Fast & Furious 6 (Blu-ray)

Steelbook Edition

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Movies & TV
2 Nov 2018
Region B
English SDH
Sound Format
5.1 DTS
Aspect Ratio
  • All the action that was too hot for cinema
  • Over 50 minutes of bonus material including how the team pull off action packed mayhem on a breathtaking scale!
Age Restriction
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Fast & Furious 6
Release Year
Running Time
131 min
Alternate Title
Fast & Furious 6: The IMAX Experience
Horror/Suspense / Action / Thriller
Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) summons Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew to London in order to take on a team of mercenary drivers who have caused havoc across a dozen countries in this pedal-to-the-metal installment of the rubber-burning action franchise. Having just earned a tidy $100 million for taking down a ruthless criminal kingpin, Dom and Brian (Paul Walker) have decided to lie low for a while. Fugitives from the law, they're constantly looking over their shoulders, no matter where they travel. Meanwhile, the malevolent leader of an elusive criminal outfit (Luke Evans) has incurred the wrath of Agent Hobbs, who has decided that the only way to shut them down is to beat them on their own turf. Realizing that Dom knows the only drivers in the world with the skills to get the job done, Agent Hobbs offers them all full pardons if they will come to London, and get back behind the wheel. The closer the renegade drivers get to the organization, however, the more apparent it becomes that Dom's former lover Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) is not only still alive, but a key figure among their ranks. Now, with their freedom finally within reach, Dom and the team reassemble for their most dangerous mission to date.
Cast & Crew
Justin Lin
Vin Diesel / Jordana Brewster / Dwayne Johnson / Michelle Rodriguez / Paul Walker
David Ajala / Sol De La Barreda / Revil Beat / Gina Carano / Benjamin Davies / Luke Evans / Francois Philippart De Foy / Sonia Hernandez Fumero / Gal Gadot / Victor Gardener / Tyrese Gibson / Sung Kang / Kim Kold / Huggy Leaver / Lizandro Leon / Sarah Li / Thure Lindhardt / Estrella Lorenzo / Ludacris / Stephen Marcus / Pilar Mayo / Jhony Mendez / John Ortiz / Clara Paget / Elsa Pataky / Andy Pointon / Carolina Pozo / Magda Rodriguez / Samuel Stewart / Matthew Stirling / Joe Taslim / Jason Thorpe / Elvira Tricas / Alexander Vegh / Shea Whigham / Andrei Zayats
Chris Morgan
Lucas Vidal
Director of Photography
Stephen F. Windon
Assistant Director
Vincent Lascoumes
Peter Brown / Harry Cohen / Glynna Grimala / Stephen P. Robinson / Peter Staubli / Jay Wilkinson
Sound Re-Recording
Frank A. Montano / Jon Taylor
Stunt Coordinator
Greg Powell / Troy Robinson
Set Decorator
Rick Roberts
Post-Production Supervisor
Frank A. Cuomo
Visual Effects Designer
Arch 9 Films / Creative Chamber / Double Negative Limited / Factory VFX / Hatch FX / Image Engine / Level 256 / Lola VFX / Lola/VFX / MPC / Pixomondo / Pixomondo Images / Proof Inc.
Production Manager/UPM
Simon Emanuel / Clayton Townsend
Special Effects Supervisor
Joss Williams
Supervising Art Director
James Hambidge
Fight Choreographer
Olivier Schneider
Movie Critics
A.V. Club
"[A] big, colorful B-movie romp where the laws of physics are routinely ignored. There are long, mayhem-heavy setpieces involving armored race cars, tanks, harpoons, and cargo planes." -- Grade: B
Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (23 May 2013, )
3 stars out of 5 -- "[U]ndeniably pleasurable....[It's] a gear above all the other sequels."
Empire Staff (10 May 2013, )
Entertainment Weekly
"[G]iddily entertaining....Check your brain at the door and fasten your seat belt." -- Grade: B+
Chris Nashawaty (31 May 2013, )
Hollywood Reporter
"[The film] delivers the goods its audience expects, with the added bonus of the return of Michelle Rodriguez."
Todd McCarthy (13 May 2013, )
Los Angeles Times
"Buildings topple, bridges crumble and speed limits are shamelessly broken as FAST & FURIOUS 6 roars through the streets of London. But the ties that bind are stronger than ever."
Betsy Sharkey (23 May 2013, )
Rolling Stone
"[I]f you’re looking for revved-up cars, trucks, tanks and tunnel racing, F&F6 is KING KONG on wheels."
Peter Travers (1 Jan 1970, )
Total Film
3 stars out of 5 -- "As Shaw consistently stays one step ahead, director Justin Lin moves through the gears with a series of jaw-to-floor set pieces..."
James Mottram (14 May 2013, )
"Faithful fans and passersby alike should be more than pleased by this superior piece of classical action craftsmanship..."
Scott Foundas (13 May 2013, )