Juanita du Plessis - Kyknet Country Hart Box Set (COMBO)

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“Country Hart met Juanita” is a road trip through the Southern States in search of the various identities and influences of country music. The 13 part series journeys through the country music capitals of the United States of America from backwater mountain music gigs in the Appalachians, Texan rodeos and Baptist Revivals in the Bible belt as Juanita discovers the sounds and roots of Country music, in most of its subgenres. The series starts its principal photography on 3 March 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Hosted by Juanita du Plessis, “The Platinum Princes of South Africa”, with 44 platinum awards under her belt and over 1.35 million record sales to date, this is going to be one of her biggest challenges.

“This represents a new season for me,” says Juanita about the trip through the USA, “I am hoping to come back with something challenging”. Loosely scripted, the series is about Juanita’s personal journey as she gathers the inspiration she needs to create a new country album. Over the course of the series, Juanita will look at the different sounds of the types of country and their influences as she uses them to create a unique sound.

“The show is about music, but it has a strong focus on culture too, drawing the similarities between the southern states identities and our own. The show takes the viewer weekly on a cultural tour, through music, discovering the USA and its identity as Juanita performs and creates music with the locals.” Says Director, Brandon Oelofse. Following the popular reality format, the show uses challenges that Juanita must complete. that are aimed at understanding the culture of country music and the USA. These are used to give the audience a real taste of what the people, the area and the music is about.

The shows producers Media Online, have kept the details of the series secret, not even Juanita knows the full journey or its challenges. “I don’t know how to talk about the show, or what to say, you know as much as I do”, said Juanita when asked what she would be doing on the show. Anthonie van der Walt says about the secrecy of the challenges “We want Juanita to be as surprised as her audience when we tell her about what she will be doing.”

In the rise of country music as a definable genre, years of evolution from folk, to blues to gospel have played a role in the birth of one of the most beloved musical genres in the world. Follow the shows progress on facebook or Juanita’s twitter feed for sneak peaks into the series and its behind the scenes production in March 2013.

Product Details

29 Feb 2016
Juanita du Plessis
Content Source
South African
DVD + Audio CD
Juanita Records
Number of Discs
Region 2
Disc 1:
  1. ‘n Blitskursus in Country Musiek
  2. Witblits en Newelgebergtes
  3. Bayou Boeremusiek
  4. By die Kruispaaie
  5. Die Lone Star Staat
  6. Die Bybelgordel
  7. Platvoet en Viool Musiek
  8. Singende Cowboys
  9. Hillbilly Rock en Hillbilly Rol
  10. Country en Pop Musiek
  11. Highwaymen, Skurke en Rebelle
  12. Bloukraag Country Ballades
  13. Country Hart - Terug na my WortelsTry me
Disc 2:
  1. Country Hart (Offisiële Temalied)
  2. Jy is... (Moderne Country)
  3. Boerejol (Old Mountain Music)
  4. Ska-Rumba (Zydeco en Cajun)
  5. Ek laat jou gaan (Die Blues)
  6. Kaalvoetkind (Honky Tonk)
  7. Ons Koning kom (Suidelike Gospel)
  8. Bly by my (Bluegrass)
  9. Lepellê (Western Swing)
  10. Mengelmoeskardoes (Rockabilly)
  11. Ek is jammer (Country Pop)
  12. Dis mos die lewe (Red Dirt)
  13. Ons belofte aan mekaar
Supply Source
South Africa