Various Artists - Strauss: Edition 21 (CD)

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Memorials, Name Days, and aristocratic connections were just some of the many incentives for Johann Strauss the Elder to pour forth his unrivalled series of Waltzes, Quadrilles and Polkas for his ravenous Viennese public. During 1846-47 such opportunities included a work to honor the celebrated singer Jenny Lind (Swedish Songs), whilst New Year provided a supreme example of his festive skill. Nor did he ignore the professions: lawyers and doctors received dedicatory Waltzes, and so did a couple of much beloved comic book characters. Since September 2002 Christian Pollack has been principal guest conductor of the Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina. For the Naxos and Marco Polo labels he has made a number of recordings of classical Viennese music, notably the work of the Strauss family, Ziehrer, Suppé and Komzák.

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24 Apr 2012
Various Artists
Audio CD
Classical & Opera
  1. Charivari-Quadrille, Op. 196
  2. Bouquets, Walzer, Op. 197
  3. Landlich, sittlich!, Walzer, Op. 198
  4. Neujahrs-Polka, Op. 199
  5. Souvenir de Carneval 1847, Quadrille, Op. 200
  6. Themis-Klange, Walzer, Op. 201
  7. Eisele- und Beisele-Sprunge, Polka, Op. 202
  8. Herz-Tone, Walzer, Op. 203
  9. Helenen-Walzer, Op. 204
  10. Triumph-Quadrille, Op. 205
  11. Najaden-Quadrille, Op. 206
  12. Schwedische Lieder, Walzer, Op. 207
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