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GT Sport forges a new standard for the racing genre and empowers gamers to develop their virtual careers on the track with advanced online competition on the PlayStation 4 system. With multiple class divisions, gamers of all skill levels will compete for a chance to become legends in the world's first and only online championships certified by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile).

Welcome to the future of motorsports.


  • FIA-Certified Online Championships: Represent and compete on behalf of home country or favorite car manufacturer through two certified Championships - Nations Cup & Manufacturer Fan Cup.
  • Advanced Matchmaking: Race against friends with multiple class divisions across age, region, and driving behavior, allowing drivers of varying skill levels to compete and develop individually.
  • Super Premium Cars: 140 of some of the most highly coveted cars in automotive culture, from Vision Gran Turismo concept vehicles to Gran Turismo Sport prototypes, all have been remodeled from the ground up for the PS4 system with revamped engine sounds unique to each of the cars.
  • Brand Central: A new form of car discovery through an interactive past, present, and future timeline through the lens of auto manufacturers.
  • Livery Customisation: With a fully featured livery editor, personalise vehicles with performance brand stickers and logos.
  • New Photo Mode, "Scapes": Featuring stunning real world images from across the globe, create custom static images for sharing on social media.
  • Historic Race Circuits: Race through 27 different tracks across 19 locations from around the world, including the ever-popular Nürburgring, the legendary Tokyo Expressway, and the recently-added half mile oval track Northern Isle Speedway.

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19 Oct 2017
PlayStation 4
Standard Edition
Polyphony D.
SA Gamer
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Customer Reviews

Gt Sport

Reviewed by on

Love this game, especially the ves, vss and lnr races online. Being a motorsport junkie, I enjoy races against fellow South Africans. Awsome game.

New Direction for Gran Turismo

Reviewed by on

Your enjoyment of Gran Turismo Sport (GTS) will be dependent on whether or not you are a dedicated fan of the Gran Turismo (GT) or completely new to GT. Also, another factor is whether or not you enjoy playing (racing in this case) competitively against other players online.

With that being said, GTS is NOT GT 7. Don't go into GTS expecting all the options that were normally included within the typical main series GT games. There's no tuning (you can customise your car's setup for races, if applicable) and there's no Used Car dealership. GTS does not include a B-Spec mode (mode where you hire AI drivers to race for you in a sort of Career Mode).

What GTS does do, it does incredibly well. It's perhaps the best handling simulation racing/driving game on the PS4. I say this as an avid fan of the genre. Each car has a unique "feel" and you can customise the handling to meet your needs (GTS has all the usual Driver Assists/Aids). The racing/driving itself is sheer joy, and you can spend literally hundreds of hours just enjoying the game in this way.

For the offline portion of GTS, the game includes 3 major modes, namely Mission Challenge (MC), Circuit Experience (CE), Driving School (DS) and Gran Turismo League (GTL).

MC consists of short missions or challenges where you're given a specific car (or allowed to choose your own for some events) and you need to complete a specific objective (pass x number of cars, complete a section of a track within x amount of time etc).

CE can be described as a Racing School. WIth CE, you're basically taught (through text and YouTube-hosted Official GT videos) each circuit within the game, sector by sector. Some CEs are very short (Northern Speedway is an oval, so there's only 1 portion of its CE,) whilst others are quite long (Nordschleife for example). It's a fantastic way to learn, improve and refine your racing/driving skills. It's probably the offline mode that I enjoyed the most.

DS is your usual fare for GT Fans. You basically earn your Driving License for the game (not a mandatory requirement, so this can be skipped), and the DS starts off with very basic tests (start and stop, turn through series of cones etc) and goes all the way to more complex techniques (trail-braking, braking on an ascent/descent etc).

GTL has been added post-release as free downloadable content (DLC). I feel it's quite bare bones, and doesn't really add much challenge to the game. However, long time fans of the series will probably enjoy the GTL as it is basically the game's Campaign Mode.

The game looks excellent in terms of graphics. The sound is definitely better than previous GT games, but it's not quite up there with its rivals. The User Interface (UI) is simple and intuitive. The UI has been refined and is much easier to navigate. The soundtrack is pleasant, with a decent mix of jazz, lounge and soft-rock tunes.

GTS truly shines when taken online. You will probably either love or hate the game based on your online experience. There are ranked Daily Races. There are also FIA-sanctioned events to participate in.

Overall GTS is quite solid, and as of this review, the game has been well supported with free post-release DLC (the following tracks have been added so far: Monza, Le Mans, Tsukuba and a few fictional circuits as well).

GT Sport Review

Reviewed by on

If you love competitive racing and do not know a hell of a lot technically about cars then this is the game to get.

Yes you can tune your car, from gearing to suspension to limit slip diff. if you really want to get super technical about car games then Project Cars is your thing, but for the everyday average Joe I recommend this game.

Yes it may be online only, but the great thing is when there are add-on cars and tracks they are included in your update, there is none of this pay-to-win add-on junk, no DLC costs everyone is equal.

Races can be truly intense as you are not only racing against your opponents, but yourself as well, while the car list may not be as extensive as other racing games, each car feels unique to drive in its own way, something not often achieved in a racing game. You can feel every bump, dip and shudder and curve on this game, especially when using a steering wheel, even through your DS4 but not to the same extent as a wheel though. The game features real racing rules and this adds to the game hugely (and you can remove most of the rules if you like that arcade feel of racing). You have to learn how to race and implement what you've learnt in order to place well in a race, let alone win.

