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In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Rare created "Rare Replay" which brings together the adventures of its iconic characters in a collection of 30 games that span the decades. From its earliest 2D classics to Xbox 360 triumphs, "Rare Replay" is lovingly presented for Xbox One and delivers a treasure trove of gameplay for veteran players and newcomers alike.

"Rare Replay" features brand new challenges, not to mention new cheats, visual options and achievements - over 10,000 gamerscore and 700 hours of gameplay! Here are the titles Rare veterans and newcomers can look forward to:


  • "Jetpac" (released in 1983, 1-2 players) - Single-screen shooter where Jetman must reassemble and fuel his rocket while fending off alien hordes.
  • "Atic Atac" (released in 1983, 1 player) - Top-down adventure with increased replayability thanks to randomized object locations and three different character classes.
  • "Lunar Jetman" (released in 1983, 1-2 players) - A return to the "Jetpac" side-scrolling formula, but with a scrolling, randomly generated landscape and much more to do.
  • "Sabre Wulf" (released in 1984, 1-2 players) - Classic jungle maze game and the first appearance of explorer Sabreman, tackling dangers including the vicious 'Wulf itself.
  • "Underwurlde" (released in 1984, 1 player) - Rare's first true platform game. Help Sabreman survive the perils of the Underwurlde and escape through one of three exits.
  • "Knight Lore" (released in 1984, 1 player) - Introduction of Ultimate's groundbreaking isometric Filmation engine. Sabreman must scour the castle for items to cure his werewolf curse.
  • "Gunfright" (released in 1986, 1-2 players) - A Wild West spin on the isometric style, with an improved engine and new first-person target-shooting sections.
  • "Slalom" (released in 1987, 1-2 players) - Rare's first console game. Make it to the bottom of each course before time runs out while avoiding trees, sledders, snowmen and other skiers.
  • "R.C. Pro-Am" (released in 1988, 1 player) - Responsive racing game that inspired elements of Rare's future racers, including speed boosts, upgrades and collectible power-ups littered around the track.
  • "Cobra Triangle" (released in 1989, 1 player) - Hop into a boat and power through a branching game world, completing challenges such as shooting targets, disposing of mines and defeating leviathans.
  • "Snake Rattle N Roll" (released in 1990, 1-2 players) - A fast-paced isometric adventure. Rattle and Roll must eat Nibbley-Pibbleys until they're heavy enough to ring a bell and open the exit.
  • "Digger T. Rock" (released in 1990, 1-2 players) - 2D platformer in which Digger must find an exit switch, stand on it, then make it to the exit in 60 seconds.
  • "Solar Jetman" (released in 1990, 1 player) - A game built around exploration and physics; Jetman has to tow fuel and other items to his mothership.
  • "Battletoads" (released in 1991, 1-2 players) - Skill and perseverance required as the 'Toads take on multiple game styles to rescue Pimple and Princess Angelica from the Dark Queen.
  • "R.C. Pro-Am II" (released in 1992, 1-4 players) - Sequel to "R.C. Pro-Am" with a wider variety of environments, more car customization options and bonus games.
  • "Battletoads Arcade" (released in 1994) - First "Battletoads" game to allow all three 'Toads to play simultaneously. Has never had a home release before "Rare Replay"!
  • "Killer Instinct Gold" (released in 1996, 1-2 players) - Home version of "Killer Instinct 2" with several multiplayer modes (including tournament mode) and a training dojo.
  • "Blast Corps" (released in 1997, 1 player) - Cult classic with a fleet of destructive vehicles (from bulldozers to robots) used to clear the path for a runaway nuclear missile carrier.
  • "Banjo-Kazooie" (released in 1998, 1 player) - 3D platformer adventure where Banjo and Kazooie must take on the evil witch Gruntilda, who's kidnapped Banjo's sister Tooty and plans to steal her beauty for herself.
  • "Jet Force Gemini" (released in 1999, 1-4 players) - Interstellar action adventure that mixes third-person exploration and alien-blasting action as the last three JFG members go up against Mizar.
  • "Perfect Dark" (relased in 2000, 1-4 players) - A stealth shooter set in the year 2023. Players lead secret agent Joanna Dark against the dataDyne corporation as they uncover an alien conspiracy that takes her around the world.
  • "Banjo-Tooie" (released in 2000, 1-4 players) - Builds on Banjo-Kazooie with larger worlds, separately controllable characters, multiplayer modes and many more moves to learn.
  • "Conker's Bad Fur Day" (released in 2001, 1-4 players) - Beloved comedy adventure that mixes up genres (platformer, third-person shooting, racing) with mature humor, pop culture references and parodies.
  • "Grabbed by the Ghoulies" (released in 2003, 1 player) - Rare's first Xbox game. A comic book beat-'em-up set in a haunted house filled with breakable scenery and Ghoulies of all kinds.
  • "Perfect Dark Zero" (released in 2005, 1-4 players locally, up to 32 players online) - A prequel to "Perfect Dark" that delves into Joanna's origins and fuses first-person shooting with third-person, cover-based combat.
  • "Kameo: Elements of Power" (released in 2005, 1-2 players locally or online) - A fantasy adventure focused on combat and exploration, with Kameo able to transform into ten different Elemental Warriors.
  • "Viva Piñata" (released in 2006, 1-2 players locally) - A magical gardening/life sim in which the player can cultivate a garden paradise, attract different Piñatas and keep them safe from Professor Pester and his Ruffians.
  • "Jetpac Refuelled" (released in 2007, 1-2 players locally or online) - A modern update to "Jetpac". Assemble and fuel your rocket before blasting off to the next of 128 challenging stages.
  • "Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts" (released in 2008, 1-2 players locally, up to 4 players online) - A more open-ended, customizable approach to the series with vehicle-based challenges set by L.O.G. (the Lord of Games).
  • "Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise" (released in 2008, 1-2 players locally or online) - Features new species and Piñata Central challenges, plus desert and arctic regions to visit and catch native Piñatas.

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Great Compilation

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Great presentation and a great RARE collection

Good old times

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I simply love this collection, bringing back childhood memories of games I used to play back in the day. It's got Battletoads!!!!
If you want to remember the good old days, this is a good collection covering a lot of years.

Value for money

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This is without doubt the best value for money gaming compilation ever released. If you are even remotely a fan of Rare's games then buy this.