Arturia KeyLab 88 KeyLab Series 88 Key Hammer Action USB Keyboard Controller (White)

KeyLab 88

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Hammer-Action Hybrid
The KeyLab 88 is a professional-grade 88-note MIDI keyboard controller designed with the working musician in mind. Featuring a new hammer-action keybed from Fatar and deep integration with our award winning Analog Lab software, the KeyLab 88 is unique with its robust, solid metal construction and classic wooden side panels.

KeyLab 88: a professional-grade, 88-note MIDI controller keyboard

An extensive array of controls, a stylish yet amazingly lightweight design, and brilliant integration with laptops and tablets: KeyLab 88 is perfect for modern keyboard players, pianists, demanding stage performers, and professional producers who will not compromise on quality. KeyLab 88 sets a new standard in professional controller keyboards.

The Best Control Of Synthesis
As a professional hybrid synthesizer, KeyLab 88 offers the immediacy of a hardware synthesizer combined with the flexibility of a software-based solution.

The keyboard is entirely preassigned to work with the included Analog Lab software, giving you immediate and in-depth control over your sound. Change the filter cutoff, the resonance, adjust the 2 ADSR envelopes, and much more: as soon as the idea hits, it can happen.

But KeyLab 88 also acts as a Universal MIDI controller, compatible with any third-party software and hardware. MIDI Assignments can be customized for virtually any form of music technology using the LED screen or the included MIDI Control Center software.

A solution for the pianist of today
Thanks to the top quality, hammer-action Fatar keybed, the KeyLab 88 is the ideal companion for demanding performers.

Bundled with the Analog Lab software, KeyLab 88 offers an unparalleled, hands-on experience with the nearly 6000 TAE® synthesizer and electric piano sounds. Just fire up Analog Lab, connect the KeyLab 88, and you will be amazed at how well the experience matches the work-flow of a traditional hardware synthesizer. KeyLab 88 also comes with two virtual piano instruments.

KeyLab under the hood
The KeyLab 88 keyboard controller is made for performance and maximum expression. Designed with the modern musician in mind, the KeyLab 88 is the perfect companion for the professional musician who uses a laptop or an iPad®.

This premium controller features a hammer-action keybed from Fatar and is a perfect match for the included Analog Lab software. Pre-assigned controls make this the ideal solution for on-the-spot sound creation. Simply connect KeyLab 88 to Analog Lab and you can put your mouse away, enjoying the same workflow you would have with a traditional hardware synthesizer.

KeyLab 88 offers a new depth of control over your favorite synthesizers and software. Its Multi mode allows sounds to be split and layered, its many controls can be configured for practically any MIDI purpose, and its great-feeling pads are ready to launch clips, play chords, sweep a filter, or let you take an impromptu drum solo!

And since it is USB class-compliant, KeyLab 88 is compatible with any other music software you own.

More than just another keyboard
The foundation of the KeyLab 88 is its high-quality, hammer-action Fatar keybed, created to give you the response and feel of a fine acoustic piano. Then we added transport controls to work with your favorite DAW, along with plenty of assignable knobs, sliders, and buttons to give you hands-on control over all the most popular plug-ins and devices. To top it off we included 16 of the best velocity- and pressure-sensitive drum pads on the market.

Mission Control
We understand the needs keyboard players have, and with an 88-note keyboard in your workspace you still need to have access to the creative devices you use. So we expanded the real-world usability of the KeyLab 88 with some simple but exceptionally useful features.

First, we included a removable music stand that can not only hold your favorite fake book of 10,000 songs, but also double as an iPad stand. Whether you prefer landscape mode, as when using your favorite iOS synths and DAWs, or portrait mode for sheet music apps, the KeyLab 88 can accommodate your needs.

We also provide an extension shelf for the right rear section of the KeyLab 88, which creates a large work surface for placement of your laptop or a small synth (like a MicroBrute) right on top. This gives you unsurpassed access to the devices you need without resorting to other stands or awkward working solutions.

MIDI Control Center
Our MIDI Control Center software allows you to edit the parameters of each KeyLab preset quickly and easily. With an intuitive user interface and the Arturia hardware shown on the screen, you can tailor the controls of your KeyLab 88 to match the settings of your favorite plug-ins and DAWs.

Analog Lab: your creative hub
Imagine having every sound from this incredible collection of retro marvels in one place, easily accessible, and - above all - fun to play.

The latest incarnation of Analog Lab gives you instant access to the 6,000+ preset sounds contained within all of the V Collection instruments, and lets you browse, navigate, and audition every one with ease. You’ll never be stuck for inspiration again.

Combining superb controller keyboard integration, lightning-fast sound browsing, powerful combo sounds, and quick access to every sound’s most important parameters, Analog Lab will become your go-to keyboard plug-in.

In addition you can edit each sound in-depth from within Analog Lab should you own the original software instrument. Let’s say you want to tweak a very specific parameter of Prophet 5 sound, well, it’s possible to open the interface inside Analog Lab.

The latest version of Analog Lab also gives you access to the Sound Store, Arturia’s ever-growing collection of soundbanks, including sounds created by big-name artists, top sound designers, and even tributes to your favorite legendary key & synth players.

Analog Lab is your one stop shop for ultimate keyboard creativity.

TAE® powered sounds
Arturia synhtesizer models are based on our proprietary True Analog Emulation® Technology. The Mini V, Modular V, CS-80 V, ARP 2600 V, Jup-8 V, Prophet V, Prophet VS, SEM V, Matrix-12 V, Solina V, B-3 V, Vox Continental V, Farfisa V . These TAE® powered sounds offer unparalleled audio quality.


  • Includes Analog Lab with 5000 synth sounds
  • All presets are carefully selected from Arturia’s virtual synths. These TAE® powered sounds offer unparalleled audio quality.
  • Quickly filter the presets according to your criteria: by Instrument, by Type (Bass, Pads, Leads, etc.), or by Characteristics (long, bright, dark, etc.).
  • In-depth Preset editing available for owners of Arturia synthesizers (mini V, CS-80 V, etc.). Edit your sounds on the original instruments within Analog Lab.
  • Straightforward editing, with a complete array of parameters for tweaking sounds, directly assigned to the controls of the KeyLab 88.

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13 Nov 2018
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