Match making is the best I have ever seen as well compared to any game I have played. There is minimal or next to no lag encountered.

Whilst this game is amazing, there is 1 flaw and that is having to be online.

From what I hear the VR experience is out of this world, but very limited currently to a handful of tracks and not available online against other players.

I would give this game for what it offers a 9/10

Lacks content compared to Project cars 2 but is better overall

Reviewed by on

The main issue with this game is that there is too little cars and unique tracks from the real world, however it looks stunning. The single player campaign is long enough, the online multiplayer is strictly regulated and car setups can be customized to a great extent. Extra cars and tracks are added every 2 months at no cost so overall this game is better than PC2 however Assetto Corsa is still more realistic

Flawed Greatness

Reviewed by on

GT Sport started out a little "shakey" for lack of a better word. It is a hard adjustment to make playing a racing game from a series renowned for its sheer scale when it comes to content, especially when it comes to the massive number of cars included in previous installments. The thing is, this game wasn't made to be Gran Turismo 7. It was made to be Gran Turismo SPORT. If there's one thing that this game does well it's the sport. Racing online is a lot of fun and can actually become addictive.

Races can be truely intense as you are not only racing against your opponents, but yourself as well, as you try to be better and race harder in order pass the person in front of you and/or keep the ones behind you at bay. While the car list may not be as extensive as other racing games, each car feels unique to drive in its own way, something not often achieved in a racing game.

The fact that the game features real racing rules actually adds to the game in a big way. Gone are the days of holding down the throttle and hoping for the best. You have to learn how to race and implement what you've learnt in order to place well in a race, let alone win. While this may make it seem as though the game can be difficult, it actually makes the game seem so much more rewarding. A fifth place finsh you fought for feels a lot mor rewarding than a first place finish the game handed to you. Match making is the best I have ever seen as well. Always finding people who are more or less on your skill level and constantly scaling as your driver level and sportsmanship level increases or decreases.

After release support has been amazing too. Constant updates have added new features, such as the GT League campaign mode as well as new cars and tracks/track variations, for free.

While this game is amazing, it does have flaws. Having to be online just to save can be very annoying and the fact that the campaign mode has to be downloaded after you purchase the game rather than it being available from the start is quite sad. However, if you love racing and are willing to get past the "always online" part, you will love this game.

On the fence

Reviewed by on

You do require to be online all the time in order for your progress to be saved and for some game modes to be accessible and there aren't many cars in game if you compare it to other racing sims. You don't need a PSN subscription to play but the single player offering lacks content.

You cannot play the game from beginning to end in VR as the VR offering is restricted to a 1 on 1 mode only. The VR mode is fun to play but you cannot race several opponents.

The game looks beautiful and the cars control very good with a dual shock controller but to really enjoy the game you will need a proper steering wheel.

The online races are also scheduled. The main races are scheduled on specific dates and times an the daily ranked races are also scheduled at certain time intervals which is frustrating.

I love the "scapes" mode, where you can place cars you own on a real world background. You can adust where and how the car is parked and take a photo that you can share and export.

From what I have read you will be able to obtain a real racing licence by just racing and improving your skills in the game. I suspect this will require a PSN subscription and alot of ranked races under your belt.

I don't like the limited single player modes and the fact that if they are having server issues, you can't play single player mode and I don't like that multiplayer races are scheduled at specific times.

I do like the detail and feel of the cars. The game plays brilliantly and looks amazing.

Online only!!!

Reviewed by on

Apart from the 4 arcade tracks NOTHING can be done offline, not even the licence challenges.
You cannot even save offline.
And a 12GB patch must be downloaded first before you can go online.
If you want to race against online players - go for it.
If you want to play offline - stay away.

It's pretty decent

Reviewed by on

The selection of cars available in GT Sport is a lot less than we're used to looking at previous GT games, but I must say they have put a lot of effort into each car, going for you could say "quality over quantity".

The game modes are fun and the driving feels good, sounds are not as good as Project CARS. The game does look extremely good and you will have fun here, especially if you're looking to take part online. They definitely focused on multiplayer, which is probably why some players will feel they did not deliver as expected with single player.

Nothing here really gave me any "WOW" moments, but it's a solid title and the cars look good (could sound better and more distinguishable). You'll have some decent seat time and you'll have fun while doing it especially if you plan on playing online. Single player is lacking slightly.

This is not the GranTurismo you are looking for

Reviewed by on

If you, like I, was/are totally hyped for this game, I really hope that you have done your due diligence. As the title says, this is not the same GT that we have all come to know and love. From the very first game of the franchise way back on the PSX, all the way through to the last offering, GT always had a build your car up and race races in a single player campaign mode.


If that is what you were looking for or like me, hoping for, that is not what you are getting. I purchased the deluxe digital edition. Honestly, and let me make one thing clear... I love GT... until now, this game was a total waste of money and a total waste of bandwidth and I am very very very very disappointed.

If you are looking for a driving simulator where you are going to do licenses to qualify for online races against other people, then this is your game. If you are looking for the same style of GT as per the previous releases, you are better off buying the new Need for Speed.

I am very sad about this, but GT Sport, for me, is the biggest let down this year.