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Digitally re-mastered and expanded four disc (three CDs + NTSC/Region 0 DVD) edition of this 2003 album. Includes the original 11-song album, plus a whole CD of remixes, and a further CD of an in-concert performance, LVIE AT RONNIE SCOTT'S. Includes a DVD featuring a revealing interview with Mick Hucknall and DJ Mark Goodier filmed in March 2014, promo videos, two contemporary BBC TV performances and other bonus features, all housed in a case bound book package that accords true justice to the excellent music contained within. Simply Red, fronted throughout their 20+ year recording career by Mick Hucknall, are one of the most successful UK acts of the '80 s, '90 s and beyond. Home, which was not only a huge commercial success, but also found Hucknall's muse refreshed and reinvigorated, yielding hit singles in the shape of 'Sunrise' (which memorably incorporated a sample from the Hall & Oates classic 'I Can't Go for That'), as well as 'Fake', and the sterling reworking of the Stylistics' soft-soul opus, 'You Make Me Feel Brand New'.

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8 Jul 2014
Simply Red
Audio CD
Number of Discs
Disc 1:
  1. Home3:17
  2. Fake3:58
  3. Sunrise3:18
  4. You Make Me Feel Brand New5:05
  5. Home Loan Blues 5:00
  6. Positively 4th Street4:33
  7. Lost Weekend4:05
  8. Money In My Pocket (Plan B Mix)3:38
  9. Something For You5:59
  10. It's You3:14
  11. Home (Reprise)0:52
Radio Edits:
  1. Sunrise (Motivo Hi-lectro Radio Edit / Mix)3:26
  2. Fake (Radio Mix)3:43
  3. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Single Edit)4:18
  4. Home (Tin Tin Out Radio Mix) 3:34
  5. Fake (Phunk Investigation Radio Edit)3:01
  6. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Antillas Full Vocal Edit)4:14
  7. Home (Motivo Hi-lectro Radio Mix)3:23
Remixes :
  1. Sunrise (Atfc Morning Glory Remix)8:29
  2. Fake (Phunk Investigation Exte-Club Mix)7:03
  3. Home (David Harness Taboo Vocal)8:00
  4. Sunrise (Love To Infinity Classic Mix)6:49
  5. Fake (Love To Infinity Classic Radio Mix)4:34
  6. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)4:46
  7. Fake (Eric Kupper Club Mix)6:51
  8. Sunrise (Love To Infinity Club Mix)7:51
  9. Fake (Love To Infinity Club Mix)6:58
  10. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Love To Infinity Master Mix)6:04
  11. Home (Minimal Chic Mix)6:47
  12. Sunrise (Who Knows About Forever?)3:15
Live At Ronnie Scott's (Recorded February 2003):
  1. Fake3:52
  2. You Make Me Feel Brand New4:57
  3. Positively 4th Street4:27
  4. Home Loan Blues4:51
  5. Home3:30
  6. So Beautiful4:57
  7. It's Only Love4:29
  8. Come To My Aid4:06
  9. Sunrise3:23
  10. Lost Weekend3:59
  11. Money In My Pocket3:33
  12. Something For You6:23
Bonus Track:
  1. Home (Live In Sicily)3:46
Feature Interview:
  1. Mark Goodier Interviews Mick Hucknall About "Home" - March 2014
Promo Videos:
  1. Sunrise
  2. Fake
  3. You Make Me Feel Brand New (Live)
  4. Home
Bonus Features :
  1. "Home" Album EPK
  2. The Making Of "Sunrise"
  3. The Making Of "Fake"
BBC TV Appearances:
  1. Sunrise (Parkinson, Boadcast On 22nd February 2003)
  2. Fake (Later....With Jools Holland, Broadcast On 20th June 2003)
Simply Red ➤ Sunrise (Love To Infinity Club Mix)
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Duration: 07:54
Simply Red - Home
Published 12 years ago by Simply Red
Duration: 03:24
Official Licensed Video
Sunrise - Simply Red Lyrics
Published 9 years ago by yorehab00fan
Duration: 03:17
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Simply Red

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Founded in the early 80's as a band, Simply Red gradually developed into a solo act of the lead singer & songwriter Mick Hucknall. Their biggest hits are "Money's Too Tight (To Mention)", "Holding Back The Years" (1985), "The Right Thing" (1987), "It's Only Love", "If You Don't Know Me By Now" (1989), "Something Got Me Started", "Stars" (1991), "Fairground" (1995) and "Sunrise" (2003).

Hucknall retired the Simply Red name after a farewell tour that ended in 2010. However, in 2014 another tour was announced to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band in 2015.
  • Andy Wright
  • Chris Joyce
  • Dave Clayton
  • Fritz McIntyre
  • Gota Yashiki
  • Heitor Pereira
  • Ian Kirkham
  • Janette Sewell
  • Kenji Suzuki
  • Kevin Robinson
  • Mick Hucknall
  • Pete Lewinson
  • Shaun Ward
  • Steve Lewinson
  • Sylvan Richardson
  • Tim Kellett
  • Tim Vine
  • Tony Bowers
  • Velroy Bailey