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Monster Hunter Generations is the newest installment in the popular Monster Hunter action RPG series, which has sold more than 36 million units worldwide. Monster Hunter Generations is the most customizable Monster Hunter experience to date, and serves as a fitting tribute to the last decade of the series with a blend of brand new areas and monsters, and returning fan-favorites that have been updated and adapted to the newest generation of gameplay.

Monster Hunter Generations introduces new gameplay mechanics including Styles and Hunter Arts that can further refine a very personalized playstyle. Mount monsters from mid-air using the Aerial style or make the most out of the advantageous Hunter Arts abilities with the Striker style. Hunter Arts are visually striking, indispensable combat skills and power-ups that hunters using any style or weapon can equip.

Along the hunter's journey, players must defend each of the game's four villages from new major threats-the Fated Four. With hundreds of quests in store, there are tons of challenges to tackle in a solo adventure, and also via local or online play with up to three other hunters.


  • Co-op online multiplayer - For some of the best online multiplayer the Nintendo 3DS has to offer, join up and hunt online with up to three other hunters, or meet-up and play together via local play.
  • Most customizable yet - Players can create the most custom, personalized playstyle of any Monster Hunter game. Choose from four Styles and many powerful, visually striking Hunter Arts for a truly customized gameplay experience.
  • "Style" system - New to this installment, players can choose from four distinct combat Styles, offering new ways to utilize each of the 14 weapon types.
  • Striking "Hunter Arts" - Combat looks even more impressive with the addition of these devastating attacks, indispensable field skills and power-ups.
  • 14 weapon types - Experiment with and master 14 different weapon types and craft tons of unique equipment. Players are never cemented into any combat choices such as weapons or style and are encouraged to experiment with and find builds that best fit their desired hunting preferences.
  • Gear crafting - Fell massive beasts to obtain resources for crafting countless weapons and armor fashioned after the game's colossal creatures. Study the enemy's habits and tactics to discover weak points or parts that can be broken for bonus rewards.
  • Fresh challenges and returning favorites - Face a roster of brand new monsters like Glavenus of the Fated Four in addition to plenty of returning fan-favorites like the sly Nargacuga as a tribute to the last decade of Monster Hunter.
  • The Fated Four - Brand new monsters posing major threats to the local villagers of areas like the snowy mountain town of Pokke Village.
  • Deviant Monsters - Powerful enemies like the Deadqueen Rathian and Grimclaw Tigrex have survived previous hunter encounters and have taken on new traits and abilities. These are sure to provide a challenge for even the most seasoned hunter.
  • Villages and environments - Explore four different villages, each with their own look and feel along the quest to defeat the Fated Four, and 21 different hunting locations which are a blend of both new and enhanced fan-favorites-including some never before seen in the west!
  • New playable Felyne "Prowlers" - Previously only available as custom support AI partners called "Palicoes," Felynes are now playable in "Prowler" mode with their own questlines and rewards, unique gameplay mechanics and gear.
  • Collaboration content - Equip hunters and Palicoes with special themed collaboration costumes and weapons based on popular series such as Fire Emblem and Mega Man.
  • StreetPass features - Collect tickets via StreetPass to access special Deviant monster quests. Players can also send and receive customizable guild cards.
  • MH4U save data bonus - Those with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data will receive a bonus item pack that includes an exclusive Palico armor set, potions, in-game money, and more to help dive right in to the hunt.
  • Nintendo 3DS touch screen features - Provides easy access to in-game information, weapons, field maps and mini games, as well as the useful target lock option that auto-focuses on a main enemy.
  • New Nintendo 3DS system support - Experience enhanced graphics, C-stick functionality and mappable ZL and ZR buttons for Hunter Arts.

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Customer Reviews

love it

Reviewed by on

awesome game, sooo much to do.

Really good game with hours of value

Reviewed by on

If you have to spend your money on one 3ds game, this would be it.

The premise of the game is that you're a hunter and you need to hunt monsters that are invading the village. So you choose between a multitude of weapons and off you go. Each time you defeat a monster, you can collect their "materials" and you use these materials to build better weapons so that you can defeat bigger monsters.

I highly recommend this game

New and Old Monsters Terrorize The Four Villiages! How Will You Hunt, Hunter!

Reviewed by on

Monster Hunter Generations is a localized version of Monster Hunter Cross. It's name means exactly that, you will be facing monsters from every generation of Monster Hunter games!

Choose from multiple weapons! From the powerful yet slow Great Sword to the "explosive" Gunlance, This game brings back all the weapons you know and love (except for the Tonfa) and adds in more depth with the new Hunter Styles and Hunter Arts! This game also brings in a brand new weapon system that has more freedom than previous games yet can be complicated. Making the game more and more fun.. For those who love the grind!

Let's talk about Hunter Styles : Ok, the way you hunt will never be the same! Generations brings in 4 new ways to hunt. Every style has its pros and cons.

Guild Style : Guild is basically the old Monster Hunter you know and love. Nothing changes in combat. You play the same way you would have in previous games and you get access to two Hunter Arts. This is best for those who want to stick to the MH roots! Go forth hunter, show those monsters your Hunter pride!

Striker Style : Striker Style is special as it gives you access to not one , not two but THREE Hunter Arts. That's it. It's a nerfed Guild Style with more Arts. Now don't think that this style is weak, as that is far from the truth. Hunter Arts pack a huge punch and can help you get out of a stick situation. Now imagine having three of them. You will be prepared for any event that comes your way! Go forth Hunter, ravage those monsters with your new Arts!\

Aerial Style : Exactly as the name says. You will be in the air most of the time, hitting those monsters fast and hard. Aerial allows you to jump from any monster part, bomb and even fellow hunters! And don't forget that Aerial Attacks allow you to mount monsters, allowing you to punish them afterward. This style works well for nearly every weapon and is extremely fun. Go forth Hunter, show those monsters death from above!

Adept Style : Otherwise known as Bushido Style in Monster Hunter X, this style allows you to dodge monsters attacks perfectly and then punish them with an extremely powerful counter... Of course only if you time your dodge perfectly or the only thing that will be punished will be you, hunter! Go forth hunter, show those monsters the way of the Samurai!

Of course there are MANY Hunter Arts available, but that's for you to find and enjoy using.

Now let's get to the other details and give each part a rating.

Soundtrack : 9/10. Monster Hunter games have ALWAYS had a great soundtrack and this one doesn't dissapoint. Trust me when I say this, you will never get bored to this games amazing music.

Graphics : 8/10. I really can't critisize this game's graphics much as the game is on the 3DS. Capcom have done extremely well to push the hardware to it's limits and beyond. The game does drop frames in some points and sometimes the Hunters and Monsters can look pixilated BUT that is sometimes, it's a rare occurrence. This game really holds well on the 3DS.

Gameplay: 10/10. Gameplay in Monster Hunter has always been great and now thanks to the new styles, Arts and Monsters, the game has evolved! It's a thrilling experience and you can bet on this : You will spend 100s of hours on this game. I have spent 600+ Hours (And Counting) on my Monster Hunter X game and I'm sure I will do the same in Generations.

Overall Score 9/10 : A must play! Seriously, if you are a Monster Hunter fan then this is your game! If not... Then THIS IS YOUR GAME! This game is guaranteed to make you a fan. New monsters, new weapon designs , more DLC Colabs ( I mean we're getting Fire Emblem DLC for pete's sake!) and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Buy this game. It's worth every cent. Go forth Hunters! Be the ultimate Monster Hunter!