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Built by Codemasters and road tested over 60 million miles by the DiRT community, DiRT Rally is the ultimate rally experience. It captures the essence of what makes rally unique like no other game - that sense of trying to remain in control of your emotions, as you hurtle along dangerous, undulating roads at breakneck speed, aiming to squeeze everything out of your car whilst knowing that one crash could irreparably harm your stage time.

Every stage tests you differently, as you race on the edge of control across varying surfaces in a range of environments such as snow, ice, tarmac and dirt and as you tackle a variety of weather types. As the car suffers attrition, you need to account for mechanical damage whilst your dedicated rally team tries to keep you competitive with time-limited repairs. Stages string together and each rally becomes a marathon-like test of concentration and skill as you trust in your co-driver, chasing that ever-elusive perfect run.

DiRT Rally also includes officially licensed World Rallycross content, allowing you to experience the breathless, high-speed thrills of some of the world's fastest off-road cars as you trade paint with other drivers at some of the series best-loved circuits, in both singleplayer and high-intensity multiplayer races.


  • ICONIC RALLY CARS - Rally is about having the right tools, the right strategy and the right team. DiRT Rally has all of those. It boasts over 40 of the most iconic and relevant cars from yesteryear through to modern day, representing the cars that the players want, and the ones that make the most sense for the surfaces they race on.
  • SIX MASSIVE RALLIES WITH OVER 70 STAGES  - Winding paths through forests, death defying drops off hillsides and narrow mountain paths are what this is all about, it's you and your car versus the road ahead. Head to the muddy paths of Wales, the dusty trails of Greece and the icy tarmac of Monte Carlo. Take on the legendary hillclimb of Pikes Peak, the snowy thrills of Sweden, and the epic scenery of Finland. DiRT Rally has the iconic locations to test your nerve and delight your senses.
  • OFFICIAL FIA WORLD RALLYCROSS CONTENT - Race at the Lydden Hill, Holjes and Hell tracks in six of the fastest off-road cars and take on your friends in high intensity, bumper-to-bumper multiplayer racing.
  • UPGRADES, REPAIRS, SETUP AND TUNING - DiRT Rally delivers depth in areas beyond driving - elements such as repairs, upgrades, and setup & tuning add a rich and strategic dimension to your rally experience.
  • CHALLENGING, UNCOMPROMISING HANDLING MODEL - To take off-road racing to a level of realism not reached before, Codemasters has completely rebuilt the physical simulation for DIRT Rally. To adequately capture how it feels to race across changing surfaces, the Codemasters team has created brand new models for differential, suspension, engine mapping and turbo modelling. Codemasters has also modelled the way in which loose surfaces collect under the wheels during lateral sliding, creating a completely new feel to sliding around corners. This new physical simulation conveys the character of the compelling selection of cars as well as conveying the nuances of the game's high fidelity racing surfaces.
  • TEAM MANAGEMENT - Hire and fire your crew members each of whom which will have different skills, improving repair times for different parts of the car. Teach them new skills as they gain experience and work together as a team to improve your performance in events.
  • RACENET LEAGUE SUPPORT - Get together with friends and run your very own racing league. Join or create unlimited leagues and run them how and when you want.
  • DAILY, WEEKLY AND MONTHLY RACENET CHALLENGES - It's you versus the entire DiRT community in a series of one-day, week-long and month-long challenges to earn in-game credits to improve your car and team.

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4 Apr 2016
Legend Edition
Edition Extras
DiRT Rally Legend Edition:
  • includes the full length feature documentary Colin McRae: Rally Legend. The film tells the full story of the rally icon that inspired the DiRT series from the man himself and charts his career from the earliest days, through to his domination of the rallying world and his involvement with the famous Codemasters games.
  • Also included in the Legend Edition is the Fully Loaded MINI Pack, which unlocks and fully upgrades the MINI Cooper S from the start of the game, gives an exclusive livery for the car and provides a unique team mechanic with perks.
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Customer Reviews

Night drives at 300 km/h

Reviewed by on

So you think you’re the god of the combustion engine when you can cruise at 210 Km/h on the N2 with your golf gti, while dragging a cigarette? Try to do that on roads that were designed for a Bell tractor and has more nature in a KM radius than a survivor episode. Rally is a not a sport for the weak. You must have the reaction time of a chameleon on steroids and be able to duck through nature’s obstacles at speeds that will make light speed seem possible.
Though we all cannot be race drivers not even mentioning driving a 400hp hatchback through the most exotic places on the planet . Places where the pensioner hangs out for a break. We can however enjoy this in a game.
Codemasters has always been behind top racing titles like Race driver and the Colin McCrea rally games, but they started to lose the plot when they introduced Gymchana into the mix (DIRT 3). Trying too hard to suck the arcade fan into the title, the genre slowly turned into a plastic China remake. Many fans of the proper rally scene hunted somewhere else for a bit of simulation and something that has some chest hair and the choice was very limited.
Lucky Codemasters came to their sense and introduced Dirt Rally with a whole new look. What made this title such a shining example of perfection is the way they executed the Beta. Everyone had feed back into the game and they released content once a month. Not only did it feel like the game got any better, the thrill of finding a 1 gig download with new features in the steam update library was like getting a surprise gift around a Christmas tree. They listened to the public and this is the title where the fans and developers finally married.
Dirt Rally is the most difficult rally game you will ever play, and that is fine. For the first time you will experience what the true veteran experience in the real world would experience and MAN, is this fun. Break neck speeds with nature trying to tease you into making mistakes. Unreliable surfaces that require proper setups, weather and nighttime affects that messes with your concentration. The game consists of cars from 14 different car manufactures and has 36 stages from real world locations. The damage one occurs through a rally can make or break you. You will have punctures and a radiator spitting in your face if you’re not careful and this can influence your victory, drastically. What is even more of a magnet is that there is proper rallycross in the game, although I found the servers a bit empty. There is the daily challenges that ads life to the game way beyond finishing the career, that challenges you to beat the world and you have only one chance. The inclusion of team management is a bit limited but can assist in allowing you to upgrade your car components cheaply and fast. Having the perfect crew means you can repair your sloppy driving at pitstops faster than you would without any crew. This has it’s own economy and except for winning money in races to buy new cars, you need to extend the contracts of your crew which slowly ticks out. These are all extras to spite and spoil but the biggest driving force is the challenge of beating the times set by ai drivers without hugging a tree or playing chicken with a rock. Doing this is rewarding enough making this a fun and addictive title. If you are still deciding to pick this up then my review has lost its true reason. Just remember 2 things, for the price you get the funfactor and you will get more even long after you have finished a very tough career. This will remain a challenge for years to come as you may finish a career with a easy go lucky vehicle until you start driving a new one, then things change again. This is worth every hard earned cent you have on your credit card.