Zombie (Cover B Splinter) (Region A Blu-ray)

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27 Nov 2018
Science Fiction
Science Fiction
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Release Year
Running Time
92 min
Alternate Title
Lucio Fulci's Zombie
Horror/Suspense / Cannibalism / Horror Classic / Horror Movies / Murder / New York City / Sci-Fi/Horror/Fantasy / Theatrical Release / Zombies
After a New York harbor patrolman is murdered at the hands of a flesh-hungry ghoul aboard what was believed to be an abandoned yacht, Anne (Tisa Farrow)--the daughter of the ship's missing owner--teams up with a newspaper reporter named Peter West (Ian McCulloch) for a private investigation. With the help of a pair of sightseers, they travel to the secluded Caribbean island of Matul, where Anne's father was last seen conducting medical research. There, they meet his colleague, Dr. Menard (Richard Johnson), who frantically attempts to find a scientific explanation for a phenomenon that has plagued the island; it seems as if the dead refuse to stay dead. The locals believe a voodoo curse is at work as scores of animated corpses rise from their graves to hungrily seek out live flesh. Anne learns her father has died, but before she and the others can return to civilization, they are forced into battle with a plethora of bloodthirsty zombies.

Italian maestro Lucio Fulci's most lucrative outing features an abundance of shockingly gruesome sequences filmed in the director's regular close-up style, wasting none of frequent collaborator Giannetto De Rossi's amazing makeup effects. The ominous synthesizer soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi splendidly shrouds the action with simplistic, yet catchy hooks that are sure to continue buzzing in viewer's mind long after the film's spine-chilling ending. Released abroad as a sequel to George A. Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD, produced by Dario Argento in Italy as ZOMBI.
Filmed in Dominican Republic; Rome, Italy; and New York, New York.

Unrated release in America, no one under 17 admitted.

The make-up crew applied a thin layer of clay to the extras performing as zombies who would then be required to sit in the sun to dry. The cast and crew dubbed them "the walking flower pots".

Although released in Italy as a sequel to DAWN OF THE DEAD (a.k.a. ZOMBI), Romero's film is already considered the second part of a trilogy beginning with NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in 1968 and ending with DAY OF THE DEAD in 1985.

The stuntman scheduled to play a zombie in the underwater shark attack became too frightened to shoot the scene. In an effort to stay on schedule, Fulci quickly employed the shark's trainer to fill in.

Scottish actor Ian Mc Colluch shot his scenes in New York "illegally" after the American Embassy refused to grant him a temporary work visa.

Director Lucio Fulci cites the American films VOODOO ISLAND, I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE, and THE WALKING DEAD as inspirational to the filming of ZOMBIE.

ZOMBIE is the fist of three Italian horror films of which actor Ian Mc Colluch would star. The others, ZOMBIE HOLOCAUST in 1980 and ALIEN CONTAMINATION in 1981 were the last Italian genre films for McColluch.

The sequel ZOMBIE 3 began with Fulci in the director's chair, but after a succession of disagreements with the screenwriter and producer he walked off the set leaving Bruno Mattei to complete the project.
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Cast & Crew
Lucio Fulci
Al Cliver / Stefania D'Amario / Tisa Farrow / Auretta Gay / Richard Johnson / Olga Karlatos / Ian McCulloch
Elisa Briganti / Dardano Sacchetti
Fabio Frizzi / Giorgio Tucci
Fabrizio De Angelis / Ugo Tucci
Movie Critics
Entertainment Weekly
"[A] treat for gorehounds....The bloody import is packed with squirm-inducing scenes..." -- Grade: B+
Chris Nashawaty (28 Oct 2011, )
Sight and Sound
"Beyond its classical pulp-horror stylings, it is the gory set pieces that have earned ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS its cult status."
Sight and Sound Critic (1 Feb 2013, )
Total Film
4 star out of 5 -- "Fulci strikes a delicious balance between bloodthirsty thrills and eccentric flourishes, building to an exhilarating inferno of a climax."
Total Film Staff (31 Jan 2013, )