Falco - So80s Presents Falco Curated By Blank & Jones (CD)

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2012 two CD collection from the Austrian New Wave artist curated by German duo Blank & Jones. For the first time many rare 12" Versions of his worldwide hits like "Der Kommissar", "Rock Me Amadeus" or "Jeanny" are compiled on this great set. Besides his biggest hits, collectors around the globe will be excited to see the extended versions of "On The Run/Auf der Flucht", "Maschine brennt" or his legendary duet with Brigitte Nielsen "Body Next To Body". Falco, who sadly passed away too early in the late 90s, is still today one of the biggest 80s icons and his musical legacy lives on forever.

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12 Oct 2012
Audio CD
Dance & Electronic
Soundcolours Germany
Number of Discs
  1. Der Kommissar (Extended Version)
  2. That Scene (Ganz Wien)
  3. Maschine brennt (Specially Rmx 12" Version)
  4. Auf der Flucht (Specially Remixed 12" Version)
  5. Junge Roemer (Extended Version)
  6. Rock Me Amadeus (Salieri Version)
  7. Vienna Calling (The Metternich Arrival Mix)
  8. Jeanny (Extended Version)
  9. Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr danach) (Extended Version)
  10. The Sound Of Musik (Extended Rock 'N Soul Version)
  11. Emotional (Extended Version)
  12. Body Next To Body (Dance Mix) with Brigitte Nielsen
  13. Wiener Blut (12" Remix)
  14. Satellite To Satellite (Extended Remix Version)
  15. Helden von heute (Extended Version)
  16. Kann es Liebe sein? (Single Edit) with Desiree Nosbusch
  17. Urban Tropical (Extended Version)
  18. Manner des Westens Any Kind Of Land
  19. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Rough Mix)
  20. Ganz Wien (Instrumental Single Version)
  21. Junge Roemer (Dub Version)
  22. Vienna Calling (The "Vienna Girls" Sax Mix Max)
  23. The Sound Of Musik (Instru-Mental Version)
  24. Emotional (Her Side Of The Story)
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Artist Photo
Real Name
Johann Hölzel
Austrian musician, born 19 February 1957 in Vienna, Austria and died 6 February 1998 near Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (car accident). Son of Maria Hölzel.

Blank & Jones

Artist Photo
Real Name
Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones, Andy Kaufhold
German production team based in Cologne.
Blank & Jones was founded in 1997 by Piet Blank (born June 15, 1971), René Runge aka Jaspa Jones (born June 27, 1968). Later joined by Andy Kaufhold (born December 17, 1969), who was with Piet the founding member of Gorgeous.

Blank & Jones have been hugely important in the history of electronic music. They started in 1997 with their debut single "Sunrise" and were one of the main originators of trance music with artists like Tiësto (DJ Tiësto) and Paul Oakenfold.

During their career they have known no musical boundaries and have worked with Artists such as Robert Smith from The Cure, Bernard Sumner from New Order, Sarah McLachlan, the Pet Shop Boys and Keane to name just a few.

Their sound has evolved over the years and so has their worldwide success. To date they have released a number of artist albums which have all charted in the sales charts and cover such various styles as electronica, ambient, lounge, pop, trance and dance music. Their great variety is also proved by the highly acclaimed compilations such as "So80s (Soeighties)" which pays tribute to the original club mixes of the 80's or "milchbar" and "Chilltronica" where they bring the listener new soundscapes of downbeat music.
  • Piet Blank
  • René Runge