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In Prey, you awaken aboard Talos I, a space station orbiting the moon in the year 2032. You are the key subject of an experiment meant to alter humanity forever – but things have gone terribly wrong. The space station has been overrun by hostile aliens and you are now being hunted. As you dig into the dark secrets of Talos I and your own past, you must survive using the tools found on the station -- your wits, weapons, and mind-bending abilities. The fate of the Talos I and everyone aboard is in your hands.


Sci-Fi Thriller

Nothing is as it seems aboard Talos I. As Morgan Yu, set out to unravel the clues you've left behind for yourself, and discover the truth about your past. What role will you play in TranStar’s plans, and the mysterious threat ravaging the station?

Singular Setting

Orbiting the Moon, the Talos I space station symbolizes the height of private space enterprise. Explore a lavish craft designed to reflect corporate luxury of the 1960s, and navigate interconnected, non-linear pathways built to hide countless secrets.

Unimaginable Threat

The shadowy extraterrestrial presence infesting Talos I is a living ecology bent on annihilating its prey. It’s up to you, one of the last remaining survivors aboard the station, to end the deadly attack of these haunting predators.

Play Your Way

Gain alien abilities to develop a distinct combination of powers and upgrade your unique skills. Craft increasingly useful items with the blueprints, gadgets and tools on board the station to overcome dangerous obstacles in your way. Survive unprecedented threats with your wits and ability to improvise.

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Video Games
4 May 2017
Standard Edition
First-Person Shooter
Bethesda Softworks
Arkane Studios
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Great game; cannot install from disc though

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Prey is a wonderful game! If you found the Bioshock games not *quite* scratching that System Shock 2 itch, then this is the game for you. Don't expect a clear and present antagonist like Shodan, though. Prey is a lot more sneaky and subtle with regards to who you can and cannot trust and is 1999-levels of difficult from the start.

Just be warned that if your planning on buying the physical version with the intention of installing it from the disc, you'll be sadly disappointed though. Expect to download around 18 gigs worth of data before being able to play. If you can afford the data cap though, it's well worth it.