The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)

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Forget everything you know about The Legend of Zelda games. Step into a world of discovery, exploration and adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a boundary-breaking new game in the acclaimed series.

Explore the wilds of Hyrule any way you like
Climb up towers and mountain peaks in search of new destinations, then set your own path to get there and plunge into the wilderness. Along the way, you'll battle towering enemies, hunt wild beasts and gather ingredients for the food and elixirs you'll need to sustain you on your journey.

More than 100 Shrines of Trials to discover and explore
Shrines dot the landscape, waiting to be discovered in any order you want. Search for them in various ways, and solve a variety of puzzles inside. Work your way through the traps and devices inside to earn special items and other rewards that will help you on your adventure.

Be prepared and properly equipped
With an entire world waiting to be explored, you'll need a variety of outfits and gear to reach every corner. You may need to bundle up with warmer clothes or change into something better suited to the desert heat. Some clothing even has special effects that, for example, can make you faster and stealthier.

Battling enemies requires strategy
The world is inhabited with enemies of all shapes and sizes. Each one has its own attack method and weaponry, so you must think quickly and develop the right strategies to defeat them.

amiibo compatibility
You can tap the Wolf Link amiibo (sold separately) to make Wolf Link appear in-game. Wolf Link will attack enemies on his own and help you find items you're searching for. A new series of The Legend of Zelda amiibo is also on the way. Find out more in the amiibo section.

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Video Games
3 Mar 2017
Standard Edition
Role-Playing Game
10-12 PGV
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Customer Reviews

Buy a Switch for this Game!

Reviewed by on

This game is a must for all gamers and Switch owners, you can spend hours upon hours in this game and never get bored. So much to do and see and the story is amazing and engaging, best game ever!

Buy a Switch just for this game :)

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

Zelda is a must for this console, really an awesome game you won't regret it!

The Game of the Year That The Internet Will Try To Convince You Is Overrated - But It Really, Really Isn't

Reviewed by on

Zelda: Breath of the Wild absolutely blew me away. It wasn't because of its stunning art style visuals that makes the game look like a wonderful painting. It wasn't because of the rich world that delivers well over 100 hours of fun and intrigue. It wasn't even because of the awesomely punishing nature of the game that doesn't hold your hand one bit. And it wasn't because of the enticing survival elements that make the whole experience feel so much more engaging. It blew me away because it was one of the rare gaming experiences where the 'open world' design was more than just an excuse to make a big map with lots of blinkers of unremarkable chores to do - it's literally everything, the heart of this game, and the core of its intelligent design.

Rarely do game worlds feel THIS interactive or intelligently designed, and it all plays into either the realistic survival elements of the game or the rules that you can use to manipulate to give yourself an edge in combat or traversal. For example, if you cause a large fire, the environment will be destroyed, enemies will burn, the wind draft will allow you to paraglide high into the sky and any wooden items, weapons, arrows or objects will burn to dust. If there's a thunderstorm brewing and you have metal armour or weapons equipped, you become a high priority target to be struck. If an enemy is submerged in water, lightning is twice as effective. If you see something of interest, you can reach it provided you have the stamina to make the climb and/or gear or consumables to survive the potential harsh conditions. If you need to recover health and there's nowhere nearby to sleep or cook a meal, you can start a fire with some wood from any tree and toss some apples, fish or steaks into it until they char enough to recover some decent health. And the list goes on, and on.

From the moment you begin and pass the short prologue, Breath of the Wild is a true open world experience that doesn't hold your hand and invites you to go wherever you wish in the game world. You can literally just venture off into the final boss's territory if that's what will give you a rush. The world behaves realistically, with day and night cycles, weather effects that directly affect gameplay, and people with schedules and routines. Whatever you find is what you will end up using, whether its resources or even weapons. I mean, you pretty much start the game with a stick as your weapon of choice. Almost anything is consumable or breakable, even your weapons, and once something is gone you just move on to whatever else you can scavenge. When I first read about the breakable weapons, I thought it would end up being frustrating or a gameplay hindrance, as most durability systems tend to be. But Breath of the Wild is designed well enough that weapons are always available and fleeing is always an option. When I first read that your stamina can run out, again I thought that it would be more of an irritation, but it creates intensity in climbing situations and combat, and is a resource you have to build. The game strikes a very good balance between simplicity and complexity, and really nails the idea of 'easy to learn, hard to master'. It can be challenging in all the right ways, and is never unfair to you or without rhyme or reason.

Hands down, this is one of the best uses of an open world I've ever seen in a game, and one of my favourite Nintendo games ever. It almost justified my Nintendo Switch purchase on its own. This is a must-have title.

Best Game of 2017

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

There is a reason why this game won the award for best game of 2017.

It truly was the best game of 2017 over all platforms and a must have if a person owns a switch.

Essential for your Switch collection!

Reviewed by on (Verified Buyer)

This game is what you have come to expect from a 1st party Nintendo title - Quality and lots of fun!

Great Game

Reviewed by on

I have no regrets when it comes to this purchase. The amount of enjoyment I've managed to squeeze out of this game makes it worth every cent.

Must own for any gamer

Reviewed by on

I played this for 165 hours and finished everything I could (including the DLC)... but I still feel like I need more! This is the best game I've ever played... and I'm not exaggerating. It's just so fun and gorgeous. Nintendo always gets flack for making "kiddie" stuff, but their games are always about having fun, and this takes it to a new level. A reinvention of the usual Zelda game structure which admittedly was becoming a bit stale... they succeeded in every way.

Perfect game

Reviewed by on

Breath of the Wild takes the best of part of the Zelda formula and adds a generous helping of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure freedom. And the Hyrule map is massive, filled with huge set pieces and tiny secrets. A game that I'll return to again and again.

Best Game of 2017

Reviewed by on

Without a doubt this is the game of the year. Possibly the best game i have ever played. There is so much depth to this game it is mind blowing... The ability to do anything and go anywhere in this incredibly beautiful immersive world makes it stand out from the rest.

A must-have for the Switch!

Reviewed by on

This game is easily one of the best I've played. If you have a Nintendo Switch, I would highly recommend it!