12'' Inner Sleeves - Mobile Fidelity Original Master Sleeves (50 Imported, Three-Ply, Anti-Static, Premium Sleeves)

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  • Three-ply, anti-static, premium record sleeves
  • Used in Mobile Fidelity LP packaging for the last 35 years
  • Personally used by more music reviewers & record labels than any other
  • The finest protection for all of your valuable records
  • Keep your collection clean and dust-free

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10 Oct 2017
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Very happy!

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These are very good quality sleeves.

They are worth the price.

The only issue I have is the shipping takes forever.

If you want these, order about a month ahead of the time you would like to use them.

Protect your vinyl

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Vinyl has made a serious comeback and everybody is enjoying the virtues of its sound again. Quality control has improved dramatically but very often even good quality records and caring companies still place their records only in paper inner sleeves. When records are removed and there is the slightest amount of dirt of dust the action will create scratches of scuff marks in varying degrees. Mobile Fidelity is know for their pristine quality records on special compound vinyl formulation, great care in their transfer techniques and also superb production and manufacturing and they go the extra mile to place the records in their very own specially formulated anti-static sleeves. The sleeves are made of a specially formulated soft material that has very little friction so that static cannot build up and attract dust, hairs, etc. Highly recommended and a very important counter measure to damage and deterioration of the vinyl, ensuring that your records will last.