Blank & Jones - So80s (So Eighties) 13 (CD)

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2019 two CD collection. "Celebrate the ‘80s in style" was the premise Blank & Jones started the so8os [so eighties] Project under circa ten years ago. Since then, the two ‘80s born artists have been digging through countless archives of old master tapes of legendary ‘80s maxi versions of famous songs for this series - building up an impressive fanbase while releasing 11 entries so far under the moniker so8os. Thanks to the massive renaissance of this colourful decade and the success of series such as Stranger Things also open to a broader and younger audience these days. Volume 13 includes tracks by Loose Ends, Jellybean, Blondie, Tina Turner, Sade, Roxette, and many others.

Product Details

1 Nov 2019
Blank & Jones
Audio CD
Soundcolours Germany
Disc 1:
  1. Never As Good As The First Time (Extended Mix)5:08
  2. Sweet Soft N' Lazy (Special Maxi Version)6:06
  3. Dangerous (Power Mix) (Long Version)7:03
  4. Along Comes A Woman (Dance Remix)6:13
  5. War Child (Extended Version)7:58
  6. Better Be Good To Me (Extended Version)7:44
  7. Now That We've Found Love (Paul Hardcastle Remix)5:59
  8. Out Of The Funk (Original Version)7:21
  9. Just Call (Hot Line Mix)4:19
  10. Tell Me What You Want (Extended Version)6:11
  11. California Girls (Remix)3:09
Disc 2:
  1. Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Ce Soir (Sex Mix / Part 1)6:37
  2. I Love You Too Much (Fascination EP Version)3:18
  3. Underneath The Radar (12" Remix)8:01
  4. Hip Hop Be Bop (Don't Stop) (Special Disconet R.E.M.I.X.)7:34
  5. Sidewalk Talk (Dance Mix)6:06
  6. This Night (Long Version)8:00
  7. Imagination (Extended Version)4:57
  8. Pour It On (Creamy House Mix)8:35
  9. It's The First Time (Extended Version)5:38
  10. When Love Breaks Down (Extended Version)4:20
  11. Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz (12" Version)4:56
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Blank & Jones

Artist Photo
Real Name
Piet Blank, Jaspa Jones, Andy Kaufhold
German production team based in Cologne.
Blank & Jones was founded in 1997 by Piet Blank (born June 15, 1971), René Runge aka Jaspa Jones (born June 27, 1968). Later joined by Andy Kaufhold (born December 17, 1969), who was with Piet the founding member of Gorgeous.

Blank & Jones have been hugely important in the history of electronic music. They started in 1997 with their debut single "Sunrise" and were one of the main originators of trance music with artists like Tiësto (DJ Tiësto) and Paul Oakenfold.

During their career they have known no musical boundaries and have worked with Artists such as Robert Smith from The Cure, Bernard Sumner from New Order, Sarah McLachlan, the Pet Shop Boys and Keane to name just a few.

Their sound has evolved over the years and so has their worldwide success. To date they have released a number of artist albums which have all charted in the sales charts and cover such various styles as electronica, ambient, lounge, pop, trance and dance music. Their great variety is also proved by the highly acclaimed compilations such as "So80s (Soeighties)" which pays tribute to the original club mixes of the 80's or "milchbar" and "Chilltronica" where they bring the listener new soundscapes of downbeat music.
  • Piet Blank
  • René Runge