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If you haven’t yet mustered the courage to venture into Yharnam’s dank, treacherous streets, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved, packaging together From Software’s critically acclaimed action RPG and the incoming DLC story expansion, The Old Hunters.

Introducing Bloodborne, the latest Action RPG from renowned Japanese developer FromSoftware, exclusively for the PlayStation®4 system. Face your fears as you search for answers in the ancient city of Yharnam, now cursed with a strange endemic illness spreading through the streets like wildfire. Danger, death and madness lurk around every corner of this dark and horrific world, and you must discover its darkest secrets in order to survive.


  • A Terrifying New World: Journey to a horror-filled gothic city where deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures lurk around every corner.
  • Strategic Action Combat: Armed with a unique arsenal of weaponry, including guns and saw cleavers, you'll need wits, strategy and reflexes to take down the agile and intelligent enemies that guard the city's dark secrets.
  • A New Generation of Action RPG: Stunningly detailed gothic environments, atmospheric lighting, and advanced new online experiences showcase the power and prowess of the PlayStation®4 system.
  • Ever-changing Chalice Dungeons to Explore: Use holy chalices to gain entrance to a network of vast underground ruins, filled with traps, beasts, and rewards, to explore and conquer alone or with others. These procedurally generated dungeons offer brand new challenges to master, and can be uploaded or shared with friends.

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Video Games
25 Nov 2015
PlayStation 4
GOTY Edition
Role-Playing Game
From Software
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Customer Reviews

Beautifully Terrifying

Reviewed by on

The souls series is one of my favourite series in all of gaming! Ive played them all and they have all been masterpiece's! Just when i thought their games had peaked....they release this gem!

This is a must own for any ps4 owner. One of the truly great games of our time!

Truely magnificent

Reviewed by on

whether you like souls games or not, get it, its a true masterpiece.

from the gameplay to the graphics and sound its amazing.


Reviewed by on

Dear lord... i love it, but it is really really difficult!

If you can manage to make it past the incredibly steep learning curve, you might just begin to love it.

Unexplainable Excellence

Reviewed by on

This game is completely mind boggling. It is extremely hard, and yet it keeps you coming back for more. It is nightmarish, cruel, punishing to the extreme and a fantastic experience. It slowly drags you in and then it never lets go, becoming a nightmare you cannot and do not want to escape from.

I do not completely understand why, but I love it! Definitely one of my favorites!


Reviewed by on

This game is the classic Dark Souls formula, repackaged in a Lovecraftian frock. It's also far more accessible than it's predecessors, while still providing a crushing challenge.

Half way through, you'll realize something dreadful. Existential horror at it's best.


Reviewed by on

One of the (if not the) BEST games I've ever played!

Gothic Victorian and Lovecraftian wonderland

Reviewed by on

It's kinda hard to offer a neat review of this game without mentioning its "insane" difficulty and that is what people generally think about - a crap hard experience - when they see a FromSoftware title, but there is so much to it. I hope that my two cents will give anyone reading this a good idea of what this game is and what is just widespread nonsense (nonsense to some degree).


Okay so the first question you'd ask is what is it about and if you read the story description on the cover you'd still be quite lost and that's good for you should get used to that when playing SoulsBorne games. The game does indeed leave a lot to the players own imagination, but the designers have left enough clues to allow one to get a good idea of what is going on. The story is hard to explain for it is only really fleshed out when you interact with NPCs by doing their questlines or by looking at item descriptions which contain a buckets of lore and information about the world. Even obscure environmental details can give you some insight into what is going on. In short the game is very cryptic in its storytelling in that one must seek out item descriptions and NPCs to understand the main plot, but it is all worth it for you'll see a very complex and interesting story if you dig deep enough. So if you like linear in-your-face THIS IS THE PLOT, NOW GO AND DO X, Y..., then this game would disappoint you in that regard.


Well Bloodborne is an action RPG. It borrows heavily from the Dark Souls series but it has its own little tricks and mechanics which actually work very well together. The game starts off with a brief cut scene followed by a character creation menu. This first step is very important. You are provided with several archetypes to choose from with varying starting stats and it is here where you are required to make an important choice. For example, do I choose this type and start out with more stamina (Endurance) or do I start with more magic (Arcane). All of these stats can be upgraded using the in-game currency called blood echoes and in this sense you have some RPG elements. The upgrade system is quite simple on the surface but upgrading certain attributes has certain effects and boosts for different weapons; one weapon may have increased damage the more arcane you have for example (scaling). Now for combat, well combat in bloodborne is a lot more visceral and fast. This is evident by the lack of shields and the abundance of cloth based armour in the game. To encourage players to be more offensive they have made this "regain" system which allows you to gain lost health by hitting enemies for a short period of time. Couple this regain system with the dark souls-esque combat and you get a fluid and brilliant game in terms of combat; every fight is like a dance of rolls and backsteps. Simply brilliant. It must be said that these games have many hidden mechanics that will be overlooked by most new SoulsBorne players, so taking a look at some video guides or game guides is completely okay.


"OMFG Dark Souls is so hard blah blah One shot...". These common things you might hear about these types of games is over exaggerated. Now having played DS1, DS2, DS3, Bloodborne and Demons Souls, I have gained quite a lot of experience playing these games and the mechanics settle well with me, so I may not be able to judge the difficulty of this game from a beginner perspective, but nonetheless here's what I think. The game does not have multiple difficultly levels, yes. The game can be punishing, yes. The game does not hold your hand in that it does not explain the mechanics and tricks of the systems, yes. But is it overly hard? NO! When I first went into these games I had my ass kicked so many times for hours and I even raged quit and left these games alone for months. One day I just went online found an awesome SoulsBorne youtube and watched a video guide of them playing the game where they explained so many of the mechanics. I then went back and kicked the games ass (after it kicked mine a few times... hundreds of times). Anyway I got through it. There is a big learning curve, but there are so many resources and the community is so damn awesome. You can find help so easily which means it just left to you and your grit. There is also a huge sense of accomplishment when you beat a boss which was kicking your butt for the past week, so don't let the difficulty drive you away but also don't underestimate the difficulty.


I'll be short. Large amount of content. Awesome new weapons. Amazing new levels and bosses. A must buy


Just watch this:

Overall rating:

10/10 - One of the best experiences on the playstation. Don't miss out on this

Best game of 2015... Hands down!

Reviewed by on

Created by FORM Software, Makers of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3.
Bloodborne is a new IP (Intellectual property) directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki.
The game takes place in the fictional city of Yharnam thats got a Gothic/ Victorian feel
infused with Grade A Nightmares.

In typical Miyazaki fashion, the story telling is vague and leaves a lot to the players imagination.
In the game you take control of a hunter, that hunts the beasts that roams the city as the moon presence
hangs in the sky. Blood is the main theme of the game.
Everything from blood ministration to enemies wielding a bloody placenta as an axe,
gets thrown in, to create the perfect nightmare setting...
You will face townsmen, beasts, giants and nightmares in physical form..
Be prepared for a lot om OMG moments as you wade through the streets of Yharnam.
To complete the experience. It is strongly recommended you pick up the exceptional DLC - The old hunters

The graphics is fantastic, the world and creature rendering is amazing in the game.
The creature design is scary as hell and the world comes alive no matter where you are.
The sounds design is phenomenal and ever more spine chilling when played through headphones..
Goosebumps and checking over the shoulder moments are plenty.
The visual ques and and sound tells a lot about the story of the game...

It is the most brutal and disturbing game ive ever played...
The game is hard as hell but super rewarding...