Resident Evil Biohazard (PS4)

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard sets a new course for the Resident Evil series as it leverages its roots and opens the door to a truly terrifying horror experience.

Set within a sinister plantation mansion in modern day rural America and taking place after the dramatic events of Resident Evil 6, players experience the terror directly from the first person perspective for the first time in the Resident Evil series. Embodying the iconic gameplay elements of exploration and tense atmosphere that first coined "survival horror" some twenty years ago, Resident Evil 7 biohazard delivers a disturbingly realistic experience that will define the next era in horror entertainment.


  • Opening the doors to a new era of horror - The next major entry in the renowned Resident Evil series makes a dramatic new shift as it comes to next generation consoles, Windows PC and PlayStation VR
  • Returning to the series' roots - Resident Evil 7 biohazard will deliver an experience reminiscent of the series' signature gameplay including exploration, puzzles and a realistic tense atmosphere for players to encounter but will offer a complete refresh of the gameplay systems to propel the survival horror experience to the next level
  • Immersive, visceral horror - A new shift for the series to first person view brings the terrifying horror directly up close and personal; PSVR compatibility heightens the chilling experience even more
  • Built from the ground up on the RE Engine - Capcom's brand new VR compatible development engine works in tandem with industry leading audio and visual technologies to create a disturbingly photorealistic experience for an unprecedented level of immersion

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Video Games
23 Jan 2017
PlayStation 4
Standard Edition
Survival Horror
Resident Evil
Capcom Video Review
SA Gamer
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Customer Reviews

Survival Horror at its Best

Reviewed by on

An absolute must for survival horror fans! An absolute must for non-survival horror fans! Oh, and play with headphones to max out on the creepiness factor. What an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Can't recommend this beautiful addition to the franchise enough!

RE Returns!

Reviewed by on

It's back to basics with this title and man they did a good job.
At this point you have probably read enough to know you should buy it, especially at this price.
But let me tell you, this game is VERY scary. Let me explain.
I'm 28 years old. I am getting jumpscares all over the place, even thinking about playing this game without sound.
I literally haven't been scared like this from playing a game since i was 7 years old, checking out Doom for the first time.
It is all about the presentation. The audio is amazing, the visuals are perfect for the genre and they play plenty of tricks on you with the camera. I wouldn't describe this as a game, really it's an experience.
I can imagine playing this in VR must be awesome but trust me that headset isn't going to last long!
A must have for anyone.


Reviewed by on

One of the best resident evil games to date, it a must for all resident evil fans.

Real Horror Game

Reviewed by on

The game plays like the Outlast titles and strays away from the Action titles like RE5 and RE6. If you are a Horror fan and like to be terrified, give this a game a go.

One of the best PS4 titles so far

Reviewed by on

This is a very polished title. It has excellent visuals at a locked 60fps. It's got a decent campaign length of 8-10 hours, with a lot of replay value. I've started my 3rd play through already. Also, it's the best virtual reality supported released game so far if you have a PSVR. Best of all, the Resident Evil series is back on track after going off the rails with Resident Evil 6. Definitely worth the price.

Beautiful, Scary and Engaging

Reviewed by on

The first hour of Resident Evil 7 is one of the best one hour's worth of gaming I have ever played. It's really hard to find a GOOD horror title these days, but the guys at Capcom have done a super fine job. It looks incredibly gorgeous on the PS4 and the scares are rich and genuine. The story and overall presentation of the game (including the voice acting) is much better compared to previous Resident Evil titles.

This was worth my pre-order!!