Dunlop 471P3C Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fibre Guitar Pick (Black)


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The Max Grip Jazz III combines the Classic Jazz III shape with cutting-edge Max Grip technology.

The Max-Grip Jazz III combines the speed, precision, and control provided by the Jazz III shape with the Max-Grip surface for even better handling.

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Musical Instruments
31 May 2017
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Guitar Accessories
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South Africa

Customer Reviews

Sounds amazing

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

There is a distinct sound with this pick, its clarity and aggression is above that of celluloid, nylon, ultex and tortex picks. The tone change using this pick is more obvious than when switching between other materials and guages. It kills drone, hollowness and twang (unless you like those things, then you'll hate this pick), but at the same time improves clarity and bass. Ideal for raking across the strings, it sounds superb with chorus and delay. If you like softer old school rock staccato or full on metal sweep picking, this pick is a dream!

When using heavy distortion this pick helps again with clarity and aggression. It helps prevent everything becoming one mushy blended sound. Honestly if any pick deserves to be called the tube/valve amp of the pick world then its this! (Cringe I know, but seriously it sounds different to EVERY other pick I own)

Negatives: its a bit harsh to hold, not as warm, smooth and comfy like celluloid. The grip actually fits in the grooves of the fingertip which actually may be an irony in the sense that its now not allowing any heat to escape at all, and may contribute to the very thing its trying to fix, sweaty hands. The small size and extra grip may take some time getting used to especially if you adjust your grip as a habit mid song, or actually change how you hold the pick for different parts of songs.


Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Great sounds and feels really good while playing