New Ibanez Electric and Bass Guitars Now Available 22 Feb 2018


Ibanez Guitars and Basses - New Models Now Availableshow more

Ibanez RGRT421-WNF RG Series RGRT421 Electric Guitar (Walnut Flat)
Ibanez RGEW521ZC-NTF RG Series RGEW521ZC Electric Guitar (Natural Flat)
Ibanez RGMS7-BK RG Series 7 String RGMS7 Electric Guitar (Black)
Ibanez SR506-BM SR Series 6 String SR506 Bass Guitar (Brown Mahogany)
Ibanez RGMS8-BK RG Series 8 String RGMS8 Electric Guitar (Black)
Ibanez RGRT621DPB-BLF RG Series Electric Guitar (Blue Lagoon Burst Flat)
Ibanez RG370AHMZ-BMT RG Series RG370AHMZ Electric Guitar (Blue Moon Burst)
Ibanez SR306EB-WK SR Series 6 String SR306EB Bass Guitar (Weatherd Black)
Ibanez SRC6-WNF SR Workshop Series 6 String SRC6 Crossover Bass Guitar (Walnut Flat)
Ibanez SR875-BRG SR Series 5 String SR875 Bass Guitar (Blue Reef Gradation)
Ibanez SRFF805-WNF SR Workshop Series 5 String SRFF805 Bass Guitar (Walnut Flat)
Ibanez TMB100-WNF Talman Series 4 String TMB100 Bass Guitar (Walnut Flat)
Ibanez RG2550Z-WPM RG Prestige Series Electric Guitar (White Pearl Metallic)
Ibanez SR300EB-CA SR Series 4 String SA300EB Bass Guitar (Candy Apple)
Ibanez SR405EQM-DEB SR Series 5 String SR405 Bass Guitar (Dragon Eye Burst)
Ibanez SRF706-BBF SR Workshop Series 6 String SEF706 Fretless Bass Guitar (Brown Burst Flat)
Ibanez SR675-SKF SR Series 5 String SR675 Bass Guitar (Silver Wave Black Flat)

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