Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II (PC)

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 returns in an epic adventure set in an open, modern day world. Fans of the series will play as Dracula for the very first time and uncover the shocking secrets behind the "Lords of Shadow" saga!

Dracula is resurrected once again, weakened and yearning for release from his immortal bonds. He is threatened by Satan, who has returned to bring about the apocalypse and ultimate revenge for his defeat all those centuries ago. Dracula must reacquire his powers of old and make a pact with Death in order to defeat the Devil, and gain his eternal rest.

Also seeking Dracula's destruction is the famed Belmont clan who has entered Dracula's Castle. Here lies the truth behind their mysterious ancestry. The fight between good vs. evil comes to a close as Dracula is faced with his nemesis, Satan, and his ancestors' unyielding quest for revenge.


  • Become the ultimate villain - Play as Dracula for the first time! Collect all of the vampire lord's deadly powers and abilities.
  • Discover new Lords of Shadow environments - Enter a world of deep exploration within a "modern day" setting and the massive labyrinthine corridors of Dracula's castle.
  • Utilize powers of the great vampire lord - Master Dracula's vampiric aspects for deep strategic combat and devastating evil powers!
  • Dominate your adversaries with new abilities - Transform into mist, glamour and control enemies and disappear into the dark unseen.
  • Navigate through elaborate environments and boss battles - Traverse through levels using new platforming mechanics and massive Titan fights that utilize real time physics for "on the fly" player choice.
  • Drink blood for eternal strength - Intensify your immortal powers by drinking the blood of your enemies. Blood fuels your abilities!

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28 Feb 2014
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Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH
Mercury Steam
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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II is a pretty good game. It's also very interesting to see a game that let's you play as the Prince of Darkness himself, Dracula. The story took a while to get going, but about half way in it picks up significantly and ends strongly. I liked the redemption themes of the plot, and Dracula is the perfect anti-hero.

The hack and slash gameplay is solid and fun with a emphasis on leveling up weapons for more powerful attacks. It's similar to God of War or Devil May Cry, but unique enough to stand on its own. The combat is definitely where the game shines.

Graphically, the game looks great in some areas, like the castle, which looks absolutely gorgeous. The art direction there is fantastic! Unfortunately half the game is set in a modern city, and is rather dull when compared to the rest of the game.

The game tries to introduce stealth mechanics which are just bad. The stealth sections really slow down the pacing, and I couldn't wait until they were over. Overall, I'd say that if you enjoyed the previous entry to the series, you'll like this one as well.