SCode Payment Option now available 9 Oct 2017


SCode Payment

SCode Online enables customers to pay for their online purchases using Cash, Debit or Credit Card across a national network of over 6 000 retail payment outlets.

How to order using SCode

Once you have finished selecting all the items you wish to order, proceed to checkout. After selecting your delivery preference and address, select SCode as your payment option. Then complete your transaction by clicking on Buy Now. You will receive a confirmation screen that will include an SCode Barcode. A summary of this screen will also be sent to via email titled Raru - Order Confirmation. Print, or take a screen grab, of your SCode Barcoded Invoice.

Present the SCode Barcode Confirmation for payment at either the Money Market counter of selected retailers or at the Cashier at the SA Post Office. The cashier will scan the SCode Barcode or input the SCode and request payment. Once paid, a receipt/ confirmation of payment will be issued. Keep this receipt as Proof of Payment until you receive your order.

A confirmation of this payment will be sent to us, and your order will be authorised upon receipt. There may be a short delay during this communication period.

You can use Cash, Debit Card or Credit Card or Store Vouchers to make a payment.

There are no costs to use SCode to pay for your Online Shopping.

Payment Locations

You can currently pay for an SCode order at the Money Market kiosks at Shoprite, Checkers, Checkers Hyper, House & Home, OK Furniture and USave and at the Cashiers at the South African Post Office.

Payment Period

Payment must be made within 4 Days of order, or the order will be cancelled.


Refunds will be done via EFT in accordance with our Refund and cancellation policies. All the regular handling fees will be charged if applicable. Refunds can take up to 7 days to be processed.

For more information on SCode please visit :