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Tchaikovsky / Yablonsky / Russian State So - Swan Lake (CD)

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2002 release. Swan Lake performed by the Russian State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dmitry Yablonsky recorded at Studio 5 at the Moscow Sate Broadcasting & Recording House July 2001. It was the first of Tchaikovsky's (1840-1893) three full length ballets & had it's premiere in Moscow in 1875. In it's music it represents the height of romantic ballet in a colourful and evocative score that reflects the palace celebrations of the Prince's coming of age & evokes the nocturnal mystery of the forest and the bewitched Swan Princess.

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1 Jan 2003
Tchaikovsky / Yablonsky / Russian State So
Audio CD
Performing Arts
[Disc 1]
  1. Introduction
  2. No.1 Scene
  3. No.2 Valse
  4. No.3 Scene
  5. I. Intrada
  6. II. Andante Sostenuto
  7. III. Allegro Semplice - Presto
  8. IV. Moderato
  9. V. Allegro
  10. VI. Coda: Allegro Vivace
  11. I. Tempo Di Valse Ma Non Troppo Vivo, Quasi Moderato
  12. II. Andante - Allegro
  13. III. Tempo Di Valse
  14. IV. Coda: Allegro Molto Vivace
  15. No.6 Pas D'action
  16. No.7 Sujet
  17. No.8 Dance Of The Goblets: Tempo Di Polacca
  18. No.9 Finale: Andante: The Flight Of Swans
  19. No.10 Scene: Moderato
  20. No.11 Scene
  21. No.12 Scene: Allegro
  22. I. Tempo Di Valse
  23. II. Moderato Assai
  24. III. Tempo Di Valse
  25. IV. Allegro Moderato
  26. V. Andante - Allegro
  27. VI. Tempo Di Valse
  28. VII. Coda: Allegro Vivace
  29. No.14 Scene: Moderato
[Disc 2]
  1. No.15 Allegro Giusto
  2. No.16 Dance Of The Corps De Ballet And Dwarves: Moderato Assai - Allegro Vivo
  3. No.17 Arrival Of The Guests And Waltz Allegro - Tempo Di Valse
  4. No.18 Scene: Allegro
  5. I. Intrada: Moderato Assai
  6. II. Variation I: Allegro
  7. III. Variation II: Andante Con Moto
  8. IV. Variation III: Moderato
  9. V. Variation IV: Allegro
  10. VI. Variation V: Moderato - Allegro Semplice
  11. VII. Coda: Allegro Molto
  12. Pas De Deux: I. Introduction
  13. II. Variation I: Moderato - Andante
  14. III. Variation II: Allegro Moderato
  15. IV. Coda
  16. Russian Dance
  17. No.20 Hungarian Dance: Moderato Assai - Allegro - Vivace
  18. No.21 Spanich Dance: Allegro Non Troppo (Tempo Di Bolero)
  19. No.22 Neapolitan Dance: Allegro Moderato - Andantino Quasi Moderato - Presto
  20. No.23 Mazurka: Tempo Di Mazurka
  21. No.24 Scene: Allegro
  22. No.25 Entr'acte: Moderato
  23. No.26 Scene: Allegro Non Troppo
  24. No.27 Dance Of The Cygnets: Moderato
  25. No.28 Scene: Allegro Agitato
  26. No.29 Finale: Andante - Allegro Agitato - Moderato E Maestoso - Moderato
Yablonsky, Dmitry
Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Il'yich
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