Alta Joubert / Minki Burger - Lollos 3- Boem Boem Ons Gaan Groen (CD)

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Kom al die maatjies, hier's jou kans
Op jou voete, laat ons dans!
Skud jou lyfie lekker los
Lollos het kom kuier by ons!

The brand new Lollos CD, Lollos 3 Boem Boem, ons gaan Groen! kicks off on the beat of the well known, Mamma Mia! And that is the start of a fantastic seventeen tracklist CD by Alta Joubert and Minki Burger that will get old and young dancing.

The guest artist is Robbie Wessels and during the song, Skoert Vlieg! he ensures that annoying little insects like flies, mosquito's and cockroaches will not bother you anymore! The song will be a hit with kids as well as their parents and grandparents and there is a cheeky reminder of the Leeuloop song brought to us by Robbie a few years ago.

During the CD Lollos, Minki and Alta teaches our young friends to take good care of planet Earth, pickup our rubbish, recycle and to use water and electricity sparingly this of course always on a fun and dancing manner.

Some of the other songs that Lollos fans can look forward to are Liewe Lettie, Boem Boem: ons gaan Groen, Trap Trap Trap, and Die aarde kry warm.

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1 Mar 2011
Alta Joubert / Minki Burger
Content Source
South African
Audio CD
  1. Lollos Skoffel
  2. Muisvriend
  3. Die Mooiste Plek
  4. Morsjors
  5. Skoert Vlieg
  6. Liewe Lettie
  7. Maak Sin On Te Herwin
  8. Die Drie Dromme
  9. Boem Boem, Ons Gaan Groen
  10. Wurmplasie
  11. Trap Trap Trap
  12. Suurstof
  13. Osoonlaag Rap
  14. Kyk Hoedat Die Voeltjies
  15. Ons Planeet
  16. Lollos Bokopskop
  17. Die aarde kry warm
  18. Mamma-s lief vir jou (met Nianell)
  19. LalaBaai-Baai/Dankie Jesus
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South Africa