josh Bartlett / Angel Blaise / Ato Blankson-Wood / Will Bouvier / Jeffrey L. Brown / Barton Bund / Chris Chalk / Rakeem Andre Chapman / Tumelano Chapman / Amari Cheatom / Devin Clark / Kegan Cline / Alexander Cook / Chris Coy / Khris Davis / Nathan Davis / Bennett Deady / Zachary Eisenstat / Andrea Eversley / Anissa Felix / Glenn Fitzgerald / David Adam Flannery / Frost, Henry lll / Darren Goldstein / Michael Haase / Austin Hebert / George Hooker / Kenneth Israel / Esslena Jackson / Michael Jibrin / Joseph David Jones / Russell G. Jones / Jonny P. / Malcolm David Kelley / Cailyn Kemka / Cherrelle Kimble / Lance Law / Joey Lawyer / Valeri Lewis / Nickolas Lorizio / Anthony Mackie / Justin Mane / Jason Mitchell / Lizan Mitchell / Montgomery, Dennis lll / Raymond Moreno / Hannah Murray / Ben O'Toole / Tokunbo Joshua Olumide / Amber Owens / Miguel J. Pimentel / Karen Pittman / Corinne Pitts-Wiley / Ricardo Pitts-Wiley / Alvin Darrell Randolph / Jack Reynor / Ashley Richardson / Jaleel Sanders / Kris Sidberry / Peyton Alex Smith / Timothy John Smith / Donald St.John / Jimi Stanton / Dennis Staroselsky / Jeremy Strong / Ephraim Sykes / Morgan Taylor / Leon Thomas / Jerome Thompson / Eddie Troy / Benz Veal / Zurin Villanueva / Daniel Washington / Bates Wilder / Samira Wiley / Tyler James Williams / Gary Wilmes / Tara Winborne / Frank Wood
Mark Boal
James Newton Howard
Director of Photography
Barry Ackroyd
Rebecca Woodfork
Assistant Director
Simon Warnock
Paul N.J. Ottosson
Stunt Coordinator
Ele Bardha / Stephen Pope
Set Decorator
Kathy Lucas
Jeri LaShay / Carmen Lopez / Angela Marinis / Joe Rossi
Post-Production Supervisor
Tina Anderson
Music Director
George Drakoulias / Randall Poster
Visual Effects Designer
Imagine Engine / Zero VFX Inc.
Production Manager/UPM
Marine Chene / Colin Wilson
Imagine Engine
Supervising Art Director
Greg Berry
Movie Critics
A.V. Club
"[I]t’s a very angry movie packed with ideas about the difference (or lack thereof) between racist threats and racist violence and the militarization of American policing, drawing the Vietnam War, the racism of law enforcement, and this country’s later forays into the Middle East into a continuum."
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (26 Jul 2017, )
Chicago Sun-Times
"DETROIT is a searing, pulse-pounding, shocking and deeply effective dramatic interpretation of events in and around the Algiers Motel, where police tortured, abused and assaulted a dozen 'suspects,' murdering three of them."
Richard Roeper (25 Jul 2017, )
4 stars out of 5 -- "Recreated in unflinching real-time, DETROIT’s sustained sense-attack will be talked about for years, if not decades, to come -- an hour-long endurance so physical you experience it in the pit of your stomach."
Simon Crook (26 Jul 2017, )
Entertainment Weekly
"[A]n an American horror story rooted so deeply and shamefully in home soil that it is still painful to watch half a century after the true events it’s based on took place." -- Grade: A-
Leah Greenblatt (24 Jul 2017, )
Film Comment
"DETROIT is angry, lucid, bludgeoning, subtle, and at times surprisingly moving."
Michael Sragow (28 Jul 2017, )
Hollywood Reporter
"Shot docudrama style with an emphasis on visceral force....Intense and physically powerful in the way it conveys its atrocious events..."
Todd McCarthy (23 Jul 2017, )
Los Angeles Times
"[A] tense, excruciating and entirely necessary new film..."
Justin Chang (27 Jul 2017, )
New York Times
"It understands and strives to dramatize racism not as a matter of bad personal attitudes or equal and opposite prejudices, but rather as a structuring fact of American life, an apparatus of power, exclusion and control..."
A. O. Scott (26 Jul 2017, )
Rolling Stone
3.5 stars out of 4 -- "It's a hardcore masterpiece that digs into our violent past to hold up a dark mirror to the systemic racism that still rages in the here and now."
Peter Travers (25 Jul 2017, )
Total Film
4 stars out of 5 -- "The performances, naturalistic and naturally dialled up, are strong, with Mackie and Smith branding their agony deep into viewers’ brains..."
Jamie Graham (27 Jul 2017, )
"[A] sweeping, scalding drama about the Detroit riots that took place 50 years ago....A hair-trigger historical nightmare, one you can’t tear yourself away from."
Owen Gleiberman (23 Jul 2017, )
Washington Post
"[T]he tense, harrowingly intimate DETROIT rounds out a trilogy of fact-based, fog-of-war interpretive histories. Even though it’s based on an episode that occurred half a century ago, it feels like her timeliest movie yet."
(28 Jul 2017, )