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LEGO City: Undercover - The Chase Begins (3DS)

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Chase is the new boy in town and is out to impress his formidable boss, Chief Gleeson, head of the LEGO CITY Police Department. His first missions will see him hunting down hoodlums in his neighbourhood area, but it's not long before he realises there's more to the LEGO CITY crime underworld than meets the eye and embarks on an epic quest to bring justice to the whole city!

LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins is the prequel to Wii U title, LEGO CITY Undercover, with a completely different storyline. Explore the open world of LEGO CITY as you go undercover to make the crucial arrests of the city's crooks. Adopt a wide variety of different disguises, each giving Chase special abilities, in order to access different areas of the city, and complete the various missions you've been assigned. Chase's police officer status means he can commandeer over 50 different vehicles by just jumping in and taking the wheel... and we're not just talking cars, but air- and water-based vehicles too!

Engage in dynamic hand-to-hand combat with many of your foes and look out for Super Bricks to activate giant LEGO structures called Super Builds that form right before your eyes! As well as the main missions, there are plenty of other activities to undertake and collectibles to unlock that are completely unique to this handheld game. The features of Nintendo 3DS also come into play - call up your Scanner from the Touch Screen and use the motion sensors to analyse the LEGO CITY environment for clues, as if you were really there. You can also share various collectibles with other LEGO CITY players using the StreetPass function.

So what are you waiting for? Dive into a hilarious blockbuster of a LEGO adventure and ensure our hero becomes a crime-busting legend!


  • Enjoy the prequel to Wii U LEGO CITY Undercover as you take on a completely different adventure!
  • Unlock over 50 types of vehicle and over 70 Minifigures!
  • Activate Super Builds - giant LEGO structures that will aid you in your quest
  • Use the motion controls of Nintendo 3DS to bring LEGO CITY to life!

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24 Jun 2016
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Customer Reviews

Great for kids

Reviewed by on

LEGO City: Undercover - The Chase Begins is lots of fun to play and is challenging enough to keep adults interested for hours too. The great plus is that it’s an open world for kids to enjoy and not have the ills of GTA at their age. Great buy and I would highly recommend this game.

Lots of fun!

Reviewed by on

LEGO City: Undercover - The Chase Begins is very fun to play. It's not too difficult but challenging enough to keep you interested for hours on end.
It is suitable for both children and adults and I would recommend this game